A Casey Serin Primer, December 2006


Casey Serin starts the month with the idea that he will stop getting up at noon or later everyday and will start actually rising in the a.m. Trust that this will not happen for long. When he does manage to rise early, he treats himself to some well-deserved (in his mind) Jamba Juice and Starbucks, reminding readers that each drink further bounces his checking account and ultimately costs $37.50.

Casey writes that he and Galina Serin have borrowed an additional $4,000 to cover their slothful asses.

Casey does indeed follow-through on one item this month, and holds a podcast with Jerome Mayne, a convicted mortgage felon. I got the feeling that Casey expected Jerome to hold his hand, but Jerome surprised Sercasey and told him, in no uncertain terms, to collect his paperwork and turn himself in to the FBI in Sacramento.

There is continued talk of houses that can best be summed in this manner: “Waaaah! Banks won’t take a major loss because of my fraud!” “Crap! They were going to let me slide with a (fill in the blank: short sale, deed in lieu, etc.) but I didn’t open the mail until a month later and now they’re not willing to live up to their end of the deal!” Ugh.

At this point, Casey Serin goes back to Phoenix, in a trip that he calls “taking care of some deals.” Readers uncover that this actually means he went off for a week of ultra-pricey real estate “education” through Chris Record’s Nouveau Riche University. Readers jump on the fact that Casey Serin has likely dropped five-figures on yet another guryu seminar, only this one additionally reeks of MLM bullshit.

Casey also starts talk of creating corporate shell companies, in order to secure additional lines of credit ($50,000 is still the goal). Alert readers recall Casey Serin’s history of pyramid schemes, and point out that this will be a shady attempt to hide from, or shuffle, his debt. He mentions Corporation Brokers. This is another red flag to readers, who by now know that Serin only specifically touts a product or service when he believes he’s getting some sweet back-door action.

At this stage, Casey Serin also changes his tune on bankruptcy. While he had been floating some ‘good Christian ideals’ about repaying “every dirty penny,” talk now shifts to “Why Should I NOT File Bankruptcy?” Well, my first thought is because you committed fraud in four states, and BK isn’t designed to protect admitted felons. This is where he starts whining about “I never intended to commit fraud” and the like. Seems he’s read enough google law by now to address the topic of “intent.”

Serin stays in Phoenix for an extra day because, according to him, a local pastor wants him to speak about his financial fuck-ups as a part of his sermon on “God’s love in Hard Times.” The God’s love-in does not prepare Casey Serin to come home to the reality that he and Galina are now “$150,000 in unsecured debt.

To make matters worse, Casey’s blog is dropped from the Google AdSense program, where he says he had been pulling down about $2k a month (knowledge I’m sure his myriad creditors would have liked to have known.)

Casey deserves a break, he tells his readers. He’s off to celebrate the birth of Christ with his and Galina’s families (read: eat free food). He tells the blogosphere that, because he is so deserving of this “break” that “Spreadsheets and updates on properties will have to wait.”

He returns from his Christmas break to infuriate his readers with the headline “Wells Fargo Stole $1,000 From Me.” According to Casey’s spreadsheets, he had opened an extensive line of credit through Wells Fargo. Not receiving payments on their generous loans, Wells Fargo daringly deducted payment from Casey Serin’s checking account. The nerve!

In typical Casey Serin fashion, he will later close the account to keep his multiple lenders from touching any of “his” money.

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