Casey Serin's Ridiculous "Live Chat"

Okay, so after a visit over to Rob Dawg at http://exurbannation.blogspot.com, I read some speculation that lazy ass Galina Serin has finally quit school and gotten a job. So with that, I decided to actually listen to Casey's idiotic podcast or whatever he's calling it.

Truth be told, it was either this or that hellacious Pussycat Dolls show. I'm one of those 'young entrepreneurs' who doesn't believe in paying eighty bucks a month for cable. (I also brew my own coffee, mix my own smoothies and can offer a veritable wealth of other such money-saving ideas. Hell! I should write a book about that, rent out hotel ballrooms and charge assloads of money to tell the lemmings about my gloriously simplified lifestyle!)

I mention that because, what a precious counterpoint to Casey Serin, who has just said that "life wouldn't be worth living" if he can't go to Starbucks. What a whinging little cunt.

This whole fiasco podcast had already started by the time TalkShoe finally decided that 1,000 fucking questions in my (fake) registration was enough. But the first revelation is that the Dallas house, the only property that Casey put any money into (cash back from another deal, of course) was most likely a jacked-up appraisal!

I'm not entirely surprised by this, but fucktard actually came out and said that the appraiser put the number at FUTURE value, valuing it as if the house stood AFTER Casey had done some remodeling flipper magic to it. I'm going to need someone from Texas to chime in here, but I'm going to stick my neck out here and assume that's NOT legal.

And if it is, I'm going to buy a duplex in Texas and tell the bank that I plan to put a 40-story condo building on it.

Secondly, Casey admits that he has income. NOTE TO CASEY SERIN CREDITORS: CASEY SERIN IS CLAIMING TO HAVE INCOME. I've been speculating all along that his "hardship" letters to the banks where he claimed to have no income was another bullshit fraud.

Like the weasly little fuck that he is, he can't even commit to making ONE fucking payment to Cash Call. According to the sleuths over at ExUrbanNation, he's apparantly taken out additional loans in his wife Galina and his father Aleksey's names as well.

He goes on to say that someone currently owes him $5,000. There's a veeery long pause after he let that one go. He won't say what that might be for, and starts to get a bit stumbly as he wishes that moment never happened.

As for Galina's job, it's another hoax. Casey is looking to "bring her on board" and she's cooking his books, oops, "overseeing his financials" in preparation for tax season. Why won't they just die already?!?

Casey actually sounds surprised when several callers are explainig to him that, regardless of how much he claims to owe, that he owes on everything he's signed off on. And he's really surprised that people think he's a fucktard for doing things like going on vacations, going out to eat every week, going to Starbucks and Jamba Juice.

Now he's droning on about how he has some sort of dodgy ass money partner and they are continuing to shop for real estate deals in Utah. Money partner is adamant about not being named...no shit. Together, they are working on "helping" others with their deals. CAN ANYONE SAY RICO ?!?!!?

Suze Orman is going to be the next so-called money guru who goes down in the flames with Rober Kiyosaki. She's going to allow fucktard to be on her show. But apparantly she doesn't want Casey cooties...she's only allowing him to be a call-in, not an actual guest.

Closing things up, Casey wants to jump the shark and talks about his new business idea of turning his dumbass site into an actual resource for people going through foreclosure. WHY?!?! What could be possibly offer to people in foreclosure?!?! He's the poster boy for doing abso-fucking-lutely everything wrong.

Fuck, I need a drink.

Ooooh...I went to go close the talkshoe pages out, and WTF, Casey's back. Guess he juiced up his prepaid cell with some more minutes!

Someone right now is giving Sercasey a ration of shit over buying eight houses at once, and for not putting any sweat equity of his own into them. He is apparantly, and I quote, "too busy with other things" to do that.

I think Casey Serin just shit himself a little when his next caller was "Walt CashCall". For a second Sercasey actually freezes, no doubt with his finger on the button, waiting for Walt to come through the phone and demand a Cash Call repayment.

Now we're on to an actual topic...confirmation that Galina quit school. According to Casey "not because we couldn't afford it" WHAT?!?! You can't afford to BREATHE right now. Will she get a refund on tuition? No, and it hasn't even occurred to them to ask.

Apparantly, according to Casey Serin, getting highlights is something you "just have to do", particularly when you "want to change your appearance." Good to know, for the law enforcement folks.

