Out Like A Lamb

While March is considered the month that comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, so too is Casey Serin...just a month later.

We all know by now that Casey Serin isn't very good at doing things in a timely manner, so it's all good.

In case you've forgotten, today is the day that Casey Serin's final property is scheduled for foreclosure. Since Casey Serin has managed to keep himself off of his own blog for a record-setting seven days now, we can only surmise what's happening in the Serin household these days. It can't be pretty. But I'm fairly sure that it's still quite the delusional scene.

Now that Casey Serin will have shed his properties like some mistaken English translation of "spring cleaning", I'm betting that he tries to file bankruptcy to rid himself of the approximately $200,000 in credit card debt that he and Galina still hold.

The idea of shuffling that debt behind some kind of corporate veil doesn't seem to have panned out, as Hammar Investments is currently suspended by the State of California. So with the final property off the books, bankrupcy must look like a mighty fine avenue for the boy to travel next.

"I am facing foreclosure" becomes inaccurate today. As the clipboard hits the top of the trash can, IAFF can be any number of things...I was crushed by foreclosure; I tried to lie, scam, and scheme my way out of foreclosure; I lost all my homes to foreclosure and all I got was one of Nigel Swaby's lousy Haterz t-shirts.....?

The possibilities are endless. What do you recommend IAFF be called now?

Sidenote: Cheers to an "Anon" at ExUrb who pointed out another naive story on Casey Serin.


Anonymous said...

I am really curious if things are bad with Casey, or that he is just doing more shady deals.

If I was to bet money, I would say what Casey will soon be back with a new "investment" partner and other "investements" he and his partner have put together.

Hopeful, the law will catch up with him to stop this thief.

Aspeth said...

I don't think Casey is able to grasp "bad." Three months' behind on rent to his sister-in-law, multiple foreclosures, and a get-rich-quick mentality. You're probably correct in assuming he's up to more shady shite, and considering he blames all of his failures on the haterz, wants to keep it quiet.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am betting that he will soon be back with "It's all good" followed by how he is

1) Getting rid of all debt through bankrupcy

2) Found a new RE to invest in via a corporation scheme.

3) More jamba juices to be had.

4) How he is laughing at the working class for paying off debt instead of finding "shady" deals.

Watch and see!

Aspeth said...

Yep, that's the storyline we've grown accustomed to, so why expect anything else? The only thing that will stop him is a set of handcuffs and bars to poke that miserable mug through.

Anonymous said...


What I don't understand, is with all the "haters" out there who I am sure have good conections to law enforcement buddies, why is this guy still walking?

This theif has publicly admitted to taking money under the table with cash back (on TV), has stated on his blog that he mis-represented loan information (Fraud), yet, he still walks.

This is the real mistery for me. How can someone mock the law so much and still walk?

Who is worse, Casey or the law for not stopping him?

Aspeth said...

He won't walk.

Anonymous said...

This is a country that allows thieving politicians to walk (Tom DeLay and that Jefferson guy) free for their crimes, so I have zero faith anything will ever happen to Casey.

I so want him to pay for his crimes, but sometimes I think Nigel should be charged with something as well.

Anonymous said...

Well, he is IS walking, and blogging, and doing more and more "shady" deals.

Yes, I know high policital figures and famous people get away with murder like OJ Simpson, but Casey is neither one of these.

I will repeat, with the hundreds and/or thousands of "haters" of Casey, surely ONE of those people has to know a law enforcement buddy that can look into this.

This, to me, is the bigger mystery.

Aspeth said...

@No Fan...but it also gives us Duke Cunningham and his compatriots.

@Anon 11:33...like Duke's case shows, the feds are much, much more deliberate before revealing themselves. Which works in their favor, because halfwit criminals continue, and even expand, their enterprises, racking up more and more charges while LE takes notes.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, I am sure they are watching and probably waiting for his last home to foreclose.

But there is plenty of edvience already - what more do they need then a public confesion? For Casey to mock the law?

