Send Galina Serin to Prison

Casey Serin has gone out of his way in recent months to deny that his wife had any role in his multiple frauds and felonies. But his own words (and photos) betray that. In truth, Galina Serin has been involved in Casey's scams and get-rich-quick deals since the beginning.

Casey claims that wife Galina Serin was merely an outsider in his multiple frauds and schemes. But ignorance or stupidity has never been some sort of 'get out of jail free' card. In fact, of the four states where Casey and Galina Serin perpetrated their crimes, all four state that debt is a community property.

Since Casey and Galina Serin are California residents, the scenario is most easily clarified through California Family Code:

§910. (a) Except as otherwise expressly provided by statute, the community estate is liable for a debt incurred by either spouse before or during marriage, regardless of which spouse has the management and control of the property and regardless of whether one or both spouses are parties to the debt or to a judgment for the debt.

In short, Casey Serin can prattle on all he wants about Galina Serin having signed quit-claim deeds so that he was in sole possession of the properties. The state of California doesn't care who's name is on a particular bill. This is further reinforced by the fact that Casey Serin admits that the couple used credit cards in Galina's name to support various issues for their shady 'real estate business.'

That first co-mingled dirty penny confirmed to the state of California that Galina Serin was a willing participant. Of course, the business licenses are damning enough. It's a fairly implausible situation for two spouses two jointly register a corporation (or LLC or DBA) yet somehow only one spouse expects to hold liability for the venture.

Now, before you go crying a tear for Galina Serin, let's not forget that, as Casey has pointed out, Galina Serin has been studying to become a Certified Public Accountant. So she would have actually have been far more qualified than Casey to read over the mortgage documents, or at the very least, assess the gravity of the situation her husband was entering into.

Just as I'm inclined to not believe other spouses whose husbands commit various crimes, I find it impossible to believe that Galina Serin had no knoweldge of her husband's nefarious activities. By Casey Serin's own admission, Galina Serin has been the point person for their shady accounting since the beginning.

As you can see from the above, Galina Serin had a much broader and clearer picture of the family finances than anyone else. I'm just not buying that she couldn't perform the basic addition/subtraction functions to see a negative amount in the final line of the accounting.

So while Casey Serin was playing with his tech toys and other assorted shiny objects, it's just too precious to think that Galina Serin was blind to the multiple schemes and frauds, making her a party to them.

But let's say she is 'mentally challenged.' At least one state where Casey and Galina Serin committed their crime spree won't care. The Great State of Texas is notorious for prosecuting (hell, even executing) retarded folk. So Galina Serin's 80 IQ won't get her out of this, either.

Now, as we've recently been told, Galina Serin has been studying full-time for her Associates Degree in accounting...for at least four of the past six years. Whether or not this is another Casey Serin lie or not, anyone who has been in school for a specialized certification would have learned the very basics of the field.

When Galina Serin was doing the books for the Serin family frauds, she had to have known that there would be just a wee problem with Casey Serin's stated-income loans where he reported to earn $200,000-$300,000 per year. (This was one of Casey Serin's late-night admissions during last weekend's beg-a-thon.)

Now onto the Serin family's new path to righteousness: Bankruptcy.

First of all, to even remotely qualify for bankruptcy protection, Casey and Galina Serin would have to come clean, under penalty of perjury, about the frauds. I doubt they're willing to do that. So let's assume that they will continue to compile one lie on top of another, and 'ignore' the fraud element, because, well, everybody's doing it.

Should they take that route, the feds can tack on some additional sweet charges such as perjury and bankruptcy fraud, just for starters. But at the end of the day, bankruptcy does NOT protect anyone from the financial condequences of FRAUD and CRIME !!!

Here are some other fun charges for the dynamic dumbasses. Let's move onto Conspiracy. Black's Law defines Conspiracy as "an agreement by two or more persons to commit an unlawful act, coupled with an intent to achieve the agreement's objective, and action or conduct that furthers the agreement; a combination for an unlawful purpose."

It is worth pointing out that just because the desired outcome was not achieved does not eliminate conspiracy. In other words, even unsuccessful criminal enterprises such as those perpetrated by Casey and Galina Serin fall under conspiracy.

Galina Serin can probably look forward to some other fun charges: RICO (pattern of racketeering), racketeering (including but not limited to mail fraud, wire fraud, financial institution fraud), and money laundering (Galina's keeping the books and more than a few folks have noticed that there are at least a couple hundred thousand dollars unaccounted for).

Among the wait-and-see charges, we might also see some tax evasion and bankruptcy fraud thrown into the mix just for fun.


Anonymous said...

A small correction here, you cannot study to be a CPA in jr college, at most you take accounting 101.

It's quite obvious neither of the Serin crime family can distinguish the difference between assets and expenses nor revenues and liabilities, or the effect of debits or credits to those classes of accounts.

It used to be a rigorous exam to be
a CPA, only 3% passed the exam the first time they sat for it, which I did circa 1983.

