Casey Serin and the Case of the Disappearing Money

No doubt, Casey Serin's readers want to flog him.

A repeated source of disgust in these pages, Casey Serin had the gall to hold an online beg-a-thon just a few weeks ago.

Yesterday, his report that his car has been broken into and that sister-in-law Yulia Suprun is threatening to kick the Serins out of her house if they don't cough up two months' back rent has raised even more red flags.

Casey Serin had told his audience the night of the beg-a-thon that, while he and Galina were to be paid for the rigorous task of burning CDs, that money was designated to Yulia to cover two months of unpaid rent.

What followed in Casey Serin's posts over the next couple of weeks included information that he and wife Galina Serin had celebrated their anniversary, disappeared from town for a week on a trip, and traveled to IKEA for an emergency meeting where they purchased new office furniture.

These comments alone should have had readers in a lather. After all, how does an indigent, unemployed couple finance these endeavors?

Sprezzatura points outs that Casey's latest report that Yulia is still owed rent monies is met with the response that "For those wondering, the beg-a-thon money and CD job money WAS gonna go for rent but somehow disappeared for some other needed expenses."

Money just disappears from Casey and Galina Serin's lives. Certainly, there is no accounting for the tens of thousands of dollars that Casey Serin received in his shady cash back at close real estate deals.

There is no accounting for how Casey and Galina Serin racked up nearly $200,000 in credit card and loan debt over the course of 2006.

There is no accounting for the "missing Utah payment."

The lack of financial accountability here is staggering. Law enforcement, the IRS, and the Serins multiple creditors will have a lot of unraveling before anyone really knows where any of this money is.

Some speculate that it's in a coffee can in the backyard. Others think it's in an offshore account. Certainly, for the amount of shady advice and guru training that he's gotten over the years, and the pricey consultations with accountants and attorneys, this is certainly possible.

Personally, I think the money has been pissed away on cheap junk, travel, and supporting a lifestyle that Casey and Galina Serin couldn't possibly afford otherwise. I've said before that I wonder if Casey and Galina Serin ever intended to repay their debt...if the foreclosures weren't merely a planned precursor to a bankruptcy filing, where the white trash duo simply retained the tens of thousands of cash-back dollars in lieu of any sort of work.

Until then....


Sprezzatura said...

It's beyond pathetic, isn't it?

You just know that come Tuesday he'll have some other sorry excuse and dodge any questions about where he actually is living.

Aspeth said...

It's true. I think Schnapps was on to something, saying that he's probably known about this for awhile, or is even already out of Yulia's. Like Akubi noted, the fence near the V-dubs doesn't look like the ones in the pics of Yulia's place.

Hey, Yulia Suprun...Give us your side of the Casey Serin story!

Akubi said...

I couldn't tolerate the music in that video long enough to finish watching it. Perhaps it's the sort Casey fancies. Anyway, I have never understood the forever disappearing money. In fact, I have never understood much of anything he does or does not do.
I guess if he wasn't so puzzling and frustrating we wouldn't be so hooked on his pathetic saga.

Akubi said...

Have I missed some key info while reading my non-Casey feeds?

Schnapps said...

Ha. It seems I missed a bit of a show when we went out for Italian (working the next 8 weekends straight so it was the last chance to spend some time together for awhile!)

I stand by what I said: that he (and probably Galina) knew well in advance they'd have to pony up the money. Except because he had some "sweet deals" on the horizon, he didn't do anything about it and now its crunch time. Of course he'll have some excuse come Tuesday and won't tell what's going on. Its Casey, after all.

What just hit me today is that he said he didn't make it to the foreclosure auction because of the break-in. Then he goes on to say that his insurance was cancelled and he got more on Friday.

So it sounds like he was going to drive there, uninsured.


Sprezzatura said...

I guess if he wasn't so puzzling and frustrating we wouldn't be so hooked on his pathetic saga.


Schnapps said...

Oh, and I'm also willing to bet, that Yulia and the rest of the Suprun/Serin clans don't know about his situation. All Yulia sees is that he's got money to buy Ikea and go on vacation, but he doesn't pay rent.

Schnapps said...

In fact, Yulia may be too busy to bother finding out what's up with Casey

Akubi said...

K, I missed Casey’s infuriating post #221 on IAFF.
The notion that Casey and G are drug addicts has been tossed around, but generally dismissed...Thoughts?
It seems the most obvious reason for this mysteriously disappearing money as well as the laziness and cluelessness. If Casey is suffering from some sort of mental illness, why does Galina also seem to nap all the time and just as lazy as he is?