Oh, scratch that, he did that already in one of his blog entry when he said and I quote "go under the radar" as he was contemplating actions to take in light of his fraud.

Sprezzatura said...

Aspeth -- I've said on EN that I don't think Casey will ever do jail time for mortgage fraud.

The best-case scenario is that some time soon, Casey wakes up and starts taking a more realistic approach to life. He's so young that if he put his mond to it, by the time he's 35 he could be completely free of this whole mess and able to do pretty much whatever he wanted.

I don't think that's likely, though. He seems addicted to the cheap thrills of dealmaking, fast money, and 'entrepreneurship'. More likely, he'll end up in some petty sales job, perpetually broke and perpetually scheming for that one "big score" that will solve all his problems and finally make him rich.

Aspeth said...

Sprezzatura, you could be spot-on. But I've seen people who were considered bulletproof go down in flames. So I tend to lean in that direction. But the whole saga could just as easily play out just how you describe.

There's really no 'ideal' here...Casey Serin & Co. have done a lot of harm.

Anonymous said...

CashCall reps broke into the V-Dubs™ to collect some of that sweet, sweet equity. IT'S ALL GOOD!

Aspeth said...

Benoit...(laughing) I looked at those pics and was just about to post, almost verbatim, what I discovered you'd already written on EN.

You are EN FUEGO !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

First posted to Unca Rob's™ blog, but I like this blog too, so a repost:

A CashCall rep with a vendetta
Spied Casey's sweet '98 Jetta
He broke all its glass
And screamed, "Kiss my ass,
You're just lucky I lost my Beretta!"

Anonymous said...

With Casey, I think that most people stuck around (Galina, Yulia and Nigel) as long as they have because he talks a really good game. It's kind of like the gamblers that keep losing money but don't want to leave the slot machine because it MAY pay off. Galina probably thought that he MIGHT make money off the lbog and if he dumped him too soon, she would miss out on the avalanche of goodness, like money falling out of the sky. yulia was probably promised untold riches if she just let them stay one more month...I'll pay for your mortgage for a year once I make it rich with all these sweet deals and ops that are in the works!

As for Nigel, he probably doesn't want to miss out on any money making ops, particularly if it means he doesn't have to work for it. either that or as suspected..he really is infatuated with his boy toy.

Sprezzatura said...

And an eviction notice too.

Karma moves slowly, but when she finally gets in motion, she can be one hell of a bitch.

Sprezzatura said...
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Anonymous said...


He could always get a job as a Taco Bell manager and then buy 14 houses in different states...wait..never mind.

Sprezzatura said...

Sorry about that double post; I deleted the 2nd one.

Anonymous said...

Very true about the Karma thing.

I think that what happened, was that Casey got a call from above to flip, but Casey did not hear the rest of the message.

The message was go and "flip HAMBURGERS". He somewhow thought it meant to flip homes. They kind of sound alike. :-)

Aspeth said...

I got stuck on a call with a client, so I had to get to reading and get caught up. Thanks for keeping me filled in while I tried to not reach through the phone and kill the client.

Aw thanks, Benoit. You know I appreciate your rhymes!

Legion, I agree. I think it was 'path of least resistance' for nearly everyone. But I have a gut feeling that Yulia was just doing the right thing by the family. I could be wrong, but a simple google search turns up that she's a Hep C researcher. So most likely wonky and calculating, certainly not one to buy into the get rich quick mentality. I'd say her sister Galina screwed her over immensely. Let's not forget, no word on little Galina-poo actually getting a job, either.

Sprezz...that was the comment that made me want to murder the client. If it weren't for Casey Serin himself, the guy would win the fucktard of the day award.

14 houses....HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Taco Bell....HHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Of course, ratlab is willing to offer Casey a job doing manual labor, such as laying gas pipe. I strongly advised against this ;-)

Anon....It's a major bitch when you don't get the last part of the message from above, ain't it?!?!?!

"....It's a COOKBOOK!"