Aspeth said...

Right you are. To clarify, I should have stated more clearly that her eventual hope is to become a CPA, after the schooling, mandatory minimum experience, and successful testing.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Anonymous said...

Ok then, I do love your blog and attitude! Can I ask at what age you became annoyed?

Some background? I had to support myself at 16 it sucked, I worked 60 hours a week and went to night school, that sucked, none of my friends did this shit. I was in college at 16!

I guess I have been annoyed for about 52 years!

Akubi said...

At some point, Casey stated that Galina had originally been attending U.C. Davis prior to their marriage, so she would have had access to courses beyond accounting 101 and she’s probably not as clueless as one might think.

Akubi said...

For those unfamiliar with UCD, here's the Fall 2006 Freshman profile:

High School GPA: 3.84
ACT Composite Score: 26
SAT Critical Reading: 595
SAT Mathematics: 634
SAT Writing: 602

Anonymous said...

She is either functionally retarded or lazy. Take your pick. All this real estate mega millions came from her watching late nite scamathon.

She egged Gaysey on..

I just hope they pay every DIRTY penny

Anonymous said...
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Aspeth said...

Holy hell...I leave for a few hours and everybody's getting all worked up.

NS...for the record, Akubi was saying that pre-junior college, Casey stated that Galina was attending UC Davis; therefore, she's not clinically retarded.

Let's keep the hate directed where it belongs.

Akubi said...

I wasn't quite able to parse the point/meaning of the NS 7:54 comment. However, Lawnmower Man found the references I was referring to on ExUrb.

Anonymous said...


You can study in JC to become the junior version of CPA and that is what is called a PA (aka the people who call themselves "Bookkeepers"). You can be certified by the state when you take the basic test and show them you had xxx amount of completed credits. Here is the info from the DCA.CA.GOV site:

A Public Accountant (PA) is a person who has met the requirements of California state law and has been issued a certificate of public accounting from the California Board of Accountancy.

So basically it's feasable she took the classes and gotten the basics out of them. If she isn't involved in this mess, I would be extremely shocked.

Funny, she was "offended" by a contractor because he "yelled" at her? WTF is that all about? I bet she probably dogged the guy all day and he finally had it with her.

Offended. Wow. She should be more "offended" by what her hubby has done to defraud and cheat the system than what some contractor says.

Schnapps said...

And in any case, if Dolph is right that she took the bare minimum to be a bookkeeper (even attempted the courses) she's way more prepared than Casey to handle their books.

And she probably had some idea of what was going on - moreso than Casey realizes or is prepared to admit in a public forum (take your pick)

Anonymous said...

BTW you can add mortgage fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud to the list of Serin family offenses

Anonymous said...

Ok, for argument's sake, let's say she is capable to do the books.

I think the real point here is, who in the hell can take 6 years to complete a 2 year degree? Especially if she did attend UCD prior to JUNIOR college. Another point, she was only recently taking Quickbooks (per one of Casey's recent comments)? You take those courses in the beginning, not years 4,5 & 6.

I fully believe she is into this as deep as her pearl necklace.

Aspeth said...

@Dolph...You are absolutely right about Galina's misplaced sense of outrage. I also find it impossible to believe that any, even base-level, accounting classes in this day and age don't roll out Enron and Sarbanes-Oxley as a nearly continuous object lesson.

@Schnapps...Absolutely. It's always the information that's not readily put out there that proves most interesting. Wouldn't it be a hoot if Galina turned out to be the Svengali behind all of this?

@TV Rots Your Brain...I believe I threw in the wire fraud and mail fruad (if not, good catch); I left off the mortgage fraud, as it's possible that Casey could be the sole signatory on the notes.

@Mermaiden...Very strange, indeed. After perusing the course catalog for the venerable institution that is Sierra College (Galina's JC), they don't seem to have an accounting program. Maybe that necklace she's wearing was the final project for her bead-stringing class.

Bub said...

It appears in your zeal for judging these two, you've missed (or ignored) the difference between civil liability (debits) and criminal activity (fraud). Although, as the California law states, the spouse would be liable, that does not make her a party to the committing of the fraud. I suppose I won't ever understand the Schadenfreudelich appeal of trashing those who have done no direct or specific harm to myself, but c'mon, if you're gonna call someone out, you can't be above being called out yourself.

Aspeth said...

Bub....Actually, I do think that Galina Serin is equally involved in the Serin Family Scams, and not solely because she's married to a man who has admitted to multiple felonies in four states.

As someone who was claiming to be studying accounting and handling both the couple's personal finances and managing the books for Serin.us and AbleBuyer, Galina is just as complicit as Casey Serin. She saw how much money was going out (on top of the 30-40k she had racked up in credit card debt) and obviously knew that, since neither are working, there was no income to cover approximately $20,000 per month in overhead.

Still, over a year after quitting his job, neither of the Serins is working, other than working to dodge their myriad creditors.

