Why No One Should Visit "I Am Facing Foreclosure"

With Casey Serin's repeated outages with his "I Am Facing Foreclosure" web drama, frustrated visitors have turned to the so-called Hater Pages for their daily dose.

That small fraction of people who have been able to access the site without encountering a "file not found" error report that Casey's latest post is that problems within his marriage are causing him to consider taking "I Am Facing Foreclosure" down altogether.

Don't believe the hype, people. Casey Serin is blatantly playing his audience, as former Casey Serin mentor Duane LeGate just confirmed. Duane had stepped in to try to teach Casey some real estate fundamentals and structure many months ago. Casey's lack of accountability caused Duane to wish him the best and walk away.

But Duane Legate popped into ExUrbanNation today to post some of Casey Serin's emails to him. Far from shutting down the site, Casey reports to Duane that his "ad revenue" is starting to take off.

Duane had previously offered to help Casey sell the IAFF site, which would have been a huge boon to Casey and Galina Serin's financial woes. As Duane says, it could easily have cut their debt in half.

But Casey balked, telling Duane in an email today that "I'm gonna hold off on selling it. I'm starting to get pretty good interest in the $100/mo text link ads and my other advertising has been going pretty good. So its producing income."

He then goes on to ask Duane for contract work. Well, not ask so much as say, "What do you have?" Personally, I'd be a little more deferential to someone who could offer me work.

And for those who still somehow hold out belief that Galina Serin isn't up to her neck with her husband in his small-time cons, consider the fact that, in the early days, Casey refused to print her name.

These days, he's trolling his readers with post titles such as "Galina Serin: Enough is Enough." She's accepting, if not encouraging, these types of posts. And as Casey Serin's critics have been saying for months, the same sentiment seems to be true of their entire failed real estate venture.

So I revert back to this morning's sentiment: If you're still visiting "I Am Facing Foreclosure," you're contributing to Casey Serin's overtly screwing everyone around him: friends, associates, family, neighbors, and taxpayers at large.

Not to mention his actual readers. I can't imagine anyone wanting to be overtly manipulated by one of the craziest, laziest, and dumbest criminals on the internet.

But maybe that's just me.

In other news, Declan McCullagh of C|net posted a follow-up, answering some interesting questions about his time with Casey Serin. He reveals some interesting, and somewhat shocking things, particularly about Casey Serin's latest scheme, his "shell corporation."


Sprezzatura said...

First & Murst!

Anonymous said...

Ack, sprezzie took first... darn it. So close.

Duane's posts are AWESOME. (For a more direct link, they start here... keep reading until 1:42, that's his last post) Having watched him previously defend Casey so vigorously not too long ago, it's great to see that Duane really was who he said he was... too bad that at the time, he was blinded by Casey's sob story. But now! He's a haterz™! woo hoo!

Aspeth said...

I think Sprezzie and Schnapps are the ones to beat for first.

Thanks for the better link, NotAn. Duane's revelations are pretty damn sweet. I posted a ? at EN, asking Duane, after all of KC's stupid stunts, what pushed him (Duane) over the edge today to share those emails. Any idea?

I know today's posts are old hat to veteran haterz, but judging from the amount of traffic and lack of comments, there are a lot of newbies for Casey to take advantage of. Best to just put it out there right off the bat.

Sprezzatura said...

I've got a very important meeting late this afternoon & am nervous. Focusing in on the trainwreck today is helping keep the butterflies at bay.

I feel kind of bad about the abuse Duane took back a few months ago. He gets major points for bellying up to the bar and helping the haters after all the crap we gave him.

Dolph said...

The thing I learned about Duane is that he's a pretty caring guy. He truly wanted to help Casey and all he wanted in return was an attempt to pay down his debt and work with the creditors.

Between Duane's revelations and C|Net it appears Casey will be fully exposed as the manipulator we all know him to be.

Dolph said...


I felt so bad about the stuff I originally wrote about Duane that I apologized to him for it. I think a lot of us critics were wrong about him.

Aspeth said...

Sprezzie...to calm your nerves, I'd like to share that I snagged my trousers earlier on something (???) and it caused a small tear. While my jacket is covering it, I had to staple the rip to keep it from growing. So every time I sit down today, I've got a couple of staples poking into my ass. Ain't life grand? :)

Aspeth said...

