Casey Serin Saved?

So Casey Serin managed to beg the rent money to pay to Yulia. How disappointing for her. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking it came from his parents, who seem in no hurry to have his neverending foreclosure story move in with them.

To celebrate, he's off to Lake Tahoe. Tells Galina he needs to "get back to nature," but follows that by saying that he'll spend the time catching up on emails and moderating blog comments. Ha!

Casey Serin doesn't want the Haterz to pick on him for spending money on a trip, and convinces us he's staying cheap. Hell, when he first brought up Tahoe and all the glorious fucking nature, I assumed he was camping. Stupid me.

"I will share needs and provide a way for people to participate. It will be fun and profitable for everyone involved."

Oh, fuck. Everybody hold on to your wallets.

Let me warn you to not drain all of your hate on this particular item. I have to do some serious editing, but I've got some blog posts coming up today that will blow Casey's paltry revelation to shame. Trust me...this will be colorful.


Schnapps said...

Ooh, cannot wait. Your posts are always so bang on. :)

The boy is, well, lacking in some fundamental way. I think the money came from his parents too, but again, I'm not sure how much they actually know.

Quite honestly, if I were Yulia, I would have added a caveat that he had to EARN THE MONEY HIMSELF. No loans. Or buh-bye.

Of course, I'm enough of a bitch to do that :>

Aspeth said...

Hi Schnapps...sorry it took so long. The server is being a bit of a bitch this morning. Have had all kinds of problems trying to post.

Sprezzatura said...

**** Casey and the vdubs he rode in on. really, I just want to kick him in his scrawy butt.