Caveat Emptor

Let the buyer beware; let the deadbeat look over his shoulder.

Truly, when you repeatedly evade responsibility, deny accountability, and generally screw people over, it creates a life lived in a constant state of heightened awareness. There must be a sense of always waiting for something to crawl out of the darkness and bite you on the ass.

At least this is the case for I Am Facing Foreclosure's Casey Serin. Today, two of his former allies stepped into the spotlight to talk about some of Casey's less flattering tendencies.

First, Duane LeGate publicly denounces both Casey Serin and the IAFF website as having devolved into a series of shameless hoax stories. Duane confirmed that, far from shutting down his website, Casey Serin had turned down Duane's help to sell the site, saying that he was seeing a positive spike in his ad revenues.

Duane LeGate is pissed as hell. About what, precisely, I'm not sure. But apparently this is just the tip of the iceberg and he's ready to start spilling some dirty details. Duane also revealed a bit of his feelings toward supposed Salt Lake City mortgage lender/Casey Serin's little buddy Nigel Swaby.

As Robert Cote tells us, Duane will be doing a series of insider revelations at ExUrbanNation in the coming days. And believe me, that's going to be far more interesting than reading any of Casey Serin's deluded fantasies and fairy tales.

As all of this is happening, Casey's web host dropped in to ExUrbanNation to also talk about what a bumbling fool Sercasey is. Heekee talked about how he had repeatedly tried to find an equitable compromise to Casey's (free) hosting account, when IAFF started sucking the life out of the Zewg server.

Heekee also denied having anything to do with the repugnant robertcotesux blog, where a still-anonymous blogger has been posting Rob's address, telephone number, and photos of his underage daughter (along with some incredibly disgusting stories to go along with said photos).

But he did confirm that the fate and availability of IAFF is suspect, at best, over the coming week.

This couldn't come at a worse time for Casey Serin, who already missed one traffic spike from Monday's story on C|net. As frequent poster Flailing Forward points out, MSN is putting IAFF on its front page tonight into the early morning hours. Much like Monday's diversions, new crops of potential readers will click a link to read "File Not Found."

Casey Serin's shady life is crumbling, in small but cumulative ways. There's nothing he can count on, not even his blog. Now the people around him, who had previously remained silent and let him go about his merry way, have tired of holding it all back.

What's next? An interview with Casey's sister-in-law Yulia?

For those who have tired of Casey Serin's village idiot routine, it's a comeuppance that soothes, at least somewhat, the anger toward him. After all, he's admitted to egregious financial crimes yet continues to walk free, has not been sued, still has a roof over his head and food in his stomach.

But the betrayals are just the tip of it all. As former supporters turn against him, Casey Serin's sanitized stories and selective rewrites will lose even the possibility of credibility.

And something tells me that the loss of his beloved internet traffic will sting worse than the loss of his eight properties. The properties never paid attention to him, never brought him "sweet media," never made him, in his convoluted mind, famous.


Anonymous said...

First™ ;-)

Akubi said...

Yoda ponders: Being Casey Serin

Akubi said...

Well written, Aspeth...I just seem to be having yet another existential moment with the Egg Lady.

Schnapps said...


Well-written, Aspeth. Bang-on.


At any rate, I will wait to see what Duane says before I say what the pessimist in me is thinking.

Aspeth said...

holy hell, where did you all come from?

Akubi, I told you how I felt about Casey Serin living in the walls!

Schnapps...I'm always acutely aware of hyphenates as well. It seems like it's too easy to get on a roll with them; once you notice them, you notice them everywhere!

Gypsy Pete said...

I just want more pics of G a l i n a. Well not really but the evil twin does.

I'm on my way to China - that's another country full of flip tards believe it or not.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the ongoing commentary. the story has so many twists and turns. i particularly appreciate quoting and summaries.

Anonymous said...

I love the blog Aspeth. I love that Duane and Heekee couldn't keep their mouths shut anymore (I suspect maybe Nigel will start rattling cages again now that there's two OTHER close associates to Casey that are getting more attention than he).

lucidiocy said...

“He reminds me of the man who murdered both his parents, and then when sentence was about to be pronounced pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan”

Aspeth said...

Anon 5:06...Thank you. I love that, as well. Nigel Swaby can try to rattle cages, but he's already got an extensive track record of championing Casey Serin all over the internets, then, when he saw his sweet coat-tail ride was coming to a halt, tried to play nice with us, patting everyone on the head and being condescending...as if we had somehow forgotten that the previous week he was posting personal information and photos of those who frequently participated in these types of discussions.

Aspeth said...

Lucidiocy...nice parallel. You've got a point--I can definitely see Casey Serin trying to manipulate the situation in such a bizarre manner.

Hey, great post about the guy in the NW who tried to murder those two women and the whole town knew about it for years but no one came forward.

I had one guy a couple of days ago ask me what I had against Casey Serin, since he's done nothing to me personally--then I read your post and it seemed to be a great object lesson.

r said...

I can always count on you for great content. Finding you and exurban have been the biggest plus out of the serin trainwreck.

Aspeth said...

anon 12:53 and Rebecca...thank you both for reading and joining in the fray :)

PMSPMS...ah, happy travels, friend. Keep me posted on your China adventure! We'll be looking for some pics and stories on your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Nigel won't step away from his carefully cultivated persona. He's tweaked his approach a little but he still shows why he can't be trusted. He takes any and all criticism personally.

He still defends Casey and I would be willing to wager that he posts some anti-Duane stuff soon. I am thinking that Duane will have a bombshell disclosure on why he tells Casey not to trust Nigel.

Once that cat is out of the bag, it will change the game.

I also love how Casey places blame on everybody but himself. The haterz, the CNET writer, Godaddy.


Anonymous said...

Once again, another amazing summation of the oodles of comments in multiple threads at EN. Seems like when it rains, it pours.

Sprezzatura said...

I got a reply from my e-mail to Duane, by the way. He didn't know why I wanted to apologize to him but he was appreciative.

Anonymous said...

This post explains why Duane chose NOW to tell all.

Aspeth said...

Caseysims...you called that one correctly! Nigel's coming out fighting Duane.

But of course Casey Serin is blaming everyone else--why should this be any different that his already established pattern?

Optimist...good link. Thank you.

Sprezzie...I'm sure he appreciated the sentiment behind it. From what I've read, he had some solid technical reasons for what he did, and it had nothing to do with facilitating any more Casey Serin crimes.

I applaud your decision and think it shows a great deal of dignity and class.