Next up, Casey is justifying not paying his debts because he's better off taking that money and doing something that makes money. Just what the holy hell might that be? OMG...now he's a "75% success".......at taking out the trash for sister-in-law Yulia.

Fuck, we're on wheatgrass now. You know, this has to be said--for those of you who have pets, you know when you're standing in line at PetSmart or whatever and those endcap displays are sitting there full of "pet grass"??? THAT'S WHEATGRASS. I pick up a tray of it every couple of weeks at the farmers market for the cat. And I pretty much avoid sharing foodstuffs with the cat.

Casey is surprised by the level of hate out there. Caller is correcting him on the difference between "critics" and "haters". Good for her. He's getting defensive about his work ethic and saying that he is apparantly making money by doing "consulting work." ONCE AGAIN--TO CASEY SERIN'S CREDITORS: CASEY SERIN IS MAKING MONEY. Doesn't it fucking suck that he won't even send you ten bucks?!?!?!

Casey Serin is completely missing the point that most people who start their own companies do that with income they glean from a full-time job. He's "considering" getting a job, but first and foremost is looking to "stay flexible."

Oh FUCK...He's justifying buying at the top of the market, and saying that it's possible to make money in a down market. Sure it is....if you FUCKING KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!

According to Casey Serin, the idea that he's stressed out right now is enough repayment to both his creditors and society. He doesn't think he should go to jail, doesn't think he should repay his creditors. He's planning on filing bankruptcy to get out of the remainig debt.

He's really fucking frustrated with this caller because she's pointing out that other people in the same situation are living on the cheap. He seriously think it's some kind of myth that someone could live off of Top Ramen for six months.

Let me say this again....Casey Serin thinks that because he's experiencing a little grown-up life stress right now that this is the only reparation he needs to make.

I'm not even remotely surprised that this is his attitude. Nor am I surprised that he just hung up on that caller because she was getting under his skin. Cut and run, Casey Serin....it's what you do, isn't it?

As a postscript to all of this, I should tell you all that MUCH hilarity ensued over at ExUrbanNation while this chat was going off. Rob Dawg's traffic went through the roof, thanks to the awesome collection of cynics he's amassed over there. Rob, congrats on turning over 120,000 on the odometer over there!!!

I was straddling this blog and his site, going back and forth making snarky comments on both. I have to say, I really like the EN folks. They're fucking good people, smart as hell, and really, really funny.

It's a bit sad to admit that tonight was the most fun I've had in weeks, thanks largely to "T" and her incredible Casey Serin manipulation. She handled him like a pro, and when he couldn't take it anymore, he hung up on her. I forgot to mention earlier that T was just getting around to pressing him on his good Christian values, and wouldn't that be enough of a basis to man-up and pay his debts?

That really fucking freaked Casey out. T, my hat goes off. To manipulate such a manipulator gives me a great deal of respect for you, tinged with a healthy dose of fear. And I'm pretty sure that's just how it should be!


Anonymous said...

The clear highlight was Tracy's badgering Gaysey with the last call of the night. He ultimately got so flustered I'm betting he purposely hung up on her.

On another note, how about you change this blog's name to "OneYearOfBeingAnnoyedByCaseySerin"?? heh, Chloe Sevigny and Gaysey have the same initials! :-)

Aspeth said...

Hi Benoit! Good to see you! No doubt that she took the blue ribbon. It was great to see Casey's manufactured shitcast go down in flames like that. I'm completely sure he hung up on her. Technical difficulties, my ass.

LOL at blog name change. The funny thing is, I really don't give a proverbial rat's ass about either one of them.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I've had too many beers for the absurd, but I love you guys.

Aspeth said...

Yay!!! Akubi and Benoit in the same night!!! What fun!!!

No worries, Akubi. To honor T, I've shifted into the powerful homemade sangria in the fridge. I should be making dangerously friendly, un-cynical, un-Aspeth-like comments any minute now.

Aspeth said...

Back at Benoit...now that I think about it, I used "annoyedbycaseyserin" as my flickr account to post some appropriately fuck-filled vitriol about that trip to the mountains. As someone at EN pointed out, he promptly removed the photos.

T said...

Because you're so badass, I will totally allow myself to be your girl crush. I shall wear the badge with honor.


(Shit, the kid's out of the shower now... it's totally time to log off and give him a turn. G'night for real this time!)

