A Casey Serin Primer, March 2007

MARCH, 2007

By March, Casey Serin has gotten even more stupid and petulant. He starts off the month, in debt to friends and family for bad loans they’ve made him, he and wifey Galina Serin are crashing at her sister Yulia’s place, and they’re hitting up both of their parents’ houses for dinners.

On top of that, CashCall is calling the references he had to provide, since he shut down the Wells Fargo account that the CashCall loan was being drawn off of. Casey himself has gone into “lender ignore mode,” not taking calls from anyone he should be communicating with. This, of course, does not include the media.

While Casey Serin has a problem accomplishing even the smallest daily tasks, when a reporter asks him to compile his paperwork as a part of story verification, he has no problem snapping to attention.

Casey grabs attention by saying that he’s headed back to Utah with his “new money partner” to investigate more sweet deals. Casey Serin pouts that the Haterz have run off all of his other potential money partners, so will only refer to this one as “G.” (Recent speculation has it that “G” is Nigel Swaby’s boss at Integrity First Financial, Byron Goates

Suffice to say that Casey Serin talking about somehow acquiring even more properties moved him into the category of “deeply hated.” Gone was any notion that Serin was taking an iota of responsibility for his plight. In this one sad act, he showed the world that he will continue to do shady deals of any stripe until he is forcibly removed from society. A new call for a prison sentence echoed around the blogosphere.

Casey Serin did get a chance to hang out with his little buddy, Salt Lake City mortgage lender Nigel Swaby. It’s always nice when an admitted multi-state mortgage felon and a mortgage lender can enjoy a nice meal and wheatgrass shot together as they cruise the city for opportunity.

By the middle of the month, Casey is whinging that the Wikipedia article on him is “highly skewed” and making him look bad. Casey Serin’s critics point out that Casey’s own words and IAFF blog make him look plenty bad. Casey asks for his supporters (who?!?) to contribute to the Wikipedia page.

(Addition: R-boy, frequent poster at ExUrbanNation and one of the folks "outed" by Nigel Swaby really took the helm to tone down the Wiki article, while keeping the relevant crimes, frauds, and schemes in tact. It's an oversight on my part that this wasn't included in the original post.)

In the meantime, the Wikinazi’s capitulate to Casey’s crying, and post a “debate” about whether or not to keep the Wiki entry on Casey Serin.

Casey earns further criticism by saying, in essence, that college is for loosers (in Caseyspeak.) He says that college is a waste of time and designed to brainwash people into becoming “W2 losers.” As opposed to his extensive guru training, which makes him a foreclosed upon loser with a negative cash flow of nearly $2.5 million.

This jackass comment comes just in time for his next “live chat”, which proves to be great fun for the Haterz when a caller called “Nacho” pins Casey to the carpet like a dog who’s made a puddle. It’s well worth your time to read the transcript of the call.

In the live chat, Casey reveals that wife Galina Serin has quit school in order to go to work. Casey’s critics give a collective cheer that, finally, one of them is working. Some Haterz did the math and determined that Galina had been attending college for six years, and had yet to earn even an associate’s degree. As of March, 2007, she had been attending a community college and refusing to work because she felt that her husband should support her financially.

But the fact that Casey Serin also refused to get a job threw a wrench in the works. (For the record, to date, Galina Serin has yet to get a job.)

Casey Serin creates more Haterz when he tells the world that he went cruising by his Sacramento-area properties that he had recently lost to foreclosure. He laments that the locks had been changed, and is surprised that the banks worked so quickly! For someone who “works” at a geologic pace, this is news.

Haterz go crazy when Casey Serin posts pictures of the properties, and note that he couldn’t manage to get his lazy ass over there to maintain them at all, instead letting them fall into a disgusting state of disrepair that his neighbors had to look at and have their property values drop by his negligence and his foreclosure.

Alert readers were further sickened to note that the broken window on a property meant that the bank had to break a window to get in…Casey couldn’t even get it together enough to mail them the keys. It’s behaviors like this that have us asking Did Casey and Galina Serin Ever Intend to Repay Their Dubious Debts?

By the end of the month, Casey Serin’s little buddy Nigel Swaby decides to make a more public persona of himself. He chooses three people who frequently comment on the ExUrbanNation blog and decides to “out” them, posting photos, real names, occupations and employers, in some cases.

Nigel Swaby defends this action, saying that he was taking a stand against what the so-called Haterz had been doing to his dear friend, admitted multi-state mortgage felon Casey Serin. But the people he chose weren’t blogging about Casey Serin, they were commenting on the ExUrb blog. Further, Nigel Swaby failed to see the inappropriateness in a mortgage lender, with access to financial information, poking around in anyone’s personal data.

