Other Folks Weigh in on Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia

Pauly Shore actually comes out and says "Joe is right", and then follows that up with a sniveling round of, 'but he should shut the fuck up and take it.' Methinks Pauly should make it his life mission to make sure he never goes to jail.

Up next on deck we have Bobby Lee. I actually think this one is fucking hysterical, because, is it just me, or does Bobby Lee look like a battered wife? He's kind of shaky and smoking and his eyes are either darting all over the place or just looking down at the ground like some kind of Taliban hostage.

In my mind, this video got made because Carlos showed up on Bobby Lee's doorstep, dragged him out of bed by his neck (what else explains the hair and the just-woken-up face?!?) and shoved a handycam in his face and told him to fucking get with the Carlos version of events, since no one else will.

Judge for yourself:

Seriously, I can't even believe that Carlos still has a job. And you want to know what I find supremely fucking funny about all of this? Before this whole imbroglio, I had never even heard of Carlos Mencia.

Now, I sure as hell knew Joe Rogan. News Radio was an awesome fucking show. I've known of Joe Rogan for fucking years. So the idea that some random dude out there has enough juice right now to pull this kind of five-minute power play is hysterical. And you want to know why? Because that kind of juice is soooo short-lived.

Maybe Carlos doesn't know that yet. Maybe that's the even bigger surprise waiting for him after he goes to raise the pot one more time and realizes that he's out of chips. Or maybe he does know...senses it like a cold chill raising the hairs on the back of his neck. And maybe that's why he grabbed a handycam and yanked Bobby Lee out of bed to read some fucked up pap that was scribbled on some dirty cocktail napkins just out of frame.

Ah, what the fuck am I saying? The so-called 'mind' of Mencia is surely not that complex. Good luck with that impending fall into comedy oblivion, Carlos.

And Carlos, if you want to try to DMCA my ass over that statement, go ahead and try. Just remember, every player at the table has a finite amount of chips to play.


Anonymous said...

what is up with that bobby lee video, when he was on another video with rogan, saying that ned steals shit?
on the video with rogan, he says something to the effect that he could do one of ned's bits by simply doing one of his own bits.

Aspeth said...

I know, right? That totally feeds into my 'battered wife' theory. I mean, if Bobby Lee was really behind what he's saying in *this* video, why does he look like he just rolled out of bed?