New Layout!

After all of that green, I had to go to the other end of the color spectrum. I'm far from thrilled with the overall look, but at least at this point, the blog should be fully functional. While there are still some things that need to be worked out, I do hope it will be a lot more user friendly!

A tip: By clicking the post title, you should be able to see all comments for that particular post. To post a comment, we've got the pop-up version. I've never noticed a problem with using it with pop-up blocker, but just a heads-up none the less.

Anyway, I've been doing this all night and am completely knackered. Have to sleep now. Hopefully any amazing news or fun stories will hold off until I awake!


Schnapps said...

Knackered? :) Is that prep-school speak? :)

Two suggestions: larger font! The 10 point times is really hard to read - if you want it small try a sans serif font.

Also, maybe more than one post on the main page? :)

Sprezzatura said...

Agreed -- larger font, pls.

Otherwise, so far so good!

Aspeth said...

Schnapps, it's not nice to mock the sleep-deprived :)

Larger font, done.

Schnapps said...

Its not nice, but it is fun :)

Of course, mocking Casey is even more fun. Like his mad skillz today that took his site down for a bit. :>

Schnapps said...

Oh and one more thing (because I am high-maintenance) - you might want to change the text colour or background colour in your archives bar on the left. The lettering is a hard to read, even when you mouse over it :>

Aspeth said...

lol...actually, I'm surprised that I didn't do the same thing here, what with some of the stuff I'm trying to force this page to do, very much against its will.

No, that's not high-maintenance at all...duly noted. Am trying to break up the monotony of the overall page, but don't want to sacriface functionality. I'll get on it.

Aspeth said...

Hi all...Thanks for tolerating the format changes while I try to eke this out.

I've been crunching code to work out all the hinky little fuckups in this version, and I really think you're going to like what you see. (For the record, it will look nothing like what you're seeing right now, thank goodness.)

Since this is relatively foreign to me, I could very well blow the whole thing up in transition. In other words, it's either going to look great, or won't be online at all. I think there are folks out there who would cheer either way :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Please don't be a "hater" to me after you read this.

I really liked the green, but you should ignore my opinion completely. I am an old woman who is not fond of change. If you change it again, I will tell you how much I liked the yellow. So, you gain nothing valuable from my post at all. :)

Otherwise, I really like the multiple posts on each page, and the weekly log of new topics. Helps me out a lot when I cannot get to my blog-reading for a few days. I also like the new pic. Very Springy! I prefer your new pic, but will tell you my goth 17 year-old really liked your old one. So there you go.

Just really wanted you to know I was lurking. Just been working a lot, and so angry at fucktard that I have not been feeling "commentaritive".
(OMG--I invented a word.) But, the Serin Primer is really great. I send all my new people who do not know about him there FIRST. Like having Cliff Notes. I have to ease them in to ExUrban. I compare it to the stages of becoming a Catholic.

To sum up....I don't care what it looks like, JUST KEEP WRITING!


Sprezzatura said...

The best way to learn is by plugging away at code until it starts looking the way you want it to and you understand why it looks the way it looks.

So keep on picking at it until you're happy. It's your blog, after all. We're just bystanders. :)

Aspeth said...

Hi Leigh! I was just thinking that it had been a little while since I'd heard from you :) Sorry things have been hectic, but glad to know I can amuse you in your downtime!

Glad the Casey Serin Primer has been helpful. I agree that folks need some background before the go to EN. I had to stay away for a couple of days because there were too many basic questions slowing down the snark.

I like my witty repartee to keep a certain pace, you know...

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