Another Dumb-Ass Casey Serin Scheme

"Countdown to Beg-A-Thon Two" at I Am Facing Foreclosure shows that Casey Serin intents to replicate his goofy internet panhandling in less than an hour.

Since this round of the Casey Serin Tent Revival Meeting will commence at 2p.m. Pacific time, the whole plan seems even more ridiculous than normal. After all, in announcing that he will hold the "Casey Serin Welfare Hour" in advance, he's given lots of people time to consider the ramifications of giving him money.

So he's assuming that readers will somehow plan to "donate" money to him, rather what happened at the last beg-a-thon....namely, Haterz relaxing with a few cocktails, their cynicism worn down from a long week of actually working.

Could Casey Serin think that, having exhausted his access to the Haterz deep pockets, that he can somehow fool the newbies into tossing a few sheckels into his guitar case? If so, the advance notice has given newcomers to the Casey Serin story plenty of time to read up on his antics before tossing their spare change into his PayPal account.

Today, I made my first visit over to IAFF in at least a month. Perhaps the best part of reading the trite "Baiting Haterz" post was the resurgence of "T", better known as Nacho the Cat.

"T" was the woman who, during Casey Serin's second "live chat" called him on the carpet like a puppy with a piddle, trying to mama-slap some sense into the echoing cavern of Casey Serin's skull.

I'm glad to see "T" come back, not just because I think she's a great lady with a lot to say, but also because during Casey Serin's original beg-a-thon (also known as "CashCall's Coming to Take All of Yulia's Furniture) she again tried to parent him, sending him some cash for groceries.

All she asked in return was that he post a receipt, showing that the money actually did go to feed him and his wife Galina Serin.

Of course, like every other obligation and responsibility, Casey blew it off. Instead, he posted that he and Galina Serin went off to IKEA to purchase some office furniture (as you can see in the C|net article.)

T's message to Casey told him that, if he doesn't post the receipt as promised, she's rescinding the money she sent him via PayPal.

Good on ya, T!!! And we hope to hear more from you soon!


Akubi said...


Aspeth said...

Hello, Akubi submarine!

I'm getting my arse handed to me at work for the past couple of days. I suggest we all drink heavily and mock sarcastically tonight :)

Akubi said...

I wish he wasn't having it so early! I'll be stuck at work during the beginning and then heading home in. Luckily, I have a fairly short commute so should be fully focused on the debacle by 6-ish PDT. How about you?

Sprezzatura said...

I am wrapping things up at work but I have no intention of listening in. I'm going to putter around the office for a few more minutes then hit the highway & start my weekend.

Anonymous said...

the commentary going on (right now) at EN is awesome!

Duane has been totally whaling on KC for the past 1/2 hr!!!

Schnapps said...

Oh damn. I missed it. Shucks.

Damn regular paying job that has kept me there late the last couple of night. The OT will be sweet (tm) though.

Did that sound sincere enough?


Anonymous said...


No worries, you can still catch the play-by-play starting here. Follow Dan... he does rather good commentary.

Anonymous said...

Aspeth, you really need to call in next time Casey does one of these. I had my little 10 minute segment where Casey dodged everything I asked and called Rob a cheap bastard. IT'S ALL GOOD!

Aspeth said...

I had to put out a small fire and wound up working late. Personally, I've heard enough KC evasion through a voice as flat and weak as the wispy hairs on his head.

So I've no desire for another Casey Serin "live chat." And frankly, I've had Casey Serin overload from the hilarity earlier in the week...so I went out with friends last night.

Looks like the ladies were all of one mind on this. You guys will have to point out a the inevitable transcript :)

Sprezzatura said...

I am sorry I missed Duane and Benoit™.

Dimes said...

I'd love to be trapped in an elevator with Serin and three or four other Haterz. It would be interesting to see how he stands up in a stressful situation where no escape is possible.

Except on his weird whatavegan diet, he probably stinks.

lucidiocy said...


Nacho the Cat's strategy will be mucho effective in revealing Casey for the confidence man he is, simply by requiring him to show proof that he puts his money where his mouth is (pun intended). Yes, by holding Casey to account in ALL his dealings (rather, his receiving of hand-outs) this will eventually lead him straight to the place he belongs- jail, because a judge will see through him even if based only on these small cons.

“No one is such a liar as the indignant man”


Anonymous said...

I finished listening to the whole call this afternoon. Gawd. Just when you thought the Casey show couldn't get more pathetic..

My favorite part is when Jackie Treehorn (1:49:00 or so) got him to admit that he's "very, very tempted" to divorce his wife in favor of IAFF. He actually said it twice, and why not? What's Galina done for him lately? Only quit college to clean houses, and secure a place to live via her sister.

Can't she see that she's holding him back from his dream of living in a car?

But this ad thing is great - Casey math at work. He's got ten slots, a hundred bucks for a month. He's obviously hoping to sell all ten this week to keep Galina off his back. I can't wait to see how he plans to deliver the other three grand for the month, cause it sure ain't gonna be with ads.

And to think I was starting to get bored.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I missed Duane and Benoit™.

Well, Benoit™ recently enroled as one of the tireless contributors to Caseypedia, the mighty reference work that is only a few days old, but already one of the most comprehensive (and funniest) guides to all things Casey.

(And we've given Aspeth several plugs, not least a separate entry for her Casey Serin Primer)

Anonymous said...

