Not Suspending Disbelief Just Yet

Fuck. Just getting caught up. Basically sat here all day waiting for a client to make a fucking decision and he calls 1) near the end of the day, 2) kept me on the phone for nearly three hours, 3) making my fuck-all do-nothing Friday actually seem like a lot of work, since I 4) didn't finish until after normal business hours.

All that aside, thank God I'm not Casey Serin.

V-dubs has been broken into and stereo equipment stolen. Sister-in-law Yulia has had it with the deadbeats and says that Casey and Galina Serin have to pony up four months' rent (about $2200, I think?) by May 1 if they want to stay there.

Here's the rub, though...I'm not sure I believe this stuff. Sure, Yulia's got to be sick to death of him, but interesting timing. If he's as insolvent as he claims, where would he come up wtih 2 grand?

Hmmmm...rather curious to have such an eventful day after a week of no blogging. His traffic must be through the roof. Now I'm the disbelieving cynic, wondering if this post isn't just a completely emotional troll that sets the stage for BEG-A-THON NUMBER 2, "GOING FOR THE GOLD!"

After all, Haterz, Casey scored his blood money on a Friday night. He knows that after a hard week of actual work, we like to settle in with a drink or nine and that he can manipulate his way to riches.

He's already batting 1,000 on begging.

More good things to come.......


Schnapps said...

I really hate it when people decide that 3pm or so on a Friday is good time to put forth a crisis. Bugs me to no end. Reminds me a bit of Casey with the procrastination.

Yes, I had several giggle-fits today. Its hard to work in an open office when you have tears streaming down your face :> All I really have to say is that Karma can really be a bitch sometimes.

I'm thinking that drink or nine sounds pretty good. I can watch hockey, eat and wait for the beg-a-thon.

And quite honestly? The lack of blogging probably stems from a shit-turn his life took last week and he used the comments as an excuse to take a "blogcation". I'm willing to lay money on Julia laying down the law LAST WEEK (and he probably hasn't done anything since about it). He won't do anything about it because, you know, he has to get a new stereo and sub for the car! That is far more important than paying your SISTER IN LAW THE MONEY YOU OWE HER.

Do you think he's been taking out the trash?

Anonymous said...

More re-posting... heh. Maybe someone will collect these for posterity one day after Casey's struck it rich ;-)

A woman named Yulia Suprun
Told her in-laws to pay the rent soon
But Casey was broke
And blew yet more smoke
Saying, "I'll have it in by next June..."

Anonymous said...

this was contingent on "Suprun" being pronounced Suh-PROON (that's how I see the pronunciation), rather than SUP-run. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the consecutive postings, but others have brought up that Yulia may be purposely demanding an amount of money that she knows Gaysey can't pay.

You know, because she wants his skinny ass outta the house ASAP. That fact that she wants it in the form of a certified check only adds to this hypothesis. She probably thinks Casey would attempt to counterfeit some $100 bills to pay her off otherwise ;-p

Aspeth said...

You called it, Schnapps. Fucking fake-ass manufactured crisis late on Friday puts you at the bottom of the client needs list, not the top.

I'm glad you were giggling all day. From the amount of folks I saw online today (which, granted, is a bit of an anomoly for me) it seemed like everyone was having a fairly lazy Friday...or that their Spidey-senses were tingling.

I think a glass of wine or nine would be just fine! (sorry, benoit)

That could very well be that Yulia's just giving them an unattainable goal so that she could give the boot. Moreso than the car, they fucking went out of town again recently!!! (last week?) My brain is scrambled right now, but I seem to remember Casey Serin saying that he and Galina were traveling for a week (?) Oh, and no need to apologize for multiple posts....who cares?

Do you think he's been taking out the trash?
Obviously, Yulia's taken over that job (ch-ching)

Akubi said...

Hopefully, Rob Dawg will implement forums soon, because with so many comments and threads one gets lost in the chaos these days – and can easily miss good points like NoVa Sideliner’s in the Any Last Words post:

At 3:16 PM, NoVa Sideliner said...
That's a pretty clean job getting that stereo out of there, much cleaner than most cases I have had the misfortune to see.
You sure he didn't just pull it out and bring it in to the pawn shop to get some sweet cash for Jamba Juice and Macaroni Grill?

Look carefully at the photos and how can one disagree - especially if this supposedly occurred at night with limited visibility?

Sprezzatura said...

Another possibility is that Yulia is taking a "tough love" approach and has presented an extreme demand to scare Casey & Galina into some kind of action. Depending on how pissed off she really is, if they show enough contrition and actually get off their asses and do something about getting jobs, she could relent.

