Back Away From the Train Wreck, Slowly

While Casey Serin has proven to be an endless source of entertainment for millions around the globe, there is a much darker side to him. As I said in the first post in this series, we also find someone who can present as quite disturbing.

That Casey fancies himself a Christian comes as no shock to readers. But the depth of this ranges from the benign to the commercial. There are national organizations as well as worldwide ones. If you like, Casey Serin can even give you a Christian history lesson.

The fundamentalist thinking appears in saved links on “evolution propaganda”. To keep in tune with the word while enjoying himself, Casey Serin seems to enjoy Christian movie reviews . “Welcome to Hollywood Jesus!”

While God goes secular, don’t forget to accessorize. It seems like Casey Serin even found a way to confuse a semi-popular phrase, interpreting it as “juice for Jesus.”

Those mildly amusing topics take a far backseat to some of Casey Serin’s other reading materials. At first glance, I found the folder “contradictions” to be funny. And when one page promised to “preach with sound doctrine and refute those who contradict it,” I chuckled, wondering what that group of self-described hypocrite haters would do if it ever got its hands on one Casey Serin. But then I scrolled down and saw articles such as “A Sermon Denying God’s Responsibility to Save Africans” and my chuckle was replaced with a chill.

The chill grew to a shudder when I found the folder marked “conspiracies.” In here, you will find that there is “a war for your mind” and that “the earth is being turned into a prison planet.” Beware the propaganda

Casey Serin has also been reading up on an “eternal life device”, as well as investigating a “cellular enhancement program.” Considering that Casey thinks he’s going to live for eternity, it makes me wonder what is his hurry for getting rich quick.

Under the innocuous title “dictionary,” there are links to the Skeptic’s Dictionary. At first, I thought Casey Serin must be practicing for that Christian refuting that was so lauded earlier. But the topics of alternative medicine, junk science, new age beliefs and the metaphysical all seem to line up with other belief sets.

These are shown prominently in Casey Serin’s “danger” file. Here we discover “50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation” and “What Your Dentist isn’t Telling You About Fluoride.” Again, no stone is left unturned. We find that soy is merely a “so-called” health food, as you will see from “The Whole Soy Story.”

Water is essential, but it must be filtered. Meanwhile, “Don’t Drink Your Milk” and rage against Splenda.

One article claims to treat hypoglycemia by avoiding grains, while others urge resuming the diet of the Paleolithic Age. If all else fails, there is always “the Maker’s Diet.”

With a deep fear of nearly every type of food setting in, Casey Serin takes to labeling various folders with names like “blood” and “clean.”

Something called the “failsafe” food network comes into play, while articles on veganism sit side-by-side with articles on “nomad cows” producing the best beef to eat. Who says fundies can’t enjoy a little play on words?

To round out your knowledge, everything you’ve never wanted to know about bioterrorism to bowel movements can be found here while “safe foods” are discussed here.

I mean, really...am I the only one thinking right now that Casey Serin didn’t just *drink* the kool-aid, but that he was actually the one mixing it?!?!

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Akubi said...


Anonymous said...

"A rage against splenda"?

That's it, I've had it with that little twerp. I have become a Super Hater, anyone who is against splenda (the finest artiifical sweetener yet) and reads that quack Mercola website is thine enemy!

Aspeth said...

Casey's reading materials are certainly bizarre. And this topic set definitely explains that whack podcast where T was explaining how he needed to live on the cheap and he snorts something to the effect of "Do you really think people can live off of Ramen?!?"

Anonymous said...

Funny that he thinks Ramen is the devil yet consumes mass quantities of Starbucks..........

Aspeth said...

But I'm sure it's okay because he pays the extra money for the 'free trade' stuff that has been sprayed to hell with third-world pesticides that would never clear USFDA.

Schnapps said...

Actually, the idea that he consumes Starbucks but avoids ramen is unsurprising, if we start from the idea that Casey is exceedingly self-absorbed.

Starbucks, you see is something he enjoys and feels he deserves. Ramen is below him. The ethics of how starbucks gets its beans is besides the point; its all about CASEY, not about how his or a corporation's actions affect other people. The point is, from Casey's view, that he enjoys Starbucks.

Pure self-absorption.

Aspeth said...

Schnapps...I think you're right. The sense of entitlement shows through in the "I deserve Starbucks" yet the limited education/exposure to the world doesn't clue him into the fact that he's poor white trash, as evidenced by the copious crap and chain restaurants.

Billy said...

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