Anonymous said...

come on and leave her alone. our govornment has been lying and scamming for years and we pay them! isn't it enough that they tried to beat the system and lost? at least they haven't apllied for welfare yet. you want to save our economy, do something about the illegal immigrants that are slowly but surely destroying our financial institution.

Aspeth said...

So let me get this straight, anon...you're one of those folks who thinks that financial crimes are "victimless" (which, in my experience implies you've got a pretty wide grey area in your own life with theft/fraud) so you want to shift to the topic to immigration?

Would it sufficiently feed your ire to know that both Casey and Galina Serin are immigrants?

Strange, that...I'm not attacking who they are, I'm saying they should be held accountable for what they've done.

Anonymous said...

well said Asepeth.

Whether you are an immigrant or not, a crime is a crime (a misdemeanor or not). As someone who is interested in the real estate market, i feel that such "issues" should be acknowledged.

I'm sure Casey and Galina knew well, even BEFORE they got into the housing industry, that "hey, maybe playing with air money isn't such a good idea". What they - like 2.2 mil in debt? i mean come on.... even a blind man would've seen that coming. (my apologies for the crude comment, just wanted to get the point across).

I was thrown aback that all those seminars and real estate classes they've taken....apparantly none of them made an impact (nor difference) for them...

In addition, I'm a bit shocked by how nobody in their family makes a big deal about the predicament they are currently in. (Personally i think there should be bells and whistles going off every where - it's not a game playing in a market that you just screwed over with no money in your pockets).

And last quick comment: something doesn't add up for me, how on earth does it take 4-6 years for an AA degree? And why on earth did she leave UC Davis? if they couldn't afford it, there's grants and loans, and scholarships out there for assistance. And I wonder - does the husband have any college education?

As someone who came to this country from Russia with my family (with practically just the clothes on our backs) i have to say that I learned more on how to manage money - legally and practically (as well as have more common sense) than poor (no pun intended) Casey and Galina combined - and I'm 22 (enough said). Through many grant apps (and some loans), i managed to get a BA before i could even legally drink in the US. And in the process of getting my own condo.

I'm not saying follow my path (clearly i'm not in a position to be promoting that), but I'm just having a hard time grasping how on earth did they dig a hole so deep for themselves...

Aspeth said...

Natural Selection...

thank you for your comments, and congratulations to you for leading a life far different than Casey and Galina Serin.

To answer some questions: not only is this not raising red flags with his family, his mother recently guaranteed his corporate line of credit. (He has purchased an aged corporation "Hammar Investments" and has been shuffling debt/pulling out money for personal living expenses under the guise of the shell corp)

As for schooling, no, Casey has repeated spouted that he thinks college is for losers...a place where we are trained to become wage slaves.

As for Galina taking so long in school, yes, many folks (me included) are confused by this. I think it's going to be one of those things that, until it comes out in court transcripts, we just won't know.

Thanks again for the comment. As another young Russian immigrant, you're in a prime position to comment from the "Anti-Serin" point of view.

Anonymous said...

i'm not saying that all financial crimes are victimless, theres a difference between some investment banker scamming a seventy year old woman out of her life savings, and someone beating a larger firm out of some money that is probably insured by the federal govornment. all the false information they gave could have been checked out beforehand. if you apply for a jc penny card they call everyone you know. they should be accountable to pay money back as they can but prison time? come on, there isn't room enough for violent criminals. besides, she's cute. don't you let your wife get away with things if she looks good in a thong? now i'm not bashing immigrants, everybody originally came from somewhere, but as the owner of a construction firm, i have watched the illegal day laborers take all the manual labor jobs away because they can work without liability and comp insurance, under false cridentials, and then send the money back home. but that is a topic for another time. all i'm saying is that i feel there are bigger fish to fry so to speak

Aspeth said...

Anon 12:21...I completely agree that "there are bigger fish to fry." However, the reality is that Casey Serin continues to perpetrate various frauds, crimes, schemes, and cons. He's not only unrepentant, he's been on a continuous crime spree for the past year and a half (siphoning off approx $2.5 million in just that time.)

With that in mind, the only thing that will save society from more of his madcap adventures is to be forcibly removed and placed in a cell.

As for taking such a visible example of fraud out of the system, I'd encourage you to read this piece, The Casey Serin Project. With that, there are obviously several others (appraisers and mortgage brokers) who are complicit and should also have their feet held to the flames.

Casey Serin admitted months ago that he would only use mortgage brokers who would get him 100%, stated-income loans, with cash-back at closing. He received between $15-50k from each "sale" yet never made more than a couple token payments before the houses went into foreclosure.

I pointed out the Casey Serin project story because it's a good example of the ripple effect this couple has on neighborhoods, home buyers & sellers, taxes, and proposed bailout legislation.

There's a whole world of hurt that these people have caused. Most of them have slunk into the darkness. This couple is blogging about it, still unemployed and trying to achieve some sort of sweet passive income along with the fame and fortune of a book deal, etc.

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