What Could Social Bookmarking Reveal About Casey Serin?

Wow. WOW. Okay, kitty kats....we’ve all suspected for a while that Casey Serin is crazy. But “crazy” doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. As it turns out, Casey Serin is one cracked fucking nut.

I stumbled across a list of favorite websites that Casey Serin saved. At first glance, it reflects the same Casey Serin that we have seen over at IAFF for the past eight months: obsessed with quick and easy money, shiny objects, and all-around shady shit.

The first thing that strikes me is that the scope of Casey Serin’s frauds and schemes could have potentially stretched much further. The mortgage broker who unearthed the Earth Mission blog and stopped Casey Serin in his tracks should certainly get some recognition.

From Casey Serin’s saved links, we can see that he showed an interest in developing quite a long arm in real estate. He was searching commercial properties and mobile homes
alike. He seemed to be investigating real estate in Boulder, while Austin gets a few saved links.

Durham must have looked good, as did Raleigh. Then there was Los Angeles and La Quinta, Palm Springs and Rochester.

Phoenix, Portland and San Francisco were all on the research list. Then our little real estate mogul investigated preconstruction resort properties and luxury vacation homes, both in the U.S. and abroad.

In a ghastly example of irony, we find that Casey Serin was also looking into the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund for some sweet deals.

On a strange sidenote (that might become more clear as the story progresses) while Casey Serin investigated properties in Albuquerque, he felt compelled to include a church in that particular folder.

Another observation reveals precisely why Casey Serin’s properties fell to foreclosure. Out of his many saved websites, some fifty are for guru training, nearly 300 are blog or blog marketing related, two hundred or so are various real estate schemes/investment clubs, fifteen for travel, and only three relate to construction.

Of the construction links, one is the “Rein Club Pre-Launch Party” for the Ivana Tower in “Los Vegas” (sic). Like many of Casey Serin’s own hopes and dreams, the tower has since been cancelled.

Serin’s other saved construction-related sites don’t reveal anything such as “how to fix a leaky faucet,” as you might expect from a young go-getter who is looking to strike it rich in fix-and-flip properties. Rather, they are links to search contractors’ licenses.

As early as January 2006, Casey Serin was saving articles on the ka-“boom” cycle of real estate. Apparently this was good enough to save, but not good enough to heed the warnings.

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Anonymous said...

Nigel sees that Nigel has been here. Anytime a hater posts something that dumb Nigel's brain asks...hmmm, what is this person so upset for?

Nigel's best guess is that this anonymous poster is mad you have found some truth and are willing to discuss it. Nigel finds that interesting.

Swaby OUT!

Akubi said...

Did your logs provide any interesting info about anon 10:44?

Anonymous said...

Damn, with the "As it turns out, Casey Serin is one cracked fucking nut" quotation, I thought you'd uncovered actual evidence of Gaysey being an inpatient at a psychiatric institution...

... or maybe you're saving that for the next post? :-)

Sprezzatura said...

this was his del.icio.us site, right? There was all kinds of crazy stuff there, conspiracy theory sites, bogus health info, the works.

Aspeth said...

Sprezzie...yes. I had it in an old bookmark and had completely forgotten about it. When I went back, I was shocked all over again at what a complete fucking nutter he is. And, feeling particularly snarky today, decided to tie it together.

benoit...what do you think is in tahoe?!?

akubi... :)

Sprezzatura said...

aspeth -- has he been updating it or does it still stop sometime in December?

Aspeth said...

same troll, multiple posts, now it's time to delete.

Aspeth said...

sprezz...shite, I haven't sifted far ahead. There are like a thousand links in there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nigel or one of Casey's 5 supporters, two simple words for you mr./mrs. anonymous asswipe:

Fuck you.

Aspeth is smarter than you ever could be.

Anonymous said...


Cry us a river looser. Not everyone can be an award winning blogger.

Sprezzatura said...

**** off, troll.

flailing forward said...

Hey P, STFU and go back to fucking socks.

Aspeth has a PhD in smartassitude.

Anonymous said...

Flailing -

Go fuck your avatar!

flailing forward said...

Hey now, why you gotta go there? I'm all for name-calling, but NigelSex is over the line. And overrated. Just ask the Case Man.

Anonymous said...

where can i see this collection of links?

very interesting stuff.,

Anonymous said...

Hey P/Nigel,

Thanks for verifying it's you. Why so touchy? Afraid Aspeth will dig something up on you next?

Anonymous said...

But Flailing, how do you know P isn't Nigel? He more or less admitted so to the first anonymous poster.

So P, are you telling Flailing to go fuck you?

Sprezzatura said...

Trolls just get angrier and more abusive the more you "feed" them. Just ignore him/her/it.

Anonymous said...

RE: Casey Serin:

Some similarly business-minded folks from the old country also run into tough times, due to their own innovative ideas for creating wealth, just like Casey:

Uzbekistani immigrants await discussion of entrepreneurial methods

Aspeth said...

what's that, soemdood? a gypsy sting?