Not Guilty...What Happens Now?

After a dreadfully botched investigation by Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong, all charges against the three Duke lacrosse players have been dropped.

Nifong, who was charged with ethics violations by the state Bar, recused himself from the investigation. North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper stepped in to begin from the beginning.

The three lacrosse players were originally indicted, under the discretion of Nifong, who will face a trial to defend himself against his ethics violations. But the supposed victim of the crime changed her story several times, and nary a molecule of DNA evidence existed to back her claims.

While one student graduated just after being indicted, the other two students returned to the northeast to finish college. Duke University has invited them back, and they have all (politely, I'm sure) declined.

Meanwhile, Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH organization had been trying to track down the young woman in the case, offering to pay for her college education. WHY?!? I mean, she obviously needs to be educated, but isn't that a strange reward who has stamped these young men with the impermiable stamp of sex offender?

The fallout from this woman's allegations are extensive. The boys' families have hired extensive legal representation, they have held press conferences to proclaim their innocence before a jaded crowd of journalists, and god help them when their resumes land on some HR twinkie's desk.

In short, there are a whole new set of victims in the shady "Duke rape case." The question now is, will law enforcement file charges against the proper party? Will the woman who catalