Suze Orman Shows Her Ass

Ironically, Suze Orman was recently criticized for her investment advice on MSN Money Central for being “out of touch.” After tonight’s disgustingly content-free interview between Suze Orman and Casey Serin, I’ll second that motion.

Tonight, Suze Orman interviewed renowned mortgage fraudster Casey Serin on CNBC’s “The Suze Orman Show.” While Casey Serin’s critics had hoped that Suze Orman would tear into Casey like a wolverine on crack, Suze Orman proved that she’s all talk.

While I’ve never had any strong feelings one way or the other regarding Suze Orman, what I heard tonight proves that she has joined the ranks of Robert Kiyosaki and others who care more about profile than content.

With that, we’re going to have to downgrade Suze Orman’s professional reputation from “financial expert” to “financial guru.” (For the record, “expert” = self-explanatory; “guru” = an under-informed person who tells others what to do.)

From here, I can only assume that CNBC is changing the name of “The Suze Orman Show” to “Suze Orman Gives Financial Advice to Admitted Multi-State Felons.” Maybe when Casey and Galina Serin finally go to trial, Suze Orman can testify as an “expert” witness.

Tonight, Suze Orman threw a bunch of meatball pitches over the plate at Casey Serin, continually referring to him as “boyfriend” and using a tone that somehow implied her viewing audience was, collectively, a very naughty child.

Note to Suze Orman: Research your guests before you invite them to your show. Because by trying to earnestly parrot advice that Casey Serin’s readers have been giving him for about eight months now, you just sound like a jackass.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t entirely blame Suze Orman. But tonight’s interview with Casey Serin shows that the staff of “The Suze Orman Show” is lazy as hell.

Because if any of The Suze Orman Show’s staffers had logged a dozen hours on Casey Serin’s website, Suze Orman herself wouldn’t have sounded like such a rube tonight. A recent post by Mr. Bubbles over at ExUrbanNation best describes what Suze Orman should have known before interviewing Casey Serin:

Look at the facts:

1. CS bought 8 properties in a short period of time
on purpose so the banks, credit agencies, and all others involved would not be
aware of his actions.

2. CS bought 8 properties via fraudulently lying
on his applications about income, employment, and owner occupancy.

Casey illegaly wrapped one of the houses without disclosing it the the lender.

4. Casey and Galina ran up over $175,000 in unsecured debt, knowing they
had no ability to pay, in order to sustain their lifestyle and further their
illegal real estate activity.

5. Casey and Galina opened up two DBA real
estate companies, never registering them with the state or incorporatin them.
Casey advertised these companies as real estate investment companies over the
internet and via the USPS. ( remember the 24% return letter, Able Buyer, iam
buying apartments)

6. Casey attempted ( perhaps succeeded) in acquiring
a shell company to fraudulently transfer his personal debt into and to obtain by
fraud credit from lenders.

7. Casey, while protesting to be insolvent,
spent some $30,000 on real estate seminars.

8. Casey while claiming to
be insolvent, has earned unreported income.

9. Casey has continued to
borrow money, knowing he has no intention or ability to repay the debt.

10. Casey and Galina spent over $375,000 ( from cash back at closings
and credit cards)over the course of 2006 and he cannot account for the spending.

Sorry if I missed some of the things, but this is from memory. My point
is that he and Galina knew exactly what they were doing. The plan was to keep
doing the illegal cash back at closings, flip the houses, lather,rinse, repeat.

But it went bad, so Casey being the life long conman, moved on to other
scams. The 24% return letter. Able Buyer. Buying apartments. The phony
corporation. Adsense. Duane. Nigel. Then some more illegal cash back in Utah.

He won't change until he's caught, prosecuted, and in prison. None of
his or Galina's actions were without intent. Each one was to defraud. His made
up persona on IAFF is to cover his tracks. Look at the earth blog and you read a
much different Casey.

I have seen in court many, many criminals. None of
them are guilty. All of them proclaim their innocence. Forget about what Casey
says and focus and what he did.

Actions speak louder than words.

I agree Casey may not be public enemy #1 on the FBI list, but his high
profile and outright disdain for the law is making him come under some intense

Frankly, I would expect a lot more from a woman who was launched into the public spotlight by Oprah Winfrey. Come on, Suze Orman, did you not learn anything from Oprah about how to vet your guests?

So what should Suze Orman have asked Casey Serin while she had him under the glare of the television cameras? Here are some suggestions:

Suze Orman: So, Casey Serin, exactly how much money were you claiming to make while you were unemployed and lying on your loan applications?

Suze Orman: How are you and your wife Galina Serin six-figures in credit card debt after all of the sweet cash back at closing that you “earned” (sneers).

Suze Orman: Well, Casey Serin, since the topic of honor has come up, why have you not turned yourself in to the FBI office in Sacramento?

Suze Orman: You have mentioned bankruptcy several times on your website. Are you not aware that bankruptcy is a second chance for honest borrowers, not a way for admitted felons to escape both justice and repayment?

Suze Orman: While your wife Galina Serin was doing the books for your shell corporations and family finances, was she not concerned about the obvious fraud and illegal activities?

