Casey Serin Wants to Sell Casinos

First and foremost this morning, I'd like to thank C-net for including my fuck-filled vitriol against Casey and Galina Serin in the article, "Casey Serin, The World's Most Hated Blogger?"

C-net is even kind enough to use quotes from me, with liberal uses of asterisks:

"That frank admission [of Casey Serin's mortgage fraud] has led to calls to "Send Casey Serin To Prison"--a petition to the FBI has appeared--as well as a similar call targeting his wife."

C-net quotes:

"Casey and Galina Serin's story isn't one of 'Young couple tries to make it in the cold, cruel world,'" one critic wrote. "These two are f****g Bonnie and Clyde. What they're doing is bank robbery, without the gun."

COOL! I'm "one critic" !!!!!!!!!

As Cnet further reported this morning, Casey Serin has so many income irons in the fire, all of us haterz should just shut the hell up.

For one thing, Casey Serin has "learned, through his blog, of a $1.5 billion Las Vegas casino for sale. If he can find a buyer, Serin says, he'd get a 1 percent commission ($15 million) for his trouble. "Doesn't that make more sense than a W-2 job?" he said."

Additionally, Casey Serin's expensive $16,000 course at Nouveau Riche University was NOT all for naught, haterz. "Serin said he has found two people to pay $18,000 to Nouveau Riche, and if he finds any more, he'll get a $9,000 commission for each one, as well as additional commissions if the people he recruited then sign up additional customers.

In an e-mail message over the weekend, Serin added: "The 16K gives me two years of quality (real estate investment) education--gives you college credits--access to cash-flow properties around the nation, local community of investors, etc."

And as for Casey Serin whining about what we Haterz say about him on the internets? According to Casey Serin, ""What happens is I feed off of it," he said. "I know the buttons to press to get those guys going. After awhile, you learn what topics you can mention if you want to get extra comments on your post."

Rob Dawg's here, too..."Everyone has an opinion and anyone can speculate," said Rob Dawg, who runs a popular anti-Serin Web site called Exurbannation. "Is he mentally ill? Mentally feeble? Do his bizarre personal habits affect his judgement or vice versa?" Dawg wrote in e-mail on Friday. "On and on. For many of us, however, Casey has become the eye of the storm, not the storm itself."

Fuck you, Casey Serin. I want to bring back the fucking guillotine and the public square. And as for selling that $1.5 billion casino, my little fucktard, let me just say this.... transactions of that magnitude are handled by multi-national banks, not by little shits who can't even hold a debit card.

So if that's what you're holding out for, I pray that Darwinism takes its toll and you fucking starve to death in one of the richest nations on the planet.

"And your little dog, too" screeched the witch.


Schnapps said...

Oooh! Look! You're more famous than Nigel! And didn't you just get a "thinking blogger award"?

At any rate, congrats :> I'll have to pop over to cnet and read that today.

And I thought Casey said he only had one unit of college/university? Singular, not plural.

First? Murst? Do we do that here?


Aspeth said...

Schnapps, we just do the damn happy dance because I had already posted the "wikinazis" rant when this popped, and my coffee hadn't even brewed yet. So it's going to be a fun Monday.

Oh, yeah, and here's a preemptive "Fuck You Nigel Swaby," you low-life pseudo mortgage broker who's been cozying up with an admitted multi-state mortgage felon.

Yeah, I've got some run-on sentences going on, but I don't really care today :) You are First AND Murst!!!

flailing forward said...



Congrats! I'm not an off-with-his-header though. In a weird way I kind of respect him for taking all of the abuse so well. I still want to see him stopped from borrowing more and forced to repay most of his debt, but I can't truly hate the guy.

Alas, no mention for poor poor Nigeypoo, forgotten and alone at his dusty commentless blog, with no one but RCS to console him. (Mentally imagine Cartman having a tea party with his stuffed animals while the haterz have a wild drunken bashathon over at EN)

Aspeth said...

"Su-crew you guyz, Um Gohn Hohm!"

Aspeth said...

ROFLMAO....they included a link to Casey Fannnn's "Casey Serin Dance Remix"


Anonymous said...

Kudo's to C-Net, at last a MSM (if CNET is MSM) article that has some research behind it. I might quibble with something here or there, but it sums up the train wreck quite well.

And it quotes the Dawg, but not the Swab.

Aspeth said...

Indeed, Anon. Although the Scotsman Guide article by C. Robert Simpson did a great job of unearthing some dirty Serin laundry, this is perhaps the first ever comprehensive tale of Casey Serin's nasty bag o' trix.

Anonymous said...

Another great fucking post Aspeth! I love your writing! You have the best fucking Haterz™ blog in the whole fucking world wide interwebs!

*hands Aspeth the 22k gold plated plastic Haterz™ award*

Aspeth said...

Dumbfounded, I would like to thank everyone who made this possible (hoists award over head). Without you, there would be no audience to watch as I take this shiny object and know that the recycled plastic inside is worth more than Casey and Galina Serin's combined net worth.

(Bows, in a fiasco of a frock, ala Chloe Sevigny...)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If we're comparing Nigel to Cartman at his sad little tea party with his dolls, let's not forget the episode where it's revealed Cartman tends to dress up like Britney Spears at these parties and sing songs to a fake Justin Timberlake... There's a connection there somewhere, I can't put my finger on it.

Sprezzatura said...

Gratz on the quote, Aspeth!

Aspeth said...

anon 12:37...just one of the myriad possibilities in Club Fed.

held back by marriage...Yep, I can imagine that. Too well, actually.

Thank you, Sprezzie :) And to think, I didn't even have to issue even one paid press release!

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