Mocking Casey Serin on YouTube

Anyone who's been following the ridiculously comical and felonious tales of Casey Serin should definitely watch "Flipper Nation." This humorous mockumentary follows two earnest young entrepreneurs who are determined to successfully flip houses in a down market.

Casey Serin fans and critics will be particularly amused by the antics found on "Flipper Nation," complete with a smarmy mortgage broker. If you know the relevant players, you'll know just who to plug into each role. From a ubiquitous blue shirt to some sweet deals and close proximity to Starbucks, "Flipper Nation" is a funny take on real estate 's biggest "loosers."





Schnapps said...

First & murst.

Just to get it out of the way.

I've watched flipper nation. I think watching people just ruins it for me. I need to let my imagination run rampant and the written word is much better for that :>

Schnapps said...

Gosh, ignore that. I have no idea what happened. Somehow, I got onto an old post of yours.


Aspeth said...

That's funny...and strange. Did this somehow load as the main page? Or have you, like me, had a couple of glasses of wine? :)