Poster Jean Val Jean at ExUrbanNation has kindly posted an audio file of Suze Orman’s interview with Casey Serin.

Click here to contact Suze Orman.


Anonymous said...

Suze Orman and Nigel Swaby have a fair amount in common -- they both treated Casey with kid gloves, and they both refer to Casey as boyfriend. ::rimshot::

At least Nigel's figured out by now that Casey is a con-artist through and through. Hopefully Suze Orman will reach that point soon enough. The show itself was a laughable fluff piece. If Suze thinks Casey is "clearly an intelligent young man", I wonder what actions someone would have to take for Suze to think of them as dumb... thirty foreclosures on their credit report???

And can someone buy Casey a different shirt for God's sake? Maybe that can be his next beg-a-thon. "Help me buy a second shirt!!"

Anonymous said...

Good morning from the East Coast.
(puff puff pass)

I had a chance to watch the Orman Show, but a certain rerun of Big Love was on. Guess which one I watched? (Nicki knows how to throw a birthday party!)

I have not listened to any of it yet, but I am in total agreement with your post tonight. This couple has to be stopped by law enforcement, or they will not stop. I am in disbelief that a show with unlimited resources would not do any research about him. One HOUR on the net and I would deserve a RAISE for the info I would have had for her. I would have made the assistant hall-of fame. She probably has a staff full of Caseys. Thanks for sparing me the pain of the experience. I think I will pass.

I have not posted for a while, and I figured out why. I am still in SHOCK about the money he got begging the other night. I love my ExUrbaners, especially T. But I would not give this man a red cent. And he is actually saying he is going to make $8k this month? His lies and his nerve know no boundaries. PLEASE SOMEONE....ARREST BOTH OF THEM NOW!
I went 2 days late renewing my license plate, and of COURSE I got stopped and ticketed. (Got out of it, but it took a fun-filled day at traffic court) Maybe I should try felonies and blog-begging. No one seems to give a shit!

ok ok....going to my "happy place"

I hate that he gets me so angry.

Think I need one of those famous key lime, Stoli-soaked gimlets. Tony got me hot with that post. :)

I also have a question for you, Chloe. Did playing a character with a credit card "problem" make your opinion of Casey different had you not had that experience? And did you do research about credit card addiction when you prepared, or did you go with what life had taught you? Since this was all pre-Casey, I was truly interested how that affected your opinions, if at all.

Aspeth said...

omg...once again, Leigh, you fucking kill me.

Just so you know, Jean Val Jean did us all a favor and only included the casey interview on his mp3 (I personally refuse to pay eighty bux a month for cable, especially since I travel so much for work)...so it will only take 15 minutes of your life to listen.

Bringing it down a notch, I really can't tell you how much I agree with the 'not one red cent' and how disheartening and gut-wrenching it was to see people actually forking money over to CS. I spent an entire day meditating and doing yoga after that....it completely fucked with just about every core value I have.

No shit on the Tony gimlets...I'm a whore for anything with key limes!!!!

Actually, if you're asking why the 'chloesevigny', you would be the first; and I promised myself I wouldn't mention her until someone asked me 'why' twelve years of being annoyed...

As for motivation and 'chloe', I refer you to "Brown Bunny"...

Aspeth said...

Welcome back Benoit!

(ch-ching) to your rimshot.

But, for as much as I agree with you on 90% of things, I'm going to have to stop you from even making the joke about donating money to Casey Serin. The boy is living proof that Darwinism is dead.

Albert Howard said...

the distinction between financial expert and financial guru is cute

Albert Howard 4 1st Afr Amer U.S. Prez '08


Schnapps said...

That was too funny. It could have been the wine of course. :>

And quite honestly, I think that at the end, Suze made a pretty good point - she asked him, straight out, "The question is, Casey, what are YOU going to do?"

Like Benoit, I do question her character judgment skills - "intelligent young man"? I beg to differ. He may be intelligent in terms of the ideas/facts he can absorb and in terms of imagination; when it comes to the application of those facts/ideas and imagination, the boy is sorely lacking in terms realizing his actions produce consequences for himself and others.

I wonder if Suze will ever clue in on that?

Aspeth: responded to your question re: wine country a couple of threads ago. You can email me if you like: schnapps013 at gmail dot com

I'm Confused... Maybe said...

If that slimeball-troll Nigel can make $$$ off Casey, why can't we all???

Introducing The Four Faces of Casey houseware and coffee mug:


Thanks for shopping...

Unknown said...

"The boy is living proof that Darwinism is dead."

If he EVER procreates I will SO regret failing to take the road trip with Steph J to have her kick Casey in the nuts...

Anonymous said...

Ok guys...

First off anybody notice Casey's superior look? I've never seen the guy on camera like that and I would LOVE to smack the smugness off his face.

For a kid who loves himself as he does, what is wrong with washing and combing his hair once in awhile? And what about that dumb blue shirt? Hey Casey, try to wear a COLORED undershirt next time. White undershirts vs. hard blue dress shirt means you suck at coordination.

