Oh, Jesus...THIS Answers THAT Question

In case you missed it, there's been a lot of hoopla over Britain announcing its plans to withdraw from Iraq.

It's sent global media into a tizzy.

Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama used it as a catalyst to tear into one another.

Dick Cheney stumped the topic from Japan.

What's important to note here is that all reports state that Britain will pull troops in May, with a complete pull-out within 12 months.

Fair enough.

But then this morning, up pops a teeeeeeeny little news item.

Guess who is scheduled to head to Iraq? None other than Prince Harry. And, oh yeah, he's due to be deployed in May.

Wow....that's a curious coincidence, isn't it?


Reader "Brendan" kindly reminds us that Harry has done a bit of soldiering before, at a controversial Halloween party.

Look out, Iraq.....


Unknown said...

Third in line to the throne, sent to gulf war 2. Did he do something wrong?

Aspeth said...

Well, you know, the heir and the spare....

I guess it really does suck to be the spare!

Brendan said...

Is he the one who dressed as Hitler for Halloween?

Aspeth said...

Oh, holy crap...I'd forgotten all about that! Yeah, he did....