A Casey Serin Primer, November 2006


Casey Serin returns from Phoenix, where he appeared on Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad TV and annihilated the rare supporter he had, PRLinkBiz. He appears on a couple of net-radio interviews. Readers, growing increasingly frustrated with Casey Serin and his attitude toward work and money, dig up a pyramid scheme that he ran under his father’s name, Aleskey Serin, when he was a mere 14 years old. This speaks volumes about the man-child and solidifies his critics’ view of Casey Serin, established criminal and con artist.

This view of Casey Serin is exacerbated by the fact that a fellow blogger reveals that Casey has been sending out fraudmails to his email list, asking them to become private investors in his real estate “empire” and promising 24% returns on their investments. One of the recipients of this email was Ramit Sethi, of IWillTeachYouToBeRich, who reveals that he went to high school with Casey Serin, and explains how angry he was to receive such scammail from him.

He spends 18 hours crafting a response to PRLinkBiz, describing his side of the story. What comes out is typical Casey Serin--unable to make decisions, unable to stick to anything. He posts that he has formally asked PRLinkBiz to void the contract that he signed, which he expects her to do out of some bizarre sympathy for his dumb ass.

Casey Serin starts whining about money, saying “Man, I Need A Real Job or Something.” This, of course, will not happen. Instead, he and wife Galina Serin buy a used car, sans inspection…a typical Casey Serin move. When they do have it inspected, the V-dubs will turn out to be yet another Serin white elephant, with some serious work that needs to be done.

To assuage his depression and desperation, Casey Serin makes a couple of videos that he posts on YouTube.

A potential short sale on Larchmont Dr. in North Highlands, CA starts to sour. Casey Serin had purchased the house for $330,000 (100% financing, $264,000 first note, $66,000 second). The broker valuation comes in at $260,000. Casey whines that this lender is “playing hardball” by not taking either the $220,000 offer on the table (which is rapidly decreasing to $180,000 as the buyer gets nervous about the neighborhood) or $150,000 from an all-cash ‘investor.’

His realtor suggests that the bank might take one of the offers, if he signs a promissory note to make up the difference. Casey Serin says, “But, I’m not sure if I want to take on any additional debt.” So much for his moral obligations about repaying “every dirty penny,” which has become both a catchphrase and a haterz drinking game.

Zack, the real estate investor from Land Mark Property Solutions of San Francisco Bay Area is trying to help Casey do a short sale on the Burdett property. Frequent readers are alert to the fact that there’s usually something dodgy going on when Casey Serin plugs anyone by name, so don’t take the news seriously.

Casey announces that he got a job in real estate. This is the Chris Record connection. He offered Casey Serin a job that, according to Casey, “meets my criteria!” Readers know this to mean, basically, sitting on his ass doing nothing. Casey Serin introduces Chris as “a fellow real estate investor here in the Sacramento area. He is a young guy too - in his late 20’s - but is kicking butt in real estate.”

Casey goes into a college classroom to speak about his stellar career in real estate. Why this ever happened is beyond me.

There are repeated and continued half-assed efforts to short-sale Larchmont and Burdett properties. As per his usual, Casey Serin conducts the transactions at arms-length, relying on his realtors to handle the details as he himself still cannot even open the mail in a timely manner.

Casey posts a screenshot of his bank account, which Galina quickly freaks out about. He pulls it down, but not before his readers are able to see that he and his wife repeatedly use their debit cards for Jamba Juice and Starbucks purchases that bounce. This infuriates readers further, who note that, with their added overdraft fees, each drink costs the Serin couple $37.50.

Casey starts playing for sympathy, by going the ‘glass half-full’ route, remarking that he is “thankful for facing foreclosure” and citing scripture. Readers dry-heave in response.

He then trys to explain that he’s not such a dick, after all, because the real reason he won’t rent out his properties to stem the cash flow bleeding is because he finds a moral problem with the fact that the renters might have to move quickly in light of foreclosures. He then reveals his real reason, which is that he’s afraid potential tenants won’t pay their rent. I guess if you’re Casey Serin and you have the approach to money and contracts that he does, that seems like a very real possibility.

There is further crazy talk about somehow borrowing $50k to bring the loans current, which Casey Serin estimates is about $15,000 per house. He is delusional enough to think that, even though no one will buy the houses at this stage, he can somehow pad the sale price to reflect the borrowed monies as well, thus putting the responsibility for the borrowed $50k on potential home buyers.

Casey Serin is a total fruitcake at this point, talking about “I should borrow a little bit of extra money so that I can invest into additional marketing.” It’s actually funny. Another brilliant scheme is to sell raffle tickets to unload the New Mexico property.

November’s media wrap-up includes Casey Serin on CNBC, and he announces that he will hold a podcast with convicted mortgage felon Jerome Mayne, who served a 21-month prison sentence for mortgage fraud and is now the president of Fraudcon, Inc.

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While I'm generally more of a lurker, I became a full on poster in November.

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