Why can't he display emotion? Why does he repeat the same Shite over and over? If he's so darned intelligent, why is every word out of his mouth the same rehearsed crap? It's like a guy who watches Fox News all the time and rehashes that there are no WMDs because somebody at Fox said so! Just because you can rehash points taught ad nauseum does not mean you are smart!

God, if Nigel and Suze tell me that this dumb arse is smart one more time....

Aspeth said...

@Albert Howard...thx for the note, but if you're going to be president, you're gonna have to stop referring to a woman's comments as 'cute.' I'm just saying...

Hi Schnapps...I must have missed it; will respond on that page ;-)

@Just Me...Very nice. I kept wondering when Casey Serin would appear in CafePress.

@Game Over...I still advocate the road trip. Casey really does need a good kick in the 'nads and since we all know Galina is incapable, Stephanie J is definitely the woman for the job.

@Anon...the 'casey is smart' argument is a validation of 'consider the source'

Schnapps said...

Yes, I now have a case of wine sitting in my kitchen :> This is a glorious thing indeed :> Unfortunately, the wine cooler seems to have bit it while we were gone - came home to water in the bottom of it.

So has anyone contacted Suze about her gross and grievous error?

And hey, I'd fly down to California to help with the road trip...so long as someone can pick me up at San Francisco International :>

Akubi said...

Hi Aspeth,
The ear is generally better, but things sure are drying up on the IAFF and ExUrb front and despite lost days was bored as hell at work today. How about a new post regarding the similarities and difference between KC and this guy http://sunson2005.narod.ru/index-living-on-sunlight-sungazing.html ?

Aspeth said...

@Schnapps...lol--something tells me they would make you bring some of that sweet BC wine for a win-win. I don't even want to know the hamburger that Casey's balls would look like if Stephanie J were to let loose after several glasses of vino....whoooowheeeee!

thorn_stevens said...

aspeth, I hate Suze Orman too...and thanks for the heads up about the plagiarizers at moviebookblog...

Sadly, way too many spammers out there...

Aspeth said...

@Akubi...no more submarines for you until that ear's at 100%! Holy shit, that guy is fucking scary! I...don't...know...what...to...say.

Schnapps said...


I think a couple bottles would be within my limit...others would have to be shipped to you or Steph or another vineyard. :> And I would gladly pay the tax to let Steph let loose (sic) on Casey. Definitely a win-win. Or a Nash Equilibrium if you so wish :>

Oh and the comment on Casey's undershirt: if he wants it to blend, it should be flesh coloured. Like a braziere, its meant to go with the skin, rather than the shirt.

Am still wondering what to do with the wine cooler, mind you. :>

Aspeth said...

@thorn_stevens: No problem. Too true on the spam. That site seems to be shamelessly scraping Digg for content.

Aspeth said...

Hi Schnapps...methinks Casey might already have a flesh-coloured bra under there ;-)

I am so sorry to hear about the wine cooler! That's really a mess, particularly after coming home with some restock for it. Hopefully it will be easily repaired.

Akubi said...

His shtick is so KC tuned into the Heaven’s Gate UV UFO Pyramid schemes of Kiev though, isn’t it?

crazy dog lady said...

I was surprised to see Casey made a late evening entry tonight. Now he claims he paid back a $4500.00 loan AND has gotten business credit approved so he can start finding some more "sweet deals".

I can't wait to see what you and the other blogs have to say about this.

I recently found your blog and am an avid reader. I enjoy your slant on the entire Serin Saga and I, too, am highly annoyed by Chloe.

Aspeth said...

@Akubi...That is EXACTLY what it looks like!!! WTF is going on with these fucking Russians and all the mad-guru-drink-the-kool-aid bullshit?!?!

Aspeth said...

Hi crazy dog lady! Welcome to my own personal web of insanity ;-)

Yeah, I heard about the loan payoff/corporate credit stuff. I guess Casey wants to make things interesting for the forensic accountants at the FBI.

My take on the corporate credit is, let him. It just makes that much more of a case for money laundering. After all, not ten days ago, Sercasey was begging for dollars to scrape together a measly $200 for CashCall...yet he somehow paid down a very pricey high-interest loan for $4500.

I'm glad to see you join the fray...particularly thanks to the double-whammy of Casey-Chloe!

Akubi said...

Chernobyl perhaps...? At least it might explain the cosmic energy guy in the Ukraine. However, if Casey was in Uzbekistan at the time, he should have been relatively safe fallout wise: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Radioactive_fallout_caesium137_after_Chernobyl.jpg

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy is Nigel dense. Notice how he rehashes the same bulls*** over and over to sell his weak points.

A poster called him on his outing and he still doesn't get why it's wrong.

What a tool

Aspeth said...

Hi Akubi...I've been wondering lately what the rules are for forced repatriation.

@Anonymous...While creepy-ass Nigel Swaby is a regular visitor over here, I don't visit any of his 27 blogs. And I'd like to point out, again, that the amount of time it takes to maintain so many pages shows that Nigel Swaby is not spending a great deal of time in the actual 'mortgage industry'

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