Home Invasion or Car Robbery

If any of us were given these two options, knowing that one would be inevitable, the answer is unbelievably simple. Of course, I would prefer that someone damage my property rather than terrorize me personally.

But when the lesser option happens--when you walk out to your car in the morning to find your car glass bashed to fuck by a sledgehammer--you really look for an optimistic viewpoint to make the pain, hassle, and financial ramifications seem not so bad.

All day today, I kept thinking of the face-plate that I never take off of my car stereo. I know I should, but I don't. So when I saw all of the broken glass, that was the first thing I checked out. And, fuck me, the stereo was still there. As was every other piece of my car. No one had tried to jimmy the lock on my glove compartment, no one had broken the steering column of my car to try to steal it...nothing.

I was at peace with this for, um, maybe two minutes. Then I got even more angry. Because if parts were taken off the car, I could understand. I would inevitably default to a much more empathetic humanist mode where I thought, "Yeah, the economy sucks. This guy had kids to feed. My car stereo represents a whole lot more to him than it ever would to me."

But you know what? This was just simple douchbaggery. Last night-slash-this morning there were a dozen cars in my neighborhood that were similarly vandalized. Soft-top convertibles were slashed beyond recognition. Windows and doors slammed to shit.

So this was just *fun* to someone.

Thanks for the Wednesday, asshole. I really didn't fucking need this....