Here's the brief entry I wrote on Aspeth. Feel free to add to it yourself by signing up... :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, do sign up - this is insanely addictive, and it's got in the way of loads of far more important things that I really should have been devoting more time to.

What's especially enjoyable is that as soon as you write something (literally the same minute in some cases), someone else pops up and makes it even funnier, or adds a brilliantly chosen quote, or image, or whatever.

At the time of writing, I believe Caseypedia is less than 72 hours old - and for half that time it had just three writers. Now look at it!

Akubi said...

Hopefully, you've been busy surfing and not W-2-ing. Since you Digg, I'd like to encourage you to Digg these:
Nigel's Guest Blogger's FARML exclusive http://digg.com/offbeat_news/Casey_Serin_s_Upcoming_Reality_TV_Show and Flailing Forward's FACML Exclusive http://digg.com/offbeat_news/Casey_Serin_plays_Mansack_in_next_season_s_Southpark

The Haterz need to remain the most Dugg of all.

BelowTheCrowd said...

I still have not listened to the whole thing, but good to hear that some of the old messageboard greats, including Jackie Treehorn, showed up to poke fun at our favorite con man.

In the meantime, let me also plug the Caseypedia, for which I have become an editor as well.

And I love this blog. Not sure how I've missed it the past few months. I guess having one of those looser 10-12 hour a day job things (not W-2 though, 1099 project to my corp...) forced me to limit my online presence for a while.

Of course, when I go up to Tahoe in August, I won't have to stay at some crappy Casino, nor will I have to lie about going there or delve into my corporate credit to do it.

Assholes like him give so many of us a bad name.


Aspeth said...

Wow...you guys are truly funny and crazy. The CaseyPedia is such an awesome collection of madness!!!

Akubi-san, I left you a little message on Digg...hope it makes you laugh!

I'm out of the loop since Wed or Thu...immersed in huge prep for a major meeting...anyone have a link to Friday's nonsense---preferably one that doesn't pay Casey Serin one dirty penny ????

Schnapps said...

The Dude is hosting it. Its on his site somewhere (which my memory is failing to retrieve - I think I need a nap). Maybe Akubi knows where it is?

Yay for holiday Mondays. :>

Anonymous said...

Has anybody noticed that the minute Nigel retracted his Duane rebuttal and shut down his blog to comments that RCS also seemed to cease?


Schnapps said...

Anon, I would say that it is the koi's (which is a fish) fault.

Or the pleather (which is not made from a cow, or a koi (which is a fish)).

Does anyone have a copy of the Duane rebuttal? Or is there a cache somewhere?

Akubi said...

Yes it did:).

Schnapps, we've had so many threads and comments on EN, I'm not sure what is where any longer. Thank god for Caseypedia (Casey Serin). I believe Lawnmower Man posted the rebuttal somewhere in the comments.

Akubi said...

You can download the podcast here: http://files-upload.com/140154/FacingForeclosureLiveCall21-March-2007-T.mp3

Anonymous said...

The Caseypedia has all you need - look up 'talkcast' for a direct (and non-paying) link to the MP3, and here's a transcript of the Duane-Casey encounter.

Sprezzatura said...

CaseyPedia for the win!

Schnapps said...

I still can't find the duane rebuttal - Miguel, can you point me in the right direction?

Anonymous said...

I have been contacting the companys advertising on his site and telling them they have lost my business for doing so. If anyone has a few minutes to kill, please go do the same?

Gypsy Pete said...

Asp - no blog update?

Aspeth said...

Hey all...just popping in to say I'm not dead in a ditch somewhere. We've been coordinating a multi-mil $ deal and am putting the polish on it at the moment. Have been in 3 cities since Sunday to coordinate moving parts and main players; working 20 hours/day. I'm a fucking zombie. But hopefully will be back online sometime later today or tomorrow at the latest. Sorry for the dead air...couldn't be avoided.

T said...

O. M. F. G. You just can't get any better than Caseypedia. I could not stop laughing. You people are HILARIOUS!!! Well done!!

I got in around midnight last night and I'm back @ work today. Ugh. I'm one hurting puppy.

So, does anyone know if sunshine's posted a pic of the receipt yet? I can't be arsed to scour IAFF to look for it, although perhaps Walter's emailed me to talk about it...?

Anyway, how was the beg a thon? Did it go well?

PS: Big hugs to you, Aspeth. <3

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

@T Snowflake didn't post the receipt. The only thing he posted was a picture of one pack of ramen noodles. Amount of your money spent on groceries: $0.25.

@ Aspeth Good luck on getting your deal done!

Anonymous said...

What flip this house Tv show is FAKE!!!

is this the new snowflake!!


click the link to watch the news story

T said...

Dumbfounded - thanks for the 411.

T said...

I've reversed the charges for the grocery money. And he's lucky I even sent him Walter's money for the interview cause it was supposed to be to my satisfaction but I was so frustrated that I just wanted nothing more to do with him.

Aspeth said...

Hey, T--great to hear from you again!!!

Hope everything has been going well for you. I'm sure you know that I couldn't support the reversal more wholeheartedly, so good for you.

It was beyond insulting that KC posted that, the week after taking the so-called 'haterz' money, he and Galina went on a trip, and went off shopping at IKEA for shitty disposable office furniture...so I fully agree with you decision.

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