I have to agree on both counts about Duane. I'm trying to remember what I wrote. I certainly know what I thought. I'm going to page through tonight...your apology might not be the only one, Dolph.

Sprezzatura said...

And apparently heekee may have just paid a visit to that EN thread as well. Truly, it's all starting to snowball for the snowflake.

I don't think I was particularly nasty to Duane in the old IAFF threads but I didn't think too highly of his intentions; I pegged him as an equity stripper out for fresh prospects.

@aspeth -- I have dressier clothes stashed in the car, which I'll be changing into shortly. Hopefully I won't pop a button or snag anything as I don them. Sorry about the staples; try masking tape instead?

Anonymous said...


I looked up Nigel's Mortgage Lender Agent info at the Utah Division of Real Estate!


6034495-MLAF Mortgage Lender Agent SWABY NIGEL Active 5/24/2006 5/31/2008 03/25/2006 INTEGRITY FIRST FINANCIAL, INC 5494443-MLCO

Looks like he's working for "INTEGRITY FIRST FINANCIAL" license number "5494443-MLCO".

How to Submit a Complaint:

If you have a complaint relating to the honesty and competency of one of the Division’s licensees, please complete the form below and submit your complaint to the Division by fax, mail or in person. Please also submit all documentation that supports the complaint.

Complaint Form at: http://realestate.utah.gov/complaint.html

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Rough luck with the rip. But duct tape works wonders...

This is the e-mail that triggered Duane to tell all.

To actually respond to this post, I haven't visited IAFF since I discovered EN. I was pretty much a haterz™ from the start... you know, before there was a label. Sure, it would've been great to see a comeback story, but I don't really believe in that kind of stuff (hence, not an optimist). Plus, I hate that Casey makes my generation look like utter fools. We already get a lot of bad rap, and Casey is the embodiment of every twentysomething stereotype I despise.

And please, just call me Optimist. ;)

flailing forward said...

I disagree with you on not visiting IAFF, but only for today. According to Heekee the site is running way over quota (the stats show this too) and is going to be pulled down soon. Casey is featured on MSN from midnight to 9 AM tomorrow morning. So I recommend that everybody show IAFF a little love right around midnight pacific time. (If it's even still up)

Pukey Puke said...

Can we please come up with a better term than HATERZ? It gives Nigel the belief he invented it and anything that helps him I am against.

I prefer realistz or criticz. I find the term to be wrong and like some have pointed out it means to be jealous of another. Nobody is jealous of Snowflake and Cornflake.

Anonymous said...

You make a good argument. I'll do what I can to contribute to the cause. ;)

Ah, but it's haterz™, not haters. And anyway, it's all about the irony. There is, as you say, nothing to be jealous of.

Akira said...

We're hoping you might help us with this. We are no longer to locate HQ by Googling 6 Degrees of Casey Serin! Help!

Anonymous said...

@project scoby doo™:
You're still first using either Windows Live Search or Yahoo! Search. Must be a Google-spiracy. =]

Akira said...


Yes, we have reason to believe it is the result of one of the following:

A. A Google-spiracy
B. A Nigel-swabspiracy
C. A Galina-spiracy

Aspeth said...

sorry to be away...was grilling Heekee to see if he had anything to do with the RCS nonsense. He says flat-out no, he doesn't know who's behind it.

Anonymous said...

You know, I was directed to Serin's site via comments on a Robert Kiyosaki post (Yahoo! Finance). His posts, to me, read like an elaborate hoax.

I followed some of his links and found that he did indeed own these homes at one point, not to mention the fact that he was drowning in debt.

Then I realized he is/was starting to achieve one of his goals: he very well may pull himself out of debt via ads on his page, personal appearances on various TV shows and by very extensive coverage.

Pretty clever turnaround, I'll give him that.

I quit looking at his site now; I don't want to feed a potential success story. Since then, I've been looking at "haterz" sites. It's fun to see more comments to posts made in the anti-Serin communities than his own journal; seems you are all doing some phenomenal work in preventing his passive income dream.

Keep up with the message: DON'T LOOK AT HIS PAGE!! Although not likely, it's his best chance to pull through and, ultimately, thumb his nose at everyone else.

- Huck.

Schnapps said...

