More Casey Serin Companies

The blogosphere is in an uproar over Casey Serin's announcement that he has established a new "shell corporation" to further evade his debtors and law enforcement.

In short, the same asshole who was claiming insolvency just a couple of weeks ago, and begging his readers for $220 dollars to keep the CashCall wolves at bay, supposedly paid off a $4,500 loan that was given to him to establish a new shady entity in the business world.

So it seemed like a good time to delve a little deeper into the little huckster's background. Indeed, Casey Serin has a long history of establishing companies. Sacramento County alone shows five listings for Casey Serin DBA's, dating back eight years.

In order of their dates of origin, they are:

Filing Number: 9908416
Filing Date: 10/28/1999
Expiration Date: 10/28/2004
Ownership Type: Individual
Status: Expired
Number of Business Names on this filing: 1
Business Name(s):
Number of Owners on this filing: 1

Filing Number: 0009067
Filing Date: 11/13/2000
Expiration Date: 11/13/2005
Ownership Type: Individual
Status: Expired
Number of Business Names on this filing: 2
Business Name(s):

Number of Owners on this filing: 1

Filing Number: 0104276
Filing Date: 05/24/2001
Expiration Date: 05/24/2006
Ownership Type: Individual
Status: Expired
Number of Business Names on this filing: 1
Business Name(s):
Number of Owners on this filing: 1

Filing Number: 0105635
Filing Date: 07/12/2001
Expiration Date: 07/12/2006
Ownership Type: Individual Status: Expired
Number of Business Names on this filing: 2
Business Name(s):

Number of Owners on this filing: 1

Filing Number: 0305017
Filing Date: 05/15/2003
Expiration Date: 05/15/2008
Ownership Type: Individual Status: Active
Number of Business Names on this filing: 2
Business Name(s):

Number of Owners on this filing: 1

Now, if you take into account the fact that Casey Serin was born in September of 1982, he wouldn't have been 18 until 2000. So who registered the first DBA, Serin Vending, under the name Casey Serin? I can't imagine why the State of California would allow a minor to register a corporation...in which case are the Serin Family members a bit more inbred than we originally thought and trade one another's identities with impugnity?

Note that the final DBA, "Sweethost" is an ACTIVE license. I can't help but wonder what the little fucktard is up to with that...


Dimes said...

Well *obviously* it's his sweet deal corp.

Aspeth said...

No doubt. He couldn't even resist using Casey-speak in the DBA filing.

Anonymous said...

There's a suspended corporation as well, filed back in 03 http://kepler.ss.ca.gov/corpdata/ShowAllList?QueryCorpNumber=C2556789

Schnapps said...

Nice. Anyone willing to bet some of those went bankrupt?

Aspeth said...


Schnapps...He doesn't seem to know enough about BK to have already been through one (but I could be wrong about that). I think he did the typical Casey Serin thing and just walked away.

Anonymous said...

Could we do a little article on why Nigel is such a prick? Did anybody notice how he misspelled Aspeth's name on purpose (it was a response to Miguel where Nigel asked why Dolph, Asspeth (sp) and Rob aren't held to the same standard)?

What a doofus. Can somebody do some digging on this guy. First he was in a boy band, then he sold pins, then he became a mortgage broker and now a blogger. Who's the looser Nigel? Dude sounds like a failure hoping to fall forward to me.

Schnapps said...

Someone do the digging, I'll write and put it up on Red Schnapper.

The other one is coming - I've been having some issues with latin translations. :)

Anonymous said...

Red Schnapper? What's that?

Aspeth said...

@Anon...Thanks for letting me know that Nigel thinks he has something to say about me...hahaha! I'm not willing to kill off brain cells by reading Nigel's drivel, so I didn't know about that one.

Nigel doesn't rate in this part of the world. He's a puny little man with a underdeveloped mental capacity. He is an intelligent person's wost nightmare....common.

Hi Schnapps...that 'other' piece will be a riot when it's done!

@C-Corp...Red Schnapper is Schnapp's Casey blog.

Aspeth said...

Back to Anonymous 12:00 pm....a new comment on the post Did Casey Serin Ever Intend to Repay His Dubious Debt? reminded me that I first compared Nigel's bullshit 'hater outings' as reminiscent of the Kathy Sierra situation.

Of course, two days later, Nigel turns that around to paint himself as the victim.

Just one more example of what a mental midget he is.

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