Scripts and Finances

While Casey Serin was blogging about his desire to repay “every dirty penny,” his saved web links betray him. In fact, on September 23, 2006, he started a folder called “bankruptcy.”

A few days later, he finds a perfect source for his “liar loans” schtick The same day, he finds another source he tags “blog it,” seemingly in an attempt to show the world, “See! I’m not *this* bad!”

In a separate folder, we see that Casey Serin was composing both his messaging for potential home buyers as well as the script for his scammail that would go out to attract “private real estate investors.”

We also see the beginning of the idiotic and illegal raffle idea for the New Mexico house. And the early days of a Nevada corporation along with what promises to be a six-figure line of credit with no income documentation.

This would be important, since Casey Serin had a decent sized folder that focused on repairing bad credit. And in case that didn’t work, there’s always alternative sources for credit cards

While researching his various borrowing options, Casey Serin does indeed bookmark Prosper. Proving that he has a lengthy history of being strapped for cash, notorious lender CashCall is also bookmarked--as early as December of 2005.

And drawing into question, yet again, whether or not Casey Serin ever intended to repay his debts, he also saved a handy article that promises to “Reveal the Secrets of the Collections Industry.”

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Anonymous said...

Casey's not in a psychiatric facility in Tahoe... he certainly wouldn't have access to a computer and permission to blog while there.

(If you were just kidding around, ignore what I just said :-] ).

I wouldn't rule out his being in some facility in the past, although that'd be nearly impossible to find out due to confidentiality and whatnot.

Someone who lives in SacTown should just hide a GPS transponder on the Jetta. Then Casey could be tracked from the comfort of our own homes ;-)

Sprezzatura said...

Sweet™ idea there, Benoit!