Aspeth said...

LOL...Like I said a million times over at EN, you seriously rock my world, T. That was absolutely fucking hysterical.

May your kid grow up to appreciate your cleverness and wit the way we have had the chance to tonight.

(See Akubi, I told you it was going to happen)

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad I saved some REALLY GREAT POT for the fraudcast. (not a drinker) My side hurts from laughing.

Chloe....I especially loved your cliff note version of T's call. My 20 year-old daughter could not listen, because she has a loser night job and attends loser college. So I will steer her to your post for the condensed version. Wish I had you in English class the night before I hadn't read the novel I was assigned. :)

T...you rock! Fabulous adlib on your part. You never dropped a hint where you were going. You represented us well, my friend. Intelligent, funny, and someone I would want to share a beer (or a bud) with. Salute!

Aspeth said...

YAY!!! Leigh too! It's a total four-fer tonight!!!

Leigh, my face actually hurts from laughing so hard tonight. Unfortunately, I was the kid in college that you could call for the novel synopsis. Strangely, I'm a little embarassed about that.

But here's a little insight / revelation...I'm a lifelong prep school kid. I'll admit that I had a pretty soft life. Then the acceptance letter from an Ivy League came in the mail, and the 'rents sat me down to explain that I was on the hook for paying for college. Fifteen years of private schools later, they felt like their job was done. Welcome to adulthood....like a WASPy bat mitzvah.

Since I was 17 when I graduated, i realized that that was a lot of money to spend (that I didn't have anyway) for someone who had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. I took a year off, worked three jobs, lived in a "laverne and shirley" basement apartment and squirreled away every dirty penny. It would literally be years before I owned a television.

I started school the next year and continued to work 2 full-time jobs to pay tuition (couldn't qualify for loans as you have to claim the parents until you're 26) Because of my AP credits, I started uni as a second-year.

Three years later, I graduated with a dual degree. My final year, I did 24 hours per semester (and scored a nasty pneumonia by christmas break.) So I guess that's why I don't understand Casey Serin. And I know the rest of you "haters" have similar life experiences of just pushing through and actually getting things done.

In my book, your daughter (what little I know of her) is a far better human being than Casey Serin. And she will be far more able to handle adversity, and by extension, success, than fucktard.

Anonymous said...

Hey... stumbled upon your blog via Technorati... just wanted to say it's great (particularly loved the post about the "barbie bandits") and keep up the great blogging!


Miguel said...

And here are the transcripts of T's Casey smackdown:







Dolph said...

First off, nobody and I mean NOBODY owes this guy a dime. I.do.not.believe.one.word.of.it. Would it not be funny if he got stiffed by the person owing him $5K? I bet he'd whine to the heavens if that happened. I'd fall over myself laughing at the irony!

As for some other points of interest:

His marriage has to be in trouble. She quit college to work?

Where are all the supporters he claims to have? Why didn't they call in?

The money guy doesn't want to be exposed? Why do business with Casey at all? What does he REALLY bring to the table?

T got Casey to talk about his meeting with Nigel. Interesting how Nigel says it was only a casual way to put a face to a name but it appears to be more than that. Casey admitted the meeting was about "possibilities for the future." So who is right here? Possibilities for the future sounds more serious than casual meeting over a Macaroni Grill meal and those awful wheat shots.

Anonymous said...

Great recap. K is such a little twit and everything that comes out of his mouth is crap. I've posted multiple comments questioning his moral obligation to at least maintain the properties and he's never even acknoweldged to questions. WWJD?

Aspeth said...

Someone left a link to Nigel's weird ass don't hate casey site and I accidentally clicked on it, incorrectly assuming it was something interesting...It was fucking ridiculous, so I left this comment....surely it won't remain active for long:

Some very basic elements of this discussion seem to be eluding you. To back out an argument with an economist by shrugging and saying "macro vs. micro are two totally different things" is like diverting a conversation with an artist by saying "well of course red is different from blue!"

Further, a Ponzi scheme does make money...until you reach the higher echelons, and the 'robbing peter to pay paul' theory is no longer viable.

"Lenders and credit card companies need people to default to lower their tax liabilities. That’s one of the big reasons it’s allowed to happen. Don’t be a "playa hater." Hate the game."

Well, by God, according to that well-conceived argument, Casey did the banks, the government, and the taxpayers a huge favor!