Sprezzatura said...

By the way, w/r/t forums, I don't know what Dawg's issue is, but they are just not that hard to do. Give ~$100 to the low-cost web host of your choice and you can get a new domain name, a year's worth of hosting, and a push-button installation of phpBB. Toss in a couple of hours to lock down and customize the installation and you're good to go.

I'm strongly tempted to just pony up the $ and do it myself, but The Spouse might not be too thrilled.

Schnapps said...

Aspeth, I work in the public service; I know exactly what that's all about. Many's the time I've nearly blurted out, "And this can't wait til Monday BECAUSE????" Fuckers.

Which is why, whenever possible, I leave early on time-in-lieu on Fridays.

I was thinking about it and I think I might have been somewhat wrong.

I bet Julia laid down the law last month or the month before. Why would Galina quit school to go work? If, as I suspect, they are a somewhat traditional Russian/Uzbeki family, they're pretty tight-knit, and family obligations come first.

And Casey has violated this.

If this is right (and as I said, I suspect it may very well be), Casey will be in more shit from family than he ever will be from the authorities. :>

Casey Serin said...

Hey Akubi, is that dog a Pomeranian? Just wondering... :-)

Akubi said...

Yes Casey, he's one of my Pomeranian babies.

Aspeth said...

Akubi...good point. While I don't have much experience with car theft issues, I did notice that half the connections look like they were pulled, half cut. But I have no idea what that means.

Doesn't the way the glass is cracked mean it's shatterproof? Therefore, wouldn't someone have had to have really knocked the shit out of it to beat the whole thing out like that? How did no one hear? Those houses are stacked on top of one another like dominoes.

Aspeth said...

Sprezz...I really think Yulia's the one getting shafted, by both her deadbeat sister and her useless BIL.

(I don't think anyone's spouse would be cool with clocking a bunch of Casey Serin-related hours!)

Schnapps...Wine for us, then!!!

I do think Yulia's the primary victim in Casey and Galina's fucking sloth and scams. More than anything, it looks like she's just trying to be a good big sister, but Galina's sense of entitlement, combined with being married to Casey Serin of all people, is probably just too big for the house to hold. She's the only one I feel an iota of sympathy for in the whole mob clan.

Do you think the whole family could have been ignorant to what was playing out, that they would somehow choose to pull their heads out of the sand now? Didn't one of his parents give him stinking *batteries* over the hol's?

Aspeth said...

@CS...gawd, that's an ugly mug!

Akubi said...

Sprezz 7:17 PM,
I agree, it's not in the least bit complicated and the Dawg seems to be a technical guy so I don't get it.
Until there's some progress, I'll focus more on the ExUrb satellite blogs like this one.

Schnapps said...

What's wrong with a nice, organic wine? Its organic! It must be good for you! :)

At any rate WRT Sprezzatura's comment on tough love: ultimately, tough love only works if you're prepared to follow through with what you said you'd do (yes, I watch Supernanny occasionally :)). In that case, the question is, is Julia prepared to do that to her sister?

In any case, I doubt there's a question that they knew about this well before this week. And all of a sudden, its the end of April and they've done sweet fuck all about it.

Akubi said...

So many tabs open and so little time. ..Schnapps, do you also work for the government?

Aspeth said...

Thanks, Akubi. Sorry I couldn't join in the six-degrees game. I wanted it to be creative and kind of slutty, so I started with the Egg Lady's B-block history, then was looking for famous porn stars, either from Baltimore or Russia. Surprisingly, for all of the folks out there willing to f*ck on camera, I couldn't find a thread to connect that ;-)

Schnapps...with Casey's ability to accept the here-and-now, that's a strong possibility. I still say it's leading to some semblance of handout.

This does seem to correlate Hammar Investments as Casey's new shell corp, though. Since Hammar's been suspended, he can't funnel credit/cash/debt the way he had anticipated. Another dead end in the rat maze.

Sprezzatura said...

*slurps some Washington State Riesling*

Forums ....

If it were not for the fact that the domain name I currently have registered is under my real name & hone address, I'd put the damn things up tonight, but I don't want Nigel or his buddies over at Camp Idiot to get their grubby little paws on that information.

Schnapps said...

Akubi, yes, I work in local government. :) I just tend not to really discuss it in public forums.

And I have 3 tabs open at the moment :>

Yes, I'm a little bored tonight :>

Aspeth said...

Yum, nice wine choice Sprezz. Great weather for that one. Oh HELL no do you want your real world associated with this trainwreck!

lol, Schnapps. Sounds like me today!

