Will Yulia Stick to Her Deadbeat Deadline?

The blogosphere is pulling for long-suffering Yulia Suprun, the sister-in-law who has been housing and feeding her deadbeat brother-in-law Casey Serin and her sister Galina Serin.

Per Sercasey, Yulia dropped the bomb that he's going to have to come up with the two months' missing back rent and prepay an additional two months' in advance (via certified funds, no less) if he is to stay in her home.

Readers have speculated that he's known about his impending eviction for much longer than he's letting on. And after pondering that for a bit, I'm going to have to agree.

In fact, I think this was a part of the suspiciously well-timed V-dubs break-in. Can't you picture Yulia Suprun, in the course of delivering her ultimatum, telling idiot brother-in-law Casey Serin, "Well, you can live in your car, then."

That would explain some of the missing pieces. After all, shattering the car's window himself just might engender the needed sympathy that he needs from his soft-hearted sister-in-law (not to mention a few ducats in his pocket from pawning the 'stolen' goods). It would also explain how no one heard or saw anything, even though the houses on that street are clearly stacked on top of one another.

Yulia, if you're googling yourself, you've got to know the contempt that millions of people around the world feel for your brother. And we recognize that you've been trying to be the "good sister" and take care of Galina.

One reader remarked here that he had sent you two separate emails detailing Casey Serin's felonious undertakings. I cannot imagine what it would be like to receive such an email, particularly when it concerns someone who married your little sister. Are your parents aware of this? Should you make them aware?

The intern-nets are backing Yulia Suprun on this one. Certainly, if she succeeds in evicting Casey Serin from her home, she'll be the first person in a long time that won't allow Casey Serin to pull another cheap con.

So will Yulia stick to her deadline? Will Casey Serin be homeless tonight?


Akubi said...


Akubi said...

I never get Murst! on ExUrb so I just had to do it here. BTW, I don't think she'll stick to the deadline.

Greg said...

My car was broken into the same way and no one saw or heard anything. That's just the way things go. There are people who drive through neighborhoods and do that fairly efficiently. Some even saw off catalytic converters ( to sell the metal) in broad daylight, and are good at getting away undetected. Criminals tend to be good at that stuff.

Not that I'm defending Casey whatsoever. I just know it does happen, and I have to buy a new window and CD player myself. At least my neighbor noticed my window was smashed and let me know.

Sprezzatura said...

I really don't know where Casey will be tonight. I'm content to wait and see.

Aspeth said...

Greg...good point. I don't have a lot of experience on this topic, so I defer to everyone else's knowledge. That's just insane that someone would go so far as to saw parts off the engine!

Sprezzatura...I'm having a hard time working myself up about it, either. But I do have to reiterate that I think Yulia is a long-suffering victim of Sercasey, and I'm really hoping that she's able to get the parasite out of her house.

Casey Serin said...

Aspeth™ wrote: Yulia, if you're googling yourself

OK, I can't resist... Galina won't let me sleep with her anymore, so each night, I resort to googling myself while thinking of Nigel... There, I admit it. I google myself, OK? Doesn't everyone? Sheesh!! ;-)

Aspeth said...

CS...I knew someone was going to say it...

Dimes said...

I don't think she'll kick him out, because he'll find some way to con her. But she should.

Anonymous said...

I just took the liberty of signing up Yulia to Casey's "mailing list" thingy he's got on his homepage. Now let me go find his mom's e-mail address... (wicked grin) ;-)

Sprezzatura said...

I had a somewhat crappy day overall, but even so, it probably wasn't as bad as Casey's.

Nigel Loves Nigel said...

Nigel thinks not.

Swaby OUT!

ratlab said...

Googling, is that what Quagmire does in every episode of Family Guy? ;)

Anonymous said...

So I guess we all know what is in the never-left-behind murse, now:

I'd guess it's a .38 special and $258,312.79 of ill-gotten proceeds, hmmm?

That's enough for you to keep the fun blog story going and as Galina says, "pull money out of your butt" for a long time further.

BTW, I could care less if you mod this post, because it is also going to be cross posted to every Casey Haterz™ site anyway, so you posting it and also replying to it here is probably your best bet. But you never take good advice anyway, so you likely will ignore that , too.

I sure hope a Russian friend doesn't decide that they are a bit hungrier, low key, and more physical than you, and go for the murse.

ASW: craziness, indeed!

Aspeth said...

I don't think we've even begun to recognize the definition of "bad day" when it comes to Casey Serin.

I need to do some editing and linking, but trust me when I say, I've got an abso-fucking-lutely crazy Casey Serin story for you.

Schnapps said...

Ooh, that last entry of Casey's was funny :) Takes off to Tahoe again. Because running away from your problems ALWAYS work, you know.

But! I have a question!

How is borrowing money to pay your rent "all caught up"? I've done that ONCE and that was when I was off work because I blew out my knee, and worker's compensation was sitting on my case. Paid it back right when I got back to work.


Sprezzatura said...

I am starting to think that Casey does not actually grok that borrowed money is really, really hard to pay back. He seems to think he can keep shuffling debt around until the mythical 'big payday' when it all magically vanishes.