A Casey Serin Primer

Or, “Why the Haterz Hate Casey Serin”


IAFF launches. Serin announces he is $2.2 million in debt and facing multiple foreclosures in four states. The property at W 10250 N, Highland UT is “wrapped” in an all-inclusive trust deed with the help of real estate agents Harvey and Robyn and Christoffersen.

Voice of San Diego does a fluff piece on Casey Serin and Facing Foreclosure. (This is also where Nigel Swaby starts to insinuate himself into the story.)

Casey Serin immediately posits the question “Will I go to jail for mortgage fraud?” and begins to explain that he lied about his income on his loan app’s (even though he had quit his job and had NO income) and lied about intending to occupy the property, thus getting lower interest rates. His friends/family tell him how stupid this is, and he briefly takes IAFF down. The attention whore in him wins out, and puts it back online almost immediately.

While Casey Serin won’t immediately publicize it, he is featured in one of the few very good national stories about his plight. In an accurately-worded subtitle that says “Greed Makes You Stupid,” the Motley Fool takes a swing at Casey Serin.

ADDITION: It has been speculated that Casey Serin launched IAFF after his other options ran out. Casey has said in a couple of interviews that, even as the real estate markets took a downward turn and he couldn't make his existing payments, that he was still shopping for another sweet deal.

Unfortunately for Casey Serin, he was stopped in his tracks when an astute mortgage broker who had been trying to qualify Casey for a mortgage googled him and found a blog that Casey was keeping, called his "Earth Mission" blog.

While Serin has since pulled the blog, it still exists in cache, and other bloggers have preserved it. As Casey Serin was applying for mortgages on the condition that the home(s) would be owner-occupied, his Earth Mission blog betrayed him, detailing how he and wife Galina were scrappy little real estate investors who would defy the odds and strike it rich.

What the Earth Mission blog ultimately reveals about Casey Serin is that he was the same Casey then that we see lo these many months later: slothful, arrogant, unable to plan, unable to make decisions, easily overwhelmed.

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Baghead.of.anonrecordings.com said...

Agent 23, who did a recording called "Short Sales" on my website in a Staunch Casey supporter, and believes Casey will eventually succeed.


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