Thank You

Some folks around the blogosphere have made me laugh when referencing this blog. To them, I'd like to extend a hearty Thank You for reading, appreciating and passing along the rants compiled in these pages.

I'm just now having some morning caffeine (and of course, still going through terrible vacation-and-rum withdrawls!) so please forgive me when I inevitably blow it and forget to include someone. I will amend this list posthaste if that's the case. (Of course, the list has been growing all day, and I'm sure will only continue to!)

In reverse chronological order, I'd like to thank the following bloggers...

DumbMonkey, for saying "The best fuckin' weblog name is the known universe: TwelveYearsOfBeingAnnoyedByChloeSevignyDotCom"

Benoit™ correctly pointed out that he waved a red cape in front of the ExUrb's, calling an early Casey post "a viciously anti-Serin blog post." Which is, of course, how I met some of the funniest folk on the internet.

There's a random mention of "The Casey Serin Project" post in the Motley Fool blog site. Not sure how I landed there, but thanks just the same!

What Casey Means to Say, remarking on my Casey Serin Primer that "I wish I could write this well." That one made me blush.

Alex, when we swapped off stories and info for posts during a crazy week, said "I've cleaned up the content a tad, as Aspeth has been known to make sailors blush." Nice!

This post at Torcie's Place mentions Twelve Years in the periphery, but it's incredibly funny, and has to be quoted: "An interesting drama is unfolding with the SerinBlogWars. Chief antagonist seems to be Nigel Swaby. As far as I can work out he's a petty little nobody that wants to be part of the cool kids. Cool kids seems to be the posters at Exurban Nation....He really reminds me of an old flatmate - aka Peabody, cus he was such a contemptible little twat. Yes twat, the worst thing about living with Peabody was the feeling of contempt you had to deal with every day."

Lucidiocy, who said that "Aspeth has a knack for investigative journalism; acerbic and sardonic, she loves to pin the bad guys to the page." Plus, she gave me the cool award emblem below, as a part of her "Five Blogs that Make Me Think."

Akubi, for playing the role of stalking paparazzi. Looks like she snapped that pic when "I" was about to eat it.

PMSPMS™©®, who kindly picked up on the fact that I am desperately challenged when it comes to taking photos of any interest and stepped in to fill the void.

Rob Dawg said this about the multi-part piece on Casey Serin's saved links: "Aspeth's sweet blog is worth a look. I'm not interested in delving into Caseyworld™ beyond whipping out my spray can and declaring the the area a dead zone. Aspeth does a great job going back and showing what we have long known; Casey is not the bumbling stooge of his IAFF persona."

Sprezzatura has labeled this blog "Aspeth's Funshack," which is making me giggle even as I type it. There's a whole world of loaded context in there that makes me want to jump with delight!

Thank you, one and all. And let me know if I missed anyone!

Now, onto Lucidiocy's meme of "Five Blogs That Make Me Think."

1. Checkraise. John's a rock star of a writer who can post a topic that will simultaneously piss off the fundies and lefties alike. He's not a troll writer...it's just that so much of what he says is so absolutely spot on.

2. Visual Samit. Samit Roy creates incredible images and designs. I do not create from a visual standpoint, but I am wowed by what people with this makeup are able to produce.

3. The Science of Apathy. Well written and funny with unique topics that range from technology to the mundane intricacies of daily life.

4. ExUrbanNation. Of course. Rob is uniquely qualified to offer insightful commentary to trends and issues that affect us all. Some of the smartest people in i-net world have found their way over there and set up a second home, while a good time is had by all.

5. While not technically a blog, I still have to include Reason. I hate to admit it, because it will make someone who reads this far too smug (you know who you are), but this is an all too rare example of good writing and astonishingly critical thinking. The subscription tagline says it all: "Offend Leftists. Annoy Conservatives." This is a mission that I admire.

(El Smuggo would like to point out that Reason's blog is "Hit and Run."

So there.