The next day, Casey Serin loses the New Mexico home to foreclosure, even though the snowstorm had given him ample time to pursue other options with his lenders. Instead, Casey posts “Who Says We Don’t Work?” which shows he and wife Galina Serin performing the high-level task of burning CD’s.

Casey’s blog post about this is the usual combination of funny and sickening. Boasting that they ‘pulled an all-nighter’ to complete the job, he later affirms that he did very little, delegating the work to Galina. He praises her by saying that “she’s very good at following directions.”

Just as Casey is strutting around with his chest out, proving what a big boy he is, he posts that CashCall has delivered an ultimatum. He must pay them $220 by the following day, “or else.” What ensues is an absolute circus, where Casey Serin affirms his role as the blogosphere’s Dancing Monkey.

Although he’s been touting to everyone how well he’s been doing, he reverses himself and says that he and Galina have no money, have not paid rent to Yulia in two months, and the money from their wacky CD burning has to go to Yulia, “or else.” So Casey Serin decides to hold an online beg-a-thon.

Personally, I thought it was disgusting that anyone would give the little fucktard a dime, after more than a year of unemployment and an absolute refusal to do a thing to help himself. But the folks that Casey Serin had been--and still does refer to as “haters” were the very people who saved his ass from CashCall.

This gave Serin a two-month extension from having to deal with them. Unfortunate, I thought, because this was the first real consequence of his actions that Casey Serin would have faced.

As a part of his monkey dance, Casey Serin agreed to be interviewed by the caller who had previously kicked his arse on the previous podcast. Ironically, the interviewer was one of the folks that Salt Lake City mortgage lender Nigel Swaby had “outed.” While she could have taken the low road with the interview, her approach was more motherly, and she really tried to talk some sense into the little fucktard.

Somebody has to have a link to either a transcript or the podcast itself, but damned if I can find it. Anyone?

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Schnapps said...

Hey aspeth,

Its on talkshoe

Anonymous said...

Good post Aspeth. Now I know why Nigel despises you so much. You are a much better writer and give details that make the reader think. All Nigel can do is post rehashed book reports that read like a High Schooler wrote them.

Props to you. You've picked up where a lot of people left off and really made the case against Casey and his supporters.

Aspeth said...

Hi Schnapps...that's the one that Casey gets something like $4 a pop for people downloading. I thought we had an alternate recording somewhere (?)

@Anon...Nigel despises me? Huh. News to me. Frankly, I don't give a flying fuck.

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you like the post.

Anonymous said...

Aspeth...I think he does because you call it like you see it.

He called you ASSpeth. Don't get me wrong, I support the "haterz" but I despise Nigel much more than I do Casey.

Aspeth said...

@Anon 3:14...HA! So that's a Nigel-level insult, eh? Wow, when the chips are down, he really gets in there, doesn't he?! Hopefully for his myriad mortgage clients, Nigel Swaby is able to fight for them with the same fervor.

Here's a funny take on Nigel Swaby, over at Torcie's Place

Anonymous said...


Though Talkshoe does pay content producers, he doesn't get anywhere near $4 per download. If I remember correctly,it is $4 per 100 downloads.

Anonymous said...

When I did some zooming, filtering, and spheric correction on the image reflected in Nigel's glasses, sure looks a lot like "G as in Galina", and not "G as in Big Money Mystery Man".

But, hey, it's Nigel and Casey's conspiracy, they can tell it any way they like for now.

Aspeth said...

@Anon 7:31...I think you're right. That sounds way more in line. I stand corrected.

Aspeth said...

@looking closely...Sounds like a lot of work! Then that takes it back to the original conspiracy theory that G is in fact none other than Nigel Swaby and his attempt to suckle at the teat of Casey Serin and the foreclosure site.

Because, you know, it would be inappropriate for a mortgage lender like Nigel Swaby to busy himself with showing properties to an admitted multi-state mortgage felon.

Anonymous said...

Great summary Aspeth, but reading this put my head in a spin all over again. Makes me want to bang my head against the wall.


Aspeth said...

Dumbfounded...I understand. I had a pounding headache when I went to bed last night.

Akubi said...

Although it's Kill your TV week, someone turned it on, so I'm watching Pulp Fiction (favorite line: "goin' t'get medieval on your ass") for the umpteenth time. (Once they started to say I had to turn off my laptop the TV killers lost me anyway.) I do appreciate a commercial free reality though. Oh, so what am I writing about? If KC remains silent, I think it would be much more entertaining to invent Casey's latest shenanigans rather than encourage the N word. Sources say N-Swab should never touch the Cosmic Kombucha.

Aspeth said...

Hi Akubi. That's a tough one, since Casey Serin definitely falls into the "truth is stranger than fiction" category.

