Casey Serin, Foreclosed and Exposed

Attention-whore Casey Serin has lived his life on the internet. That much is clear from the backlog of information available about him online. While he has tried to erase his past, others are taking a great deal of pleasure in preserving sercasey's electronic trail.

One of Casey Serin's numerous old blogs has been recently preserved for posterity (and I'm sure for the creditors and authorities as well). Prince Casey was in the midst of his 'sweet deals' at that point, happily ripping off lenders with his felonious cash-back schemes. Casey's old blogs reveal the same Casey Serin that so many of us now love to hate...slothful, arrogant, unable to plan, unable to make decisions, easily overwhelmed.

One of my favorite lines is this one: Another thing is that I should be careful not to reveal too much stuff about other people because they may get offended. Maybe not even use their last names. Hmmm... its a dilema. If I start censoring too much I will get away from my purpose which is a brain dump, just how it is. But I still really want it to be public. I don't know exactly why. Part of my just wants to be open and transparent with no regard for other people's feelings about it.

Sound familiar? With that spirit of cooperation, I'd like to offer up the full Serin clan and known associates. After all, Casey would want it that way.

Galina Serin, maiden name Galina Suprun, also known as "Casey's wife." She and Casey live with her sister, Yulia Suprun at Yulia's place in West Sacramento. Unlike Galina, Yulia actually does work, and that's how she's able to keep a roof over her deadbeat sister and brother-in-law's heads. Here are some pictures of Galina Suprun:

Galina looking cross-eyed. I wonder if that's Yulia?

Picture of Galina Serin having 'nothing' to do with Casey Serin's shady business deals...Oh wait...she cooked did the BOOKS.

Margarita Serin, Casey's 21-year old sister. To paraphrase Margarita Serin, 'Jesus loves the Serin family this I know, 'cuz my brother's not a prison ho.' No really, Margarita Serin loves her some Jesus. She likes to talk about that. A lot.

There's that Serin nose.

Margarite says: If I am distressed and sad about a few of my faithless friends, when how much more does Jesus grieves for the whole world?! I don't even know how He does it! And who am I to judge people so quickly? Some peoples sin is seen, most people's sin is hidden. So for me to look at someone who smokes and think that they are a horrible sinner not even worth talking to is wrong and sinful!

Wow...what an arrogant little cunt....someone who smokes a cigarette is so sinful that she can't even be bothered to speak to that person, yet her brother is a multi-state felon?!?!?! She must be one of those "Good Christians" I keep hearing so much about. Seems this Serin rationalization thing runs deep.

Here's Margarita with the other Serin sister. Margarita mentions that daddy Serin drops a lot of American coin for this little one to twirl around on the ice.

Speaking of the Serin family, here are some photos of them. Dad Aleksey Serin and the vagina fruit in all their hypocritical Christian glory:

Now this one I would have missed without the awesome post from Trent over at http://Exurbannation.blogspot.com, where Rob Dawg rocks the Casey Serin hater forum. Here's a picture of Casey Serin in some early glory, doing some white-boy breakdance move. (Note too that all of these kids are shoeless. I can only imagine that the girls are practicing for the lifetime of 'barefoot and pregnant' ahead of them.)

But this photo is significant. Look at the guy in the first row, far left, flashing some bizarro fake gangsta sign. Now look at this:

Whooohoooo! Whaddya know? Casey's friend has been a "Full Spectrum" Home Loan Consultant for Countrywide in Folsom since June 2006. That's interesting, because some of Casey Serin's fraudulent money came from Countrywide. Hmmmmm.....guess that's what the little fucktard himself would call a "sweet deal!"

Casey Serin's friend David Welch is another one who considers himself to be quite full of ye olde religious ferver. His headline states that "For if I am not part of the Solution... I am injustice!" Well, David, you're either the most deluded co-conspirator yet, or you are cooperating with both your employer and the authorities to see that justice truly is served.

Another interesting tidbit from Casey Serin's old blog is mention of a Peter Peychev. Casey mentions that he's going over to speak to him about real estate. Apparantly Peter Peychev is some sort of American liaison for real estate deals in Bulgaria.

So, if you're interested in that kind of thing, contact Casey so he can get one of those sweet referral fees. Oh wait, that's right...paying a commission or referral fee to someone without a real estate license in California is also illegal. Jesus, the number of legal pads that are going to be used to sort out the various charges.

Since Casey Serin obviously has no problem with how his activities affect others, and how his narcissism brings them into the fold, I am sure that he will have no problem with all of this. Hell, the little fuckwit will probably relish the added attention.


dsw said...

Good work. A nit: Rob Dawg's site is http://exurbannation.blogspot.com, not exurbannation.com.

Or www.caseyserin.info.

Aspeth said...

Nice catch, dsw. Apologies to Rob Dawg for the confusion. Nice setup on the caseyserin.info page, Rob. It looks like a good repository for the wealth of info out there. It might have to take the place of Casey's wiki page, since he's been crying foul to the wikipedia people. (What exactly is in that wiki post that he himself hasn't said?!?!?!)

Rob Dawg said...

Thanks for the props Chloe.

BTW the dot info page cost a whopping $2.24

Exurban Nation is a little disorganized as we relocate to larger facilities and more robust hosting. After the grand reopening expect easier Casey specific search capability.

Rob Dawg and all the EN dawgs dawging that dog Casey.

Leigh said...

Just wanted to know if you have seen his latest....little bonehead is holding a podcast on Wednesday for people to call in and ask questions. Seems he found a way to get paid for it as well.

He makes my ass burn at least 2 times a day.

I still want to call and give him a once over. Is that WRONG? :(

Aspeth said...

Hi Rob Dawg...thanks for the note. I didn't realize that was you over at the dot-org until DSW pointed that out.

Oh, and for the record, I'm not a Casey hater. I'm a mere observer and commentator on this crazy thing we call life ;-)

Aspeth said...

Hi Leigh...Yeah, good luck getting through on that line. The little screener will be going full-force to keep all of the 'haters' out of the game.

Have you seen the crying and whining he's been doing over at Wikipedia? I mean, I'm sorry...the version that I read is all a summary of stuff he himself has posted. I think he just can't stand not being in charge of the information.

Anonymous said...

Why continue to give Casey the attention he clearly believes is going to give him some celebrity that will give him an easy payday?

Check this guy's blog out instead, it's someone in a similar situation but much more honest.


Lucidiocy said...

I think I've solved Casey's dilemma:


I'm sure he'll understand the concept of America's answer to Siberia.

Anonymous said...

I will some credit to the breakdance crew - there appear to be some hot chicks at that party, or whatever it is.

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

I too started out with good sound suggestions for Casey, but when I learned the truth, that this Guy was basically a con-artist, I became very disgusted with his tactics.

I don't understand why the law has not caught up with him. He has admitted to mortage fraud. Last I heard, this was a serious crime.

Aspeth said...

@Anon 9:44...I really think that's a huge element of the public outcry and exposure in the blogosphere. It's like that saying, if a million people see a guy rob a bank and he gets away with it, doesn't that tell them it's okay?

Anonymous said...

Why is Justin Timberlake stealing orphans? It's not right.

Aspeth said...

@Anon 4:26...Awesome. Absolutely fucking awesome.

Anonymous said...

I Guess hello to the Serin family my names darin i went to CHC with Margaite our freshmen year just tryin' to see what she's been up to my address is darinhayes@rocketmail.com.

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