Were There Other Online Scams?

Casey Serin has continuously purported to be a real estate investor. But his saved files show a much stronger inclination toward making money online. Casey Serin’s Earth Mission Blog only dates back to Jan 2006, but his interest looks like it goes back to June 10, 2005 with his discovery of ProBlogger: Helping Bloggers Earn Money!

Casey Serin’s interests, not surprisingly, then take a turn toward learning about SEO, web marketing and shiny tech toys. How to Blog for Fun and Profit and How to Make a Million Dollars becomes the new favorite pastime. He also saves blogs he wishes to emulate, such as this one.

There are numerous saved sites for e-commerse (sic) solutions. At this point, we can only wonder if Casey Serin succeeded in ever establishing any online commerce schemes. While only he may know that for now, we can at least surmise that he might have gotten lucky here.

Keeping up with Casey Serin’s reading list can sometimes be frightening. As for this save, I can’t tell if he decided to follow the story to again point out how much worse he himself could have been, or if this item
set a new personal bar in terms of potentially criminal behavior.

Speaking of criminal behavior, Casey Serin started watching the ongoing stories at the Mortgage Fraud Blog and C. Robert Simpson’s company (he of the great Scotsman Guide article) around the same time. Simultaneously, young Casey Serin started lining up attorneys as well.

(Hmmm…do you think that, along with the advice to not detail your crimes online, that an attorney further advise you don’t keep an electronic trail to his door?)

But the original attorney may have been too pricey for the likes of Casey Serin. Either that, or Casey’s bottom-feeding extends to his sources for legal information. Legal information also turns up this interesting link.

But Casey Serin has many, as they say, friends in low places. In his “friends” folder, we find some sort of questionable “internet consultant” scheme. Then there’s the one who buys pre-foreclosure homes, but apparently even he didn’t want anything to do with Casey Serin’s ramshackle properties.

As you might imagine, there are hundreds of various pages saved for brokers, real estate clubs and other myriad opportunities. It’s not a great surprise that a good chunk of those links no longer work. In fact, one such entity, “Test My Loan” takes a prime spot in the Rip-Off Report. My goodness, Casey Serin is racking up a lot of ties to that website!

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flailing forward said...

Casey doesn't have the drive to pull off an online scam. He would have had to team up with someone else who would have been the brains behind the operation (RESCOM comes to mind.) The one phrase that characterizes all of Casey's scams that we've seen is "half-assed." He's got the morals of a scammer, but he doesn't have the hustle to be successful at it.

Aspeth said...

That much is true. A while back, T wanted me to downgrade Casey from con artist to con finger-painter. Even the cons, it seems, are supposed to be passive.

At the same time, I could see him replicating the Rescom scam in some way...posting some sort of bogus credentials or such in exchange for a fee.

I'm just amused that so much of what's in those folders has played out, complete with the beg-a-thon.

flailing forward said...

You've got to respect the Hammer Blog though! Who wouldn't favorite that? Now if only Vanilla Ice would do the same...

Aspeth said...

Ha! I wonder if, when the sweet opportunity for Hammar Investments presented itself, that Casey thought it was a sign?

Anonymous said...



Aspeth said...

How funny is it that the troll started immediately following a google search of the name "Nigel Swaby" from a UT mental health facility?

Schnapps said...

Aw. Po' widdle twoll.

In any case, it doesn't change the fact that Casey is a knob who has no regard for others in his life.

And that would be why I fall into the "haterz" category.

Oh and Benoit, your idea on mailing Casey a nickle wrapped in layers of tape? I think I have a blog-crush on you now. :)

Anonymous said...

heh, I was just thinking of a way to have Casey work to earn money, and the first thing that came to mind was pulling tape off of nickels. Tightly rolled tape can sometimes be a pain to pull off, and you know Casey wouldn't just throw the coin out. Ahh, he'd probably "outsource" the job to Galina and then blog that she's good at taking orders ;-)

As far as the blog-crush, ::smooches:: <3 ;-)

Schnapps said...

Outsourcing! Sweet (tm)! Win-win (tm)!

And Benoit, you're making me blush :>

Akubi said...

Where have you been? Hopefully, you're not wasting time on one of those looser W2 jobs;).