What Should Have Been...

Let it be said, I hate the wikinazis.

I had previously developed some strong feelings about them when the "Casey Serin wikipedia" page was under contest. At the time, "R-boy" single-handedly took the lead and kept that page from being deleted entirely. In my mind, the wikinazis were acting as uninformed asses, because there was nothing in the "Casey Serin wikipedia" page that he himself had not put forth on "I Am Facing Foreclosure."

But I just recently did my own battle with the wikinazis, and I have to tell you, what a load of horseshit.

As a part of my Mother's Day prezzie, I wanted to add/create some information on a family member who had designed some significant architecture. Mi madre is a huge fan of genealogy, and she's fascinated by the internets, so I thought this would be a really cool topper to her Mother's Day gift.

Now, as a family member of the individual that I wanted to detail, I have a wealth of source materials at my disposal. Many are, literally, at hand. But the wikinazis were not satisfied with my offer to scan and transmit the original blueprints (at a hefty fucking fee for the oversize behemoths)....nor were they happy with my willingness to scan and post them online so that a proper i-net source was documented. Nope. They were having none of it.

Instead, I had a three-day marathon 'conversation' on my wiki 'talk page' about the topic. During this time, I bowed and scraped like never before...this was, after all, a Mother's Day gift that I was desperately trying to make happen.

There were issues with my topic, my formatting, my credibility. When I raised the slightest 'tone' in my post pages, wiki editors threatened to ban me from the site. And I chewed the inside of my face raw in holding myself back from screaming "Ban me, bitches!!! DO IT!!! I fucking hate all of you!!!!"

People who couldn't create basic noun-verb agreement in their arguments against my edits told me that my additions had no credibility. Even though I was calling and speaking with the topic's source as I typed.

Blagh...sputter....I have no credibility?!?!

For a glimpse inside the mind of a typical wikipedia editor, PLEASE click here. The interminable pages you will find are typical wikispeak, where "editors" gather to breathe in the gases of their own pontificating.

Personally, I have a long-standing professional ban on anything that resembles a 'task force,' 'brainstorming session,' or similar mutual mental masturbation. Wikipedia not only embodies this; it takes it to levels heretofore unknown, even for a former Hill consult.

After three days of playing nice, bitching, begging, threatening, and acquiescing, I managed to add sixteen words to the wiki edits. Honestly, if I hadn't blown those billable hours on wikipedia, I could have sent maman on a very pleasant overseas holiday.

While Wikipedia has become some sort of international standard as a reference source, I just can't take Wikipedia at face value any longer. Because just beneath the surface lies a little wiki human, with just a little bit of wiki power, who's gagging to wield a mighty wiki sword.

Wikipedia pages encourage its users to "Be Bold!" in wiki edits. But the reality couldn't be further from the truth. Wikipedia "editors" truly are little trolls crouched on top of computers who are gagging to control every syllable that crosses their paths.


Schnapps said...

My issue with Wikipedia is that it's often wrong. And the errors are not corrected in a timely fashion.

Guess what happened when one of my colleagues in grad school tried to use Wikipedia as a source?

It seems they might be trying to nip the problem in the bud rather than letting it flower and prune it afterwards (oh man. Too early for metaphors). In the process they're becoming overprotective and "wikinazis" - suffering from overkill in other words.

Aspeth said...

Schnapps--it's true. There was recently a national news story on undergrads using Wikipedia as a source, and their professors couldn't suss why their 'facts' were so blatantly wrong...until they discovered Wikipedia.

Seems that uni's across the country are establishing bans against using Wikipedia as a source; and this, of course, eats at the heart of what they hope to be.

But their so-called 'editors' are the equivalent of Casey Serin's 'moderators.' They're folks doing this on their own time, on their own dime, and loving the little bit of power it gives them. So it doesn't matter if they know fuck-all about a topic, they want to engage in endless hand wringing about the format of the debate.

Double-First, BTW...

R-Boy said...

You're welcome


Aspeth said...

omg, NO KIDDING, R-Boy. I can't even imagine what you had to go through, considering the page was in that horrid wiki phase of 'being considered for deletion.' Every freaking word is a landmine to those guys, every bit of formatting a nightmare.

I was absolutely singing your praises over the weekend!

Sprezzatura said...

It's all about their tiny little e-peens over @ wiki. Screw them.

Aspeth said...

Ah, no doubt, Sprezzie. No doubt.

R-Boy said...

I dont know if you saw the latest and greatest on the wiki entry, but I sure loved Declan's article. I got an FBI quote on mortgage up and its stuck now, cause they cant do anything about something properly sourced and in context.


Truth wins again!

Aspeth said...

Nicely done, R-boy!!! At a more appropriate time of day, we shall all raise a glass to toast you!!!

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