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After a long flight, and an even longer customs line, I'm back in the States. While I catch up on work and any interesting tidbits in blogosphere that I may have missed, I'm going back to where I left off with Casey Serin's scary ass del.icio.us links. Here are the remaining (read: already written) posts on that...

This is part of a multiple post. Click here to read the first, What Could Social Bookmarking Reveal About Casey Serin?

Casey Serin’s saved “favorites” date back to 2005, and paint a much more macro picture of him than he would like the world to see. One such revelation is that, while his online beg-a-thon wouldn’t occur until March of 2007, Casey Serin was researching “panhandling” five months earlier in October.

True to the early days of his Ponzi schemes, that same link is cross-referenced as a “business idea.” Yes. To Casey Serin, panhandling equates business idea. Sadly, it still makes more sense than the folder labeled “homeless” which began in March of 2006

Casey Serin’s “business ideas” run the gamut, and are all nonsensical at best. There is the hilariously funny idea of content writing and pay-per-post blogging (in a folder appropriately labeled “moneytize.”) We also see that Casey wanted to show off his writing skills, as evidenced in his “media” folder.

Then there is some crazed thing about “naming your baby’s destiny.” From t-shirts to wacky truck toppers, Casey Serin left no virtual stone unturned in the quest for cheap and easy money.

The Million Dollar Homepage is of course rehashed, along with some work-at-home ideas.

Of course, there are also some affiliate programs thrown in the mix as well. And of course, two of their sites are listed in the annals of Rip-Off Report.

Also in October, the infamous “Save Karyn” shows up under “business idea”, “panhandling” and “book deal.” Yep, we all suspected that Casey Serin was shopping for the exposure, but there proof and the pudding.

Speaking of proof, Casey Serin’s motivation folder has obviously done him a world of good. To be similarly motivated, just click here.

In this one, I can’t actually tell if Casey Serin was researching internet trolls, or if he thought this was a real job. Considering that this was also saved, I’m leaning toward the latter.

And for those who still hold out hope that Casey Serin is not a con artist, I’m going to have to refer you to Dante and his famed disclaimer “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” For in Casey Serin’s “communication” folder, we find a link to the curiously titled “Reading People for Profit.”

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Akubi said...


Aspeth said...

Akubi-san, are you all hopped up on goofballs?

Anonymous said...


this is really a treasure trove of information about the way this money grubbing scamster's mind works. I mean, this is really absolute proof about what he really thinks, and pretty much refutes all the bullshit about wanting to repay, his feelings about living in an RV (from way back then) and even about how he REALLY feels about people when he meets them (can I make money off this sucker or not?).

Great work.
I think more people at EN should be reading this stuff so I am going to be posting there as well.

Aspeth said...

Thanks, Legion. Obviously, I also found it interesting. The links really tell a story when they're grouped together in terms of topic and date. Casey Serin is one creepy little kid.

Sprezzatura said...

welcome home!

Aspeth said...

Thank you much, Sprezzie. I'm having quite the time clearing my head of the vacation fog (and wondering who's going to turn down my bed tonight...lol) but luckily my day is scheduled with pretty low-level tasks. It should only take two or three weeks to catch up after being away for one :)