Okay, so on the user-friendly issue, which is better--the pop-up comments or the new page comments I currently have? They both kind of suck, but I'm getting a bit irritated with scrolling down to remember what I was going to say. Thoughts?

Schnapps said...

I find blogger's comment structure sort of annoying generally, especially the way it takes you to a different page to post a comment. But if you have to make a choice, the page comments are better. I find wordpress just has a better layout.

::drinks Summerhill Pinot Gris::

And I rarely remember what I'm going to say, so its all the same to me :)

Anonymous said...

First posting here, then Unca Rob's blog. Yeah, I'm kinda bored too... hehe:

Galina now wants a divorce
I'll be single again, in due course
Although she's my wife,
I've ruined her life,
Conclusively without remorse!

Akubi said...

Isn't it funny how many government workers are Haterz? Can't imagine why...
Ever since I started following the IAFF wreck, I've also suffered regular "giggle-fits" as well while reading the hater commentary. The coworkers lack a sense of humor so I just say "nothing important" or pretend I was coughing or something.
I have to confess that I rarely drink wine due to migraine issues, but I do like beer.

Akubi said...

Yet another good one, Benoit™ :). One suggestion: please don't waste your energy posting them on one of Nigel's stupid-ass blogs.

Aspeth said...

Had to take a jog for a bottle of wine. Had my heart set on an italian pinot grigio after wine talk on EN. Of course, they were out of the one that I wanted. So I stood in the aisle for ten minutes, staring at the shelves, as if I could will just one bottle to be there. Found an acceptable substitute, though. (damn fine pinot gris weather, also! YAY for Schnapps!)

Yes, blogger's comment pages are weird. And I've been half-assedly trying to get some semblance of organization to the thing. (Obviously, it's been a huge priority)

Wow. TwelveYears gets the original! Now we're talking! Although I'm still way partial to the crazy Aspeth's blog log limerick.

Akubi, can you imagine trying to explain the Saga of Casey Serin to coworkers?!? You'd have to just plant them in a chair in front of a monitor and come back to feed and water them.

Anonymous said...

eh, Nigel's a dope... "Lawnmower Man" and I totally shot him down on his post alleging that Haters made up 3% of Casey's audience. When he knows he's beat, he just doesn't reply and probably thinks to himself, "Stalemate!"

Like others, I think Nigel is way more involved with Casey than he lets on. Be it financially, or dare I say it, sexually, there's much more between them than what they present on the surface...

Schnapps said...

Akubi - its usually the tannins or the preservatives in the wine that cause migraines (unless you're me and then the yeast in champagne-style beverages will MAKE YOU EXTREMELY ILL SO THAT YOU WISH YOU WOULD DIE). Have you tried an organic white wine? Red wine is the catnip of the devil.

But beer is good too. We have a plethora of microbreweries here. I find beer makes me sort of stuffy and hits me harder than the organic white so I tend to stick with that.

And yes, there are a goodly number of government employees who are pissed off with Casey.

::sips Eherenfelzer::

Hey, we're almost out of the Pinot Gris!

Schnapps said...

Oh, and I did the 6 degrees on Akubi's blog.

Except it didn't take 6.


Aspeth said...

Nigel really does go into Cartman mode..."Screw you guys, I'm going home."

I've only been to his blog once, posted once, and he was so asstarded in his so-called logic and reasoning on that post that I never even went back to see how it played out.

Schnapps said...

I gave up on Nigel. He's so inconsistent in his posting.

I mean all of it is equally badly written, but the fluctuations in attitude make me wonder if he's not the guy inside the mental health facility in Utah.


Aspeth said...

Truly possible, Schnapps. They do appear to have an outpatient program.

Conversely, it could have something to do with Nigel having claimed advancedmd.wordpress at Technorati. To claim it, he would have to imbed code in the root directory. Or there's this parallel site, from June 20, 2006.

Oh, and technorati shows Nigel has also claimed idishnetwork.com/blog. It's all very random. But, I think that could be the mental health link. Nigel's doing some kind of marketing 101 for them, and he's in their offices servicing the account (?) Again, busy mortgage broker, my arse.

Akubi said...

Currently I'm drinking my multi-green kombucha, but I believe I have a beer somewhere unless one of my dogs drank it.

Sulfites are in the vast majority of wines and that is the main migraine issue.

BTW, Nigel is a sad POS and I'd like to see the enormous kombucha mushroom at the bottom of the pool of the house KC once "owned" land on his head like something in the blob.

I'm still puzzled about the the Rob Dawg sux site. Certainly seems to be predominantly Nigel-based, but did Fliptard participate in the PhotoShopping and layout?

Schnapps said...

