Casey Serin,
The End is Nigh

Casey Serin, dancing monkey, is winding down the show. After groveling to people he's been calling "haters" for the past several months, Casey returns to his petulant and arrogant self.

The very day after readers save his ass from the long arm of CashCall, Casey Serin starts posting some whiny rants about even greater amounts that he feels his readers owe him.

Fuck him. Apparently Friday night's beg-a-thon produced a couple of results. The lowlife circus atmosphere of Casey Serin taking photos of the contents of Yulia's refrigerator was a new low. Even the questionably-abled and ethically-challenged "mortgage lender" Nigel Swaby said 'enough.'

It was always a curious alliance--a mortgage lender befriending and defending a multi-state mortgage felon. But bloggers had been speculating for months that Nigel was positioning himself to eventually take over Casey Serin's website to use as a lead-generator.

And sure enough, after Casey Serin's whoring on Friday night, Nigel Swaby informed Casey he was severing whatever partnership or business dealings that were planned. I'm only surprised that any legitimate real estate pro would touch Casey Serin with a ten-foot pole. Who could possibly imagine that would be a career booster?

Other events in the world of America's favorite fucktard, Casey Serin is his idea of an April Fool's joke.

I Bought 1.3 Million Shares of GSPG
Via my corporation. On Friday. At
$0.0034. Why not?

Yeah, that's really funny. Shows a lot of gratitude to those folks who saved Yulia's couch from the CashCall collectors. You're an asshole, Casey Serin. The only thing we want to hear from you is when you stand up and reply "Yes" to the judge who asks, "Mr. Serin, is it true that you won't be testifying on your own behalf?"

The only thing I thought was funny was that, for all of the BITCHING that Casey Serin does about his supposed "haters" and the "Casey Serin hater sites" out there, he keeps one in particular in his toolbar for what could only be frequent reading.

No, this is not photoshopped. No, this is not an April Fool's joke. As we suspected all along, Casey Serin is Rob Dawg's biggest fan. Even Casey gets that he couldn't exist in the blogosphere without people like Rob.

Okay, Blogger is squashing the pic and I'm not in the mood to futz with the resolution too much. In case you don't have eyesight that allows you to see clouds around planets, it basically shows that Casey has ExUrbanNation open in his browser, obviously hopping back and forth to Rob Dawg's site.


Anonymous said...

Good catch, Aspeth!
And to think he didn’t spend much time on the “hater” sites…

Aspeth said...

Hey Akubi ;-) I wondered when I'd be seeing you over here.

Yeah...another Casey Serin lie. Whoda thunk.

Schnapps said...

Fantastic catch, Aspeth. I missed that one looking at his shots the other night.

I have to say, the whole beg-a-thon was so enthralling that I came home from job#2 and crashed at about 10pm PDT (it could have been the busted ankle that only let me get a couple hours sleep/night over the last week mind you). I just couldn't believe people were actually giving him money, when I checked the next morning.

I felt like giving the whole internet a shake (except those at EN and here of course) :)

And today's post - I don't really care if its real or just an April Fool's day thing. If its real, he is just as untrustworthy as I suspected.

If its not real, well, nice try.

Aspeth said...

Hi Schnapps...sorry about the broken ankle. Hmmmm....and you say you will manage to work two jobs? Wow.

Life Lesson #486930587 to Casey Serin: not only can human beings live off of ramen, they can actually break bones and still work.

Sounds like you and I were in a similar mindset on Friday night; overworked and completely disgusted that anyone was willing to give money to Casey.

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

Schnapps said...

Thanks, Aspeth.

I have a desk job during the day and was able to explain to the class I was teaching why I was sitting on my butt and having them do the work :> I committed to doing the job, and it was the second last day so there was no use getting someone else in. I can bear weight on it - its what they call an avulsion fracture: I rolled the ankle and stretched the ligaments far enough to pull a piece of bone off. I come home and dope up on anti-inflammatories and codeine and put it up :>

That's probably part of my attitude towards Casey, especially in light of Nigel's latest post: you commit to something and unless you're near death, you pull through on it.

Of course, that's why I can go on cruises 2 or 3 times a year and not worry about the finances :>

Aspeth said...

Schnapps said...
Of course, that's why I can go on cruises 2 or 3 times a year and not worry about the finances :>

Heehee...Nice. Very nice.

JohnDiddler said...

i bet nigel could have monetized anyway. show casey some money and he'll dance. he won't work, but he'll dance. nigel could have insisted on full control, with casey as a persona, a notorious, adorable crook. it's a bit post-realist or whatever, but businessmen swallow a lot of shit to close a deal. nigel kinda blinked. whooptie doodles.

Aspeth said...

@ John...Trying to be a real estate professional with a close relationship to Casey Serin is just stupid. In financial (and therefore trust-based) professions, these folks have to go out of their way to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. A short list of half-assed "real estate pro's" already ditched CS in full public view. What was left to pick off the bones of the body?

JohnDiddler said...

It's all about traffic, though. So ads siphon off the people facing forclosure. I agree the idea has surreal aspects. But the bottom line is: If the enormous publicity brings in enormous traffic, and 1% of that traffic has specific commercial needs, that market can be tapped. Insane Casey or no Casey. The goal would be to get the leads off of the site, to another site. Buy the domain outright and let Casey continue his drunken and delusional blogging. I still think it's an idea worth money. Certainly not my money.

Aspeth said...

"John said...
I still think it's an idea worth money. Certainly not my money."

LOL. I completely agree. Not one dirty penny of my money is going anywhere near Casey Serin.