I have four firsts/mursts from yesterday. I'm good for a couple of days.

At any rate, this is getting pretty good.

From what I read from Duane's posts, Casey writes his "business" emails the same way he writes his blog: vague, inconsistent, full of excuses.

And he thought he could succeed in the fix 'n flip business. HA.

Aspeth said...

Flailing...interesting. Keep us posted. I'm not willing to drive traffic unless it will get a DOS.

Caseyisms...I agree. It's been insulting to consider most of these folks haterz after all they originally offered Casey. What would you prefer?

Akubi...google has been really strange as of late. I've noticed random page rankings on some of my stuff as well. Some things shot right up for absolutely no reason, while others dropped, also without explanation. I'm not sure what to tell you there.

Hi Huck...agreed. The passive income shit is old and I personally am sick of it. Casey Serin is a drain on and burden to society. He needs to get a fucking job and pay his fucking way in the world, rather than leeching off of some shady pyramid-esque credit system.

Aspeth said...

Schnapps...you did nail it. Yes, he's just as flaky there as anywhere else. I also think that he was yanking Duane's chain to a certain degree, parlaying the already-publicized marriage drama as an excuse for being responsible for getting back with him.

Anonymous said...

I don't even think he should get a job at this point; what is a W2 going to do for him now other than give him money for more Jamba Juice?

The only job he can get that will enable him to pay back this kind of debt in short order is as an executive for some Fortune 500 firm.

The only way to pay back his enormous debt is to declare bankruptcy, win the lottery, inherit a shitload of cash or...keep activity high on his website to generate ad revenue and/or write a book.

If he is able to keep the wolves at bay via ad revenue long enough for his book to be published, well shoot! the man worked it right.

I'd like to see him in jail, but the FBI is more likely to go after his mortgage brokers than him - inflated profits and fraud over the wannabe millionaire's scheme anyday. The wannabe hurts the lenders, but lenders can just write the bad debt off.

The shady lenders are likely making a lot of money via people like Serin than is/was hoping to make.

Aspeth said...

I'd like to see him in jail, but the FBI is more likely to go after his mortgage brokers than him...

I hear you, Huck, but at the same time, I have a problem with offloading the whole situation onto the lenders. The predatory lending stories absolutely kill me...I can't tolerate the nonsensical b.s. about HELOC borrowers writing cheques against their homes, then freaking out about repayment.

There were umpteen (yes, a technical term for an exact number I don't know off of the top of my head) interest rate hikes in a row at the Fed, yet ARM borrowers didn't see fit to refi during that time frame. If my home were tied to changing rates, I'd certainly keep an eye toward that news.

Grr...anyway, that's another tirade. Suffice to say that I do want Casey AND Galina held accountable for their multiple crimes--jail time AND repayment of "Every Dirty Penny."

Anonymous said...

And here I answer my own questions:

If he is able to keep the wolves at bay via ad revenue long enough for his book to be published, well shoot! the man worked it right.

God damn.

He's doing a Robert Kiyosaki!!

Holy crap. Maybe I need to drop $30k on a Kiyosucky seminar so I can work the system, too.

Serin's gonna win, man. And BOY does that hurt.

Schnapps said...

Hey look!

I updated!"

Anonymous said...

There were umpteen (yes, a technical term for an exact number I don't know off of the top of my head) interest rate hikes in a row at the Fed, yet ARM borrowers didn't see fit to refi during that time frame.

The average home buyer during this rally was just a normal guy/gal off the street happy to be in a home - no financial background.

They heard rates and ARMs and resets, but all they saw was their first home.

They read articles and watched TV reports about crazy home appreciation and believed it to be an eternal thing.

"Hot damn, no more renting for me, no how! Shoot, what we'll get an int'rst only for three years but SELL IT FER TWICE THE PRICE IN ONE YEAR! Hoo whee!"

Those folks or flippers/Casey Serins.

Sprezzatura said...

I'm home & tired.

Someone on EN was suggesting that heekee is Pud of fuckedcompany.com fame. If true, that would be interesting.

Sprezzatura said...

Oh, and I did email Duane an apology.

Schnapps said...


I updated again

Miranda Mayer said...

I second that. No traffic to IAFF.

Aspeth said...

Stephanie J....when will they listen?