Casey Serin said...

My sister-in-law's e-mail address is ysuprun-at-ucdavis.edu ... I've tried e-mailing her a bunch of times explaining what a mess I've gotten myself into, but she never responds.

She definitely has some idea of what a slacking moron I am, though.

- SockPuppet Benoit™ :)

Akubi said...

As far as Yulia and saveyouris.com, WTF?

Akubi said...

SockPuppet Benoit™ :),
Do you think that might have something to do with her decision to finally kick the napping duo out?

Aspeth said...

Hi guys, I'm playing with some different templates to see if I can't make this more user-friendly. And frankly, if I see this fucking green any longer, I'm going to scream.

Trust that this element is not my forte, so please cross your fingers!

Aspeth said...

@Schnapps 10:09...I find it infintely more bizarre that he somehow had the money for a new policy.

Anonymous said...

Akubi, tossing the CS persona aside for a minute (hehe), I was the one who first found and posted Yulia's e-mail address on ExUrban. I really did e-mail Yulia two times... first in February, alerting her to the presence of the blog and to the general situation that Casey was in. I actually did encourage her to kick him out... I have a copy of the e-mail in my "Sent" folder, I'll post it in a minute.

The second time was after his local news story aired on CBS. Again, I basically explained that Casey was in serious financial trouble (I gave her the specific $2.2M debt and negative $600K net worth figures), and on top of that, there were arguably hundreds of people on the Internet clamoring to see Casey arrested.

She never responded to either e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Here's the first e-mail, verbatim, that I sent to Yulia in February:

Please kick your brother-in-law out of your house. He is the world's biggest moocher. He has his own article on Wikipedia, I think it would make interesting reading for you:


An entire blog exists that is singularly devoted to Mr. Serin's stupidity and financial irresponsibility:


Many people online think that he needs psychiatric help. He needs to hit rock bottom before he turns his life around, and freeloading off your generosity isn't going to help him in the long run. Readers of the above blog would be intrigued if you commented on Casey and his entire situation. Thanks...

Akubi said...

K, now it sounds vaguely familiar. I subscribe to too many feeds for my own good and February was a busy month on ExUrb.

Akubi said...

I would imagine Yulia is also frustrated with her sister who seems to be as lazy and nap-prone as KC. When I didn't know the details last year I felt sorry for G, but now it is so tiresome to sort through the IAFF comments suggesting she's been victimized. Anyone who has stuck around long enough knows she's clearly a silent partner in the debacle.

Sprezzatura said...

benoit -- she lives with them, she has GOT to have at least half a clue about what's going on. C & G may or may not be telling her the whole truth, but she cannot possibly be unaware of the general outline of what's going on.

And keep in mind -- immigrant families are tight. You have to be if you want to make it in a new country. Some strangers on the Internet are not going to carry much weight against that.

That's why I would not be surprised if come Tuesday they do not get evicted. If they can give Yulia even half a loaf she may well take it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sprezz, I know... I just wanted to give her parts of the story she was probably unaware of. I can't imagine Casey told her about Exurban Nation or the Wiki article (which at the time, had a far more negative tone than the current watered-down version).

Assuming all of Casey's story is true, if I were Yulia, I'd have kicked them out already, immigrants or otherwise... I understand the comment about their family being tight, but they came to America almost 15 years ago! It's not like they just stepped off the boat.

Part of me thinks some of Casey's story is being hoaxed to inflame the haters. Right now, in particular, he may be easily able to pay Yulia off, and is just making up this drama for kicks... or perhaps he's already been kicked out, and is retroactively changing history, again to inject drama into the story. All of this is just my opinion, obviously... but a lot of hte story doesn't fully add up.

Akubi said...

If all of this is true, Yulia really needs some assertiveness training/therapy. How the hell does she put up with this?
I've worked with a number of Russian programmers who would never tolerate such crap. I feel sorry for her.

Anonymous said...

I find it somewhat interesting that the sister-in-law was the one to take them in, rather than either of their parents. Casey's kind of hinted in the past that Galina's parents don't care much for him (with good reason!), but I wonder why they wouldn't live with Casey's parents then.

In any event, Gaysey doesn't even realize what a "sweet deal" he's blowing with the $550/month rent. I live in NYC, so I don't know much about the Sacramento market, but I'd imagine even the crappiest apartment would rent for around double that. He's just lucky his extended family has been supporting him, otherwise he'd absolutely be f***ed right now, even worse than he already is...