Ooh, I am in awe of your skillz. :> Truly, I have no idea how to search blog logs. Or really do anything beyond google.

And Nucks 'n Ducks are into the first overtime. Le sigh.

Aspeth said...

I don't think I'd keep sharing my house with a liquor-stealing pet! (when I lived overseas, I had a parallel rule about tarantulas and other large spiders...as long as they stayed off the bed and the mozzie net surrounding it, we could fairly peacefully coexist) After all, good fences and all that. Same goes for that colony of yours!

Aspeth said...

Thank you, Schnapps. Hopefully there's enough wine in you to make OT less painful. Le sigh is making me giggle ;-)

Sprezzatura said...

I took a blog break for a couple of hours to spend some quality time cooking & eating dinner with The Spouse... sorry about that.

Blogger sux. It's free, relatively user-friendly, and you can be anonymous on it, but other than that it's for the birds. Google, sadly, does not seem interested in investing much cash in fixing the damn things up. Considering how many billions of dollars they are sitting on, you'd think they could throe a little cash at Blogger, but I guess they have other priorities.

Clearly you do this stuff for a living, Aspeth. I'm more on the biz / tech side than the design side, but if need be I can get a functioning website up. It wouldn't be too pretty, but it would work.

Schnapps said...

Yes, but the last series went 4 OTs in the first or second game. Am not willing to stay up to watch that much hockey and fearful that this game will go that long too.

2nd OT starting NOW.


Anonymous said...

About forums:

If there is any interest, I happen to have a good domain for the subject at hand ( www.fliptard.com , and no, I am not kidding ) that has registration information blocked.

The domain is unused, and I even have the ability to host it without incurring any additional expense.

If people are interested in real forums instead of fantasy forums, I can have something up over the weekend.

Aspeth said...

Sprezzie...how rude to pay attention to your real life! I echo your assessment of Blogger. But this is my first go-round at blogging, so it seemed like the appropriate platform to play in.

Clearly you do this stuff for a living

Eh?!? You mean this chic ultra-green that is burning my retinas is a display of my mad pro skills? Holy hell...I'm gonna get me some sweet passive income from consulting! lol... Sorry, Sprezz. I honestly have no idea what you mean there. Sounds like you'd blow me out of the water.

Aspeth said...


Anon...I think you'll get some takers. Guys, let me know what I can do to help.

Schnapps said...


Wordpress. Seriously. Kicks ass compared to blogger.

Aspeth said...

Schnapps, I do like the look of the WP blogs better. But at this stage, I'd like to actually make this page easier to use, versus shift the content over to another. Have read some nightmare stories on the blogger help boards, so I'm not looking forward to moving the content, for maybe a couple of months.

Sprezzatura said...

Aspeth -- seriously? I thought you did some kind of web work for a living and this was just a side blog for fun, but I must have misunderstood. My apologies.

Schnapps -- I find WordPress a little annoying, actually, but it is definitely better than Blogger.

Anon -- No offense, but how do we know you're not Nigel?

Anonymous said...

Aspeth, I can think of one thing that you could do to help that should be relatively easy -

Start a thread asking about interest in Fliptard forums.

You get enough traffic from EN types here that it should be an adequate way for me to gage interest. It would be all too easy for comments in this thread to be overlooked.

I want to find what the level of interest is before I make Fliptard live.

If I am going to do this, I want to do it right.

In addition to forums, I have been playing with the idea of creating a housing bubble blog with attitude. Housing news with sarcastic commentary, sections outlining failed flips in various bubble locations, maybe an "Ask a fliptard" section where people could write questions and they would be answered like Casey would answer them if he weren't too lazy to work. And, of course, forums. (I know of an open-source forum package that has a user interface like Delphi Forums ( www.delphiforums.com ) It is much friendlier than any of the standard phpBB stuff)

Really, there are a lot of possibilities.

Also, I owe you a response on your post about lowest common denominator laws. It has been a busy week, so I have neglected it. But I will be continuing our conversation this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sprezzatura, how do I know that you're not really Nigel?

OK, I'm just kidding. But it sounded far funnier when I thought about it than I probably does when you are reading it.

Does Aspeth have her email published on this page? (If not, a throwaway gmail or Yahoo account will suffice) I don't mind sending her an email from my real (non-free) email address. It's relatively easy to find information on me if you know who I am.

Aspeth said...

Sprezz...not at all. Rob Dawg is the only one I can think of off the top of my head. He mentioned doing something like that a couple of days ago.

Good catch on the potential troll, Sprezz. I'm getting sleepy, so I violated my own post topic about suspended disbelief.

Anon...gotta know I'm not aiding and abetting the swab. I'm sure you understand.