But I do like the new theories being floated...he's hiding from CashCall, CashCall has repo'd the electronics, Yulia booted them for withholding rent for 3 months. All very workable premises.

Your diamond dust post at EN had me thinking that maybe said dust came from the coal shoved up the russian princess's arse. She looks like a bit of a frigid bitch.

Anonymous said...


No worries about the Talkshoe compensation. Even $.04 a listen is more than fliptard is worth.

While I'm at it, I'd like to complement you on your blog. I really enjoy looking at your thought process, and your writing style is very compelling.

Aspeth said...

Thank you, Anon. It's lovely to hear that.

I agree with you...I think every dirty penny that Casey gets is reinforcement of his 'passive income' thought process.

I could have sworn that Jean Val Jean or someone had posted a link somewhere else.

Casey Serin said...

I hate you people. ;-)

Schnapps said...

Hey this hit me at work today; Casey Fannnnnn (how many n's is in that?) probably has it as he did the remix.

Yeah, late to the party, but its Tuesday and I spent tonight catching up on Desperate Housewives, Heroes and House, after working both jobs yesterday :>

I like being an early riser, but some days 5:30am is just WAAAAY too early.

Aspeth said...

Hi Casey...smooches.

Schnapps...it escaped me that your comment was so ungodly early in the morning. It just goes to show you where being a W2 looser will get you in life ;-)

I posted at EN asking if Jean Val Jean had a link somewhere. Casey Fannnnnnn is another likely source--I hadn't thought of him. Thank you for thinking of that!

Gypsy Pete said...

Every time I see Byron Goates name I think of the guy in that horrible goatse.cz pic ...

Isn't "Aspeth" what Cleopatra (who was reputedly born with a lisp) asked Mark Anthony for?

C: "Let me touch that nice aspth of yours Mark"

M: "Sure!"

C: "Not the snaketh you dummy! Your arspth hole... hey ouchth - the snaketh bit me....!"

M: "Oops et tu Cleopatra?"

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Nigel was involved in there "sweet deals" with Casey. I'd almost bet that he supplied the downpayment for these homes and split the cash back with Casey.

I bet the "Official Bank Check" that Casey suppleid with his liar loans came from a third party and the only thing that came from Casey was the "Remiiter" name on the check was his.

If you took a close look at the official bank check it came from one sourse and then was deposted back to that same source. Now there would be a paper trail for the "Cash From Borrower" or "Money to Escrow" (line 204 of the HUD). showing money down on the properties when infact there was never money down. The mortgage company would see these figures and with the lied about income lend the money for the home.

Then when the deal closed extra cash is dispursed and Casey gets a cut and so does all his pals. (Nigel?)

Anonymous said...


30 signatures this week of April 17.

Sprezzatura said...

I have nothing substantive to add here, I just wanted to say hello!

Aspeth said...

Snarky, snarky, PMS. Gero rem imperialem!...heehee.

@Anon 10:43... C.Robert Simpson from the Scotsman Guide got Casey to admit that his sweet cash-back was funneled through a 3rd-party corp.

Nigel Swaby's got a lot of unethical behaviour on the table, but I don't think he was by Casey's side doing deals in '06. (I do think it's possible that he was trying to curry favor with Casey by trying to set up deals/investors in '07 so that he could take over IAFF)

Nigel Swaby's alleged criminal and ethical charges thus far 'only' include his outing of the haterz, which Rob Dawg points out would be very bad for him if he used his mortgage access to facilitate the snooping.

Hi Drunkst...Nice one. You can also use The Casey Serin Project

Aspeth said...

Ha! Thanks, Sprezz ;-)

Schnapps said...

Oooh, I bet R-boy has it too. Maybe Rob Dawg too. I imagine Homey has it but he's sort of incommunicado lately.

2 hour commute home (don't get me STARTED on what happens when it starts raining here), being rectified by hockey. Wine. Missing Lost but that can be rectified later.

Anonymous said...


Sorry for the slow response, but I had to go to bed at a reasonable hour last night so that I could be ready to work at my J-O-B today.

In any event, if I am not mistaken, what Jean Val Jean hosted was the audio of the fliptard appearance on Suze Orman. (I remember it, because I don't watch much TV and am too cheap to buy cable. Jean Val Jean was my source for that portion of this long, slow trainwreck)

Aspeth said...

Hi Schnapps! Sorry about the commute. Glad you've got some wine into you!

Searching for that file has become like trying to find a lost tribe somewhere.

Hi Anon...no worries. You're right about JVJ's Suze Orman segment; that's how I saw it too. I'm with you on the 'too cheap to pay for cable' topic. But it all worked out, because in the time that it took for JVJ to post, I was able to run to the store for a bottle of wine with which to enjoy the festivities!