I can't get past the idea that you just gave some 7th-grade hip hop answer to a valid economic discussion. When I perused the next paragraph and glean that Casey should somehow be given a wider berth for speaking English, I know it's time to go.

I speak six languages fluently, four of which I learned after the age of 17. I still know not to lie, cheat, and steal...in any nation, in any tongue.

Aspeth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aspeth said...

Hey Miguel...Nicely done! thanks for posting that!!!

Dolph...I agree. Even funnier would be if the phantom $5k was sent into Countrywide, Cashcall, Wells Fargo, et al.

Yes, Casey made it sound like he and Nigel are at least casually doing some sort of business together.

It confounds me how anyone in finance would allow themselves to be associated with Casey. And if you look at the above posts about what I said on Nigel's blog, I think his bosses and his regulators should be *terrified* that, as a 'financial professional' he inherently believes that the banks need someone to steal from them.

Maybe that should be a new question on the Utah mortgage brokers' exam.

Anonymous said...

While not getting anywhere with my code and surviving my post-beers –for-the absurd excesses last night, I came across your Nigel comment earlier today and was quite impressed. 6 foreign languages?! Damn, I can barely manage one. My brain bends in so many directions it’s a miracle it functions at all. Do you live in California?

Aspeth said...

Hey Akubi...tell me about it. I was fucking useless today. Two glasses of knock-you-on-your-ass sangria left me with a mild hangover today. In the spirit of Casey Serin, I blame all you haters.

Yep, I'm a CA girl. You too?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, baby!
Northern, Southern or In Medias Res? Sangria is pretty hardcore (stomach and migraine-wise); don't know how you do it and still write so well. I'm generally so fatigued, a couple of beers and I'm ready for bed.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Stephanie J. wants me in her passenger seat any longer...
Anyway, Aspeth, I completely identified with your description of the shithead parents who wipe their hands of the whole thing once one has been accepted to the perfect U. Also paid my way through everything while they continue (to this day) to waste money on consuming crap. There's no way I could have possibly paid for a private education though. All I can say is it sounds like you're parents were as f-ed up as mine. I feel your pain. AND THE ANGER OVER THE SNOWFLAKE SHIT...

Aspeth said...

Akubi, what did you do to Stephanie J?!?!
To answer your questions, Southern Cal, and yes, I did still go to private uni. I didn't get to attend my beloved Ivy, or even a 7 sisters. After all of the work, I'll admit, that was kind of heart breaking. And, yeah, it would have been far better if The Talk had come a year earlier, when I was poring over application essays, but that's Life--it's topsy, it's turvey, it's never quite what you expect. Note to Casey Serin: You pick yourself up, you adjust your plans, you move forward. We call this "resilience"

Anonymous said...

Hi Aspeth,
Regarding SJ, nothing in the least (that I can recall), but I suspect she has been overwhelmed with attention and can’t keep up with the email.
Anyway, great blog. Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Happy now. Posting this here too...

At 1:27 PM, Casey Fannnnn said...
Thanx, everybody. Feel free to pass the MP3 around the web and host it anywhere. Make sure to credit it to "some guy".

Here's another link:

Miguel said...

You have got to listen to the MP3 - it's a work of total genius.

It's even funnier if you've listened to the entire original chat.

Aspeth said...

Hey guys, has someone put up a copy of the chat somewhere besides TalkShoe?

Dimes said...

You've probably found it by now but if not, the whole thing is found at http://files-upload.com/140154/FacingForeclosureLiveCall21-March-2007-T.mp3.html

Dimes said...

Oh crap. Try that instead
If it doesn't work, go to my page and it's on the "casey serin podcast" post.

I'm Confused... Maybe said...

"I'm going to need someone from Texas to chime in here, but I'm going to stick my neck out here and assume that's NOT legal."

The Texas Real Estate Commission is made up of lawyers, and they don't play nice. That's why the Dallas foreclosure went so fast. Casey is going to wish he never messed with Texas...

Anonymous said...

don't call Casey a "cunt".

Cunts are lovely fine things.

Aspeth said...

@Just Me....I just saw your post. Yes, I'd have to agree that Texans won't tolerate the kind of horse trading that Casey Serin initiated. Even non-Texans know that Texas judges are hanging judges.

@Anonymous 3:04.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

wikipedia has the following reference to a letter to FBI director Mueller