Sprezzatura said...

Aspeth can verify via my IP address that I am from California, not Utah.

And sprezzie.t@gmail.com is a working email address. Feel free to drop a line.

Anonymous said...

Aspeth, you have mail.

Akubi said...

K, I'm overly multi-tasking/watching/zoning and distracted, but did someone say FLIPTARD.com? I'll donate towards that cause. We collectively have created a new (future) entry in Webster's so the rights and domain should be officially trademarked by the Haterz beforr the NigScum does.

Anonymous said...

Sprezzie, I'm just kidding. I've been reading your posts at EN for a while, and I have no doubt that you are legit.

Like I said, the line sounded much funnier when I thought it than it did when you read it.

But for the record, IP addresses really don't mean much. I can, and regularly do, make my IP address appear from a lot of different places.

Aspeth now has mail from me that comes from a non-disposable email address.

Anonymous said...

Akubi, given the history of donations for forums, I really don't feel like going that route.

Also, I am fortunate that I make a comfortable living as a consultant. I really don't need to take donations.

If I do launch fliptard.com , I will put up advertising as a way to pay me a few shekels for my time and bandwidth costs. But having a beg-a-thon just isn't my style.

Aspeth said...

Anon...still no email. Try again?

Sprezzatura said...

Anon -- re IP addresses -- I hear you. I'm too lazy and not quite paranoid enough to install Tor though.

Anonymous said...

Aspeth, how odd. I just resent it. It may be worth checking your junkmail folder. The subject line of both emails is "Anon revealed"

Aspeth said...

I will say that I don't know how much the forums will really help this group. We go down a lot o' rabbit holes with our clever and wacky tangents. So on that note, I don't really care one way or the other about them.

But since so many of us are on blogger, it is a bit of a pain to read and post comments. The scrolling and the narrow, narrow fucking columns are really bad.

Ultimately, though, I feel like the forums are Rob Dawg's project. I don't know how far he is into them, but I do know he's been on Casey since the early days--back when I, for one, watched the sideshow, still believing that Casey Serin had to be an elaborate hoax.

I'm happy to help the haterz, er, Casey Serin Prognosticators, but that's just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

In addition to the poor format of Blogger software, the nature of commenting on blogs is simply cumbersome.

Conversations migrate from topic to topic, and finding anything after the fact becomes impossible. (i.e. you trying to find the audio files that Jean Val Jean posted on EN)

Again, if there is interest, I don't mind putting something up. But I don't want to commit time to something if there isn't interest.

Did you get either of my emails yet? I tried a test email from my real email account to a Yahoo account that I have, and it appeared just about instantly.

Aspeth said...

Anon...nope. Two emails from Sprezzie, none from you.

I have to say, I'm pretty surprised at the lack of an IAFF beg-a-thon tonight. The air seemed ripe with one.

Anonymous said...

I just C&Ped my email to my Gmail account and gave it another shot. I included a non-disposable account for you to confirm who I am.

Hopefully the 3rd time is the charm.

Aspeth said...

Heh. Don't know why but that one worked.

Anonymous said...

It may be something with my ISP. I've had problems in the past.

Try sending an email to the non-Gmail account I put at the top of the last email.

Schnapps said...

Heh. So someone (ratlab I think?) posts an analysis of Nigel's comments on his SLC real estate blog. And there are one or two comments maximum on his posts. Comment moderation is enabled so he can let through whatever he wants.

Today I checked it - on his last post, there are 14 comments. No moderation, just a captcha now.

I'll leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.

Aspeth said...

Evening, all. I've been out hiking all day, and am in desperate need of some grub. Absolutely beautiful day and local friends who knew some great trails and hidden spots.

Allrighty, let me get back to cooking some fish and veg and we'll get some fun stuff started :)

JohnDiddler said...

i'd love to hear nigel's censorship policy. it seems to shift rapidly and without much principle. I think actually it's a Petulance Policy. We've deconstructed him rather well at this point. That's got to burn.

Schnapps said...

Is that a request for a species 2759 post? :)

Sprezzatura said...

For those wondering, the beg-a-thon money and CD job money WAS gonna go for rent but somehow disappeared for some other needed expenses.


WTF is more important that NOT becoming homeless? Keeping your cellphone turned on?

Aspeth said...

John and Schnapps...Nigel Swaby crosses himself so frequently that nothing he says has any value.

@Sprezzie..."disappeared" pisses me off to no end.

Aspeth said...

Hey, all...this separate page comment format is really getting on my last nerve. I'm going to switch over to the pop-up model for a little while. Let me know if you have a problem with anything.

Anonymous said...

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