A New Lexicon for Crazy

Casey Serin’s more disturbed side comes out in his catalogue of favorite websites. But other links point out that Casey just might indeed recognize that all is not well in Caseybrain.

He is almost as obsessed with personality, development and psychology as he is with religion and food. He starts with “40 Developmental Assets” that create healthy, caring and responsible adults. Perhaps thinking he falls short in one or more areas, he explores the more cheerful “Everyone Can Build Assets!”

We find Casey Serin ooking to myriad sources for explanations of “personality.” Many of these seem to be hand-picked to reinforce what Casey already believes about himself. After taking a number of such tests, it then becomes necessary for Casey Serin to follow the literature.

There’s obviously a lot of reading on Casey Serin’s agenda, so it seems like a good time to explore speed reading. Or, you know, just bag it all and pursue some “goal-free” living.

In Casey Serin’s “development” folder, we see the usual guru stuff. Casey has also been reading the strangely worded “looking for a new simplicity beyond the complexity” which perhaps explains why his writing is so poor.

There is a link to “Google’s Number One Life Coach” which I hope to mean that Casey Serin was looking for help, rather than looking to actually become a life coach.

Enter the cult of “sungazing,” which requires that, “either at sunrise or sunset (when the intensity of the sun is at its minimum) stand on the earth and stare directly at the sun for 10 seconds. Adding an additional 10 seconds to the total sungazing time each consecutive day. In 6 months your hungers would be under control and understood. Stand there for 10 months you would never need food again.”

Following Casey Serin’s link list, you can heal yourself naturally or head north of the pyramids If that doesn’t work, partake of the “Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness.” Or try some “thought field therapy.”

Apparently it is possible to change the molecular structure of your food by praying over it. Same goes for water.

Meanwhile, Casey Serin has been researching the radio frequency emissions of his cell phone. And, in a link that I’m absolutely positive reveals far too much about Casey and Galina Serin, here’s one on holistic healing for a yeast infection, courtesy of the Life Force Plan.

Care to engage your inner hippie? Try wilderdom. Feeling paranoid? Just wait ‘til the oilcrash.

Just in case that’s not wacky enough for you, step on over to “Hidden Science, the New World Order, World Wide Electronic Mind Control, Population Reduction and Possible Earth Changes.” This one is really a doozey, because you’ll get to see just how diverse Casey Serin’s interests really are.

While there are so many excellent quotes from this website, I’m going to go with this one from the main page: “In January of 2002, I posted an article to this web site titled Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies which described a simple, homemade invention called a Chembuster. This new invention, inspired by Wilhelm Reich's Cloudbuster, demonstrated that it was possible to disperse and break up chemtrails, allowing for a return of normal blueness to the sky, an invigoration of the air with a clean, fresh smell and the production of rain in those areas where drought is being artificially created by HAARP and other secret weather controlling technologies.”

Once you’ve read up on your technologies, follow Casey Serin’s reading list over to Illuminati. I find the site, well, curious we’ll say, as the top banner says “alchemists conceal in order to baffle the vulgar. This site exists for the sole purpose of penetrating the veil.” In other words, this site is for slack-jawed morons.

But if you’re like Casey Serin and too stupid to be insulted, I guess you’ll want to read all about things like “Environmentalism: The Religion for an Eco-theocratic Superstate?” or “Plato the Kabbalist.” Maybe you’d like to discuss “The CIA and Mind Control,” “High Frequency Vandalism in the Sky,” or “The Origins of the Overclass,” which discusses the highly secretive alliance between the CIA, millionaire businessmen, Wall Street brokers, national news media and Ivy League scholars.

Holy FUCK! It’s no wonder Casey Serin doesn’t trust education!!!

Just after condensing all of this, I feel like I’ve watched a multi-day “King of the Hill” marathon, in which Dale Gribble was the only character.


Anonymous said...

This one is amusing considering that snowflake could not even go 12 hours on a fast

How to Do a Three Day Juice Fast

Aspeth said...

Personally, I'm still laughing over the misunderstanding in the "Juice for Jesus" crack.

Akubi said...

The important question is whether Casey’s sungazing interest lead to Nikolay the Sungazer or vice versa.

Aspeth said...

Akubi...so glad you caught that one. I was totally thinking of you and Nikolay for much of this post!

Anonymous said...


And here I thought it was the real estate gurus that scrambled his brain. No, it was thoroughly scrambled long before they came along.

Aspeth said...

With a side of homefries and a bizkit.

It really seems like incarceration or forced medication will be the only things that save society from Casey Serin.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Funny, he seems to have a diverse array of interests, but I don't see any links on, you know, how to get a job.

Sprezzatura said...

Seems like the only conspiracy he missed is a link to the Jews and/or the "elders of Zion"

Aspeth said...

Hi pdb...thanks again for the overview on your site.

Sprezzie...unfortunately, there's plenty of that stuff in the conspiracy, religion, and junk science files. Just reading over those websites made me feel plenty scurred about people. I guess I thought that those nutjobs were all holed up in a cabin in Montana or something, living off the grid and armed to the teeth (no offense, it's a beautiful state, but...)

Anonymous said...

Suprisingly, no folder entitled "Coming Out of the Closet to your Family" was discovered among the archives... ;-)

Anonymous said...

More folders not present in Serin's bookmarks:

- Freeloading off your relatives for fun and profit!

- How to get by on one haircut every 3 years

- Building a complete wardrobe for $50 (1 blue shirt, 2 ties, 1 set of slacks)

- How to increase productivity by blogging while sitting on the toilet, shitting wheatgrass [discussed with "Nacho"]

- Stopping foreclosure by drinking juice (oh, wait...)