Sprezzatura said...

Well, I am assuming that Casey's story as told to us is true, although definitely not the whole truth. If I am wrong about that then all bets are off.

My guess is she is not happy about things, but it's her sister that's involved as well as Casey. I don't know about you, but the list of things that would make me evict my sister from my home is pretty damn short.

Sprezzatura said...

Benoit -- NY is my hometown. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but the list of things that would make me evict my sister from my home is pretty damn short.

If Galina's days are really as empty as they seem (naps, shopping, whatever), and I were Yulia, I'd give her an ultimatum about finding work... and if that wasn't met, I'd call up my parents and ask them to take her back, explaining that she's a moocher.

From what it seems, Galina's never worked a single day in her life. Compare that to Yulia who holds a full-time job in medicine. I'd be royally pissed off if I were her, even if it is my sister.

Like others have said, I feel bad for her. She likely has no privacy, she may be being stretched on her mortgage payments because of these two clowns, and so on... Casey and Galina really sound like they were made for each other, two sociopaths :-p

Anonymous said...

Sprezz, cool... I live in Riverdale, the nice part of the Bronx, if you've heard of the area. Zip code 10471 :-)

Sprezzatura said...

I know it well. Spent 12 years going to school there.

Anonymous said...

heh, I wonder if I've actually met you then. I turn 28 in two months, and went to Horace Mann for 12 years. That's all I'll say on this blog for now, lest Nigel attempt to "out" me. ;-p

And Nigel, I know you're reading this... "Benoit" isn't any part of my real name, OK? :-)

Sprezzatura said...

wooohooo! Another Mann-iac! :)

Sadly, you and I did not overlap @ HM. We might have crossed paths if you were at Barry Siebelt's wake, Mr Somary's retirement concert, and/or the big bash before they tore the old theater building down; I came back for those.

Anonymous said...

Cool, small world... :-)

I did have to take one of Somary's classes as an elective in 7th grade, but didn't go to any of the events you mentioned.

I don't know how old you are (and I dare not ask, I know girls never tell... heh), but I wonder if we ever had the same teachers. I'm trying to think of teachers that had been there forever --When I was in elementary school, the principal was Mr. Fountain.

My first grade teacher was Mrs. Zimmermann, third grade was Mrs. Gumpel. My sixth grade history teacher, Mr. John Szulwach, just died (it was in the most recent alumni newsletter). Any of these ring a bell? :-)

Anyway, pretty cool coincidence regardless. I have to go to sleep now, it's 3:30 AM here right now. Take care! :-)

Anonymous said...

Casey and Galina's pet

the music video

Schnapps said...

Yulia is some sort of medical analyst. Some anon at EN posted that she's actually in charge of the funding for the project. HA.

And I think there's a possibility she has (or had until recently) no idea of Casey's situation. He probably hid it from her - just like an alcoholic would do. A lot of people have talked about gambling addiction behaviour - I thnk they may be on to something there.

Or so says my PSYC101 training :)

Anonymous said...

These closeups from sections of the official docs that Casey signed on the Utah 'deal' or 'wrap' or 'fraud' should suffice to show without any question that this still unresolved 'deal' was built on lies:

Casey signed up to maintaining insurance, to keeping the property up, to maintaining it as a residence for him only (no subletting or resale) etc.

He needs to go to prison for his crimes, especially since he is on webcasts and blogs and MSM outlets "riding" on his "mistakes", still talking about "juicy opportunities" and "haterz" even though he has ruined at least eight properties by increasing price without adding value, and also contributed to the speculative bubble surrounding "sub-prime" lending.

Reform is sorely needed.

Let's start with Casey.

His audio podcast with a convicted mortgage fraud guy hit the nail on the head when the convicted criminal told him to "Turn yourself in to the FBI."



Anonymous said...

Schnapps @April 28 10:28PM:

I just glanced at that page with Yulia's name on it. Holy Six Degrees, Batman! One of my wife's friends is, I think, also on that research team. I need to check with her about this.

Aspeth said...

@Cordwainer Bird...After reading Benoit's comment that he had tried to email Yulia to tell her about Casey, I've been trying to imagine what that scenario would be like.

I've asked several friends what they would do in that situation, particularly concerining a brother-in-law. The responses were not kind.

I get the feeling that Yulia must have always been the smart one, and that Galina must have a history of both sloth and stupidity. With such extreme lunacy in the Surpun/Serin husehold, one gets the feeling that Yulia has typically stepped in to cover Galina's ass.