Any others I'm missing? ;-)

Aspeth said...

no murse catalogs?

Anonymous said...

God, and Galina wants to "start a family" with this man? I can only imagine what he'd be like as a father.


Aspeth said...

even more disgusting is the thought that anyone lets that rat-faced, wispy 'stached slimebag actually climb on and rut.

god...i'm stuck in a mental loop of that visual. now i'm going to have to go kill myself.

Anonymous said...

anyone lets that rat-faced, wispy 'stached slimebag actually climb on and rut

Ehh, he and Galina probably haven't done the horizontal mambo in years. Remember his "abstinence" bookmarks? Perhaps they tried once on their honeymoon night, Casey couldn't get it up (you know, because he's attracted to men and all...), and they gave up.

And now Galina wants to start a family? LOL, it was probably a troll, but again, they likely just want the kids to get some extra social security numbers and open some more juicy credit lines. And maybe one or more new shell corps. Imagine that, a California corporation whose CEO is (on paper) a 4-month-old baby! Wouldn't put it past either of these scammers....

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, no. Thank you for dredging through all this stuff for us. It's all the entertainment of Serin-land without having to risk contracting crazy via web osmosis!

I have to admit I still feel somewhat sorry for Galena, but if that girl had any damn smarts she'd be down talking to the FBI and IRS.

Aspeth said...

benoit...I can definitely see the dynamic dumbasses trying to use the kid's social to form new dummy corps. After all, there's still the unanswered question as to how Casey Serin himself was somehow able to DBA at the age of 16.

pdb...No love lost for Galina Serin. While it is pathetic that she's married to such a ridiculous excuse for a man, she's in up to her neck in the finances and businesses. She's on hot rocks right now because the free ride came to a screeching halt and she's not down with the discomfort of it.

Check out Send Galina Serin to Prison

Anonymous said...

Wow....that shit is just scary. Now I guess we know what he does all day.

Aspeth said...

lol...yeah, my guess is that he busies himself wrapping tinfoil around his skull and taping garbage bags over the windows.

Anonymous said...

Well that's what he'll do in his new digs. I mean this is just whacked.

Anonymous said...

Casey's bookmarks?

Sprezzatura said...

@held back -- yes.

Anonymous said...

Aspeth, where do you find all this stuff? Is this speculation, satire or do you really have access to Casey's files?

Anonymous said...

Never mind, didn't see the held back post.

Anonymous said...

I think Casey reads all this esoteric stuff so he can appear sophisticated and intelligent at family gatherings.

KC's mechanic bro "So then the guy goes...no, the car makes a sound that goes like this..not this..."

KC (Not quite remembering what he read but bastardizing everything in a jumbled mess)
"Did you know that if you truly believe that if you click your red heels three times and wish to be home..you will be transported there? The only problem is that the alchemists can block such travel methods if the Christian Science Society that causes yeast infections whenever they pray..."

Galina (embarrassed as usual)
"Casey WTF are you talking about?"

KC's mech bro thinks "And they think I'm the family idiot"

Schnapps said...

Nice work, Aspeth. :>

I've glanced at his blogroll too, but was too scared to open any of them :>

The boy is amazingly self-centred. Except for the yeast infection thing of course. Unless that was something he caught from her, and was looking for an au naturel cure. :>

Sprezzatura said...

*snork* He also bookmarked an article about how to deal with angry comments left on your blog.

Aspeth said...

Sprezzatura: hehe, I'd forgotten about that one.

Schnapps: that was my guess, too. then I had to go stick my head in the oven as it was all too horrible and disgusting to ponder.

Legion: maybe it sounds more intelligent in Native Tongue.

Held Back: Yes. It's quite the jumblefuck of madness in there.

TK: It's too bad the public links cut out when they do...if this was the "it's all good" reading, I think I'd be terrified to know what he's cruising now.

Schnapps said...

I know - I am sort of squicked out by those thoughts. I think I need some wine - Is Wednesday too early?

(Aspeth's response doesn't count because she's likely been pickling herself silly the last week or so in some warm, tropical place :))

Schnapps said...

And here's another thought for you (courtesy of Partner):

"Maybe they got the yeast infection by going swimming."

I'll leave it up to you to think of WHERE they went swimming and picked it up.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back from vacation and great post Aspeth!

I'm tired from a long work day which leaves me rather speechless after reading these posts and delving somewhat into the scrambled mind of our precious snowflake.

flailing forward said...

Ugh, are you insinuating a Modesto green pool pudding infection? That's a disturbing thought.

Aspeth said...

Schnapps...Jaw-dropping outrage over my vote not counting! No matter that I've been a rum-soaked, table-dancing beach bum for the past week, I'd tell you to pop the cork even if I *had* been at home the whole time! :)

Oh, and I'm with Flailing on ICK.

Hi Dumbfounded...thank you. I'm feeling like a rocket that just passed through the atmosphere; it's always a bit rough on return.

I'll make the same apology to you that I made to Legion over at EN...I'm sorry if I've pushed you to the brink of crazy.

Schnapps said...

Table dancing? Do tell. Are there pictures? :>

And no wine last night. I went to bed instead :>

Ok, ok, your vote counts, simply because I? am a hypocrite. The last time we came back from Mexico I should have checked my liver at customs (tequila factory tour at 9:30am = BAD. Very BAD) :)

Sorry you were squicked by the pool comment :> It is sort of gross. But a valid point, nonetheless, I think.

Aspeth said...

Oh, Schnapps...tequila tour first thing in the a.m. sounds frightening right about now :) As for table dancing, I blame the Aussies; they're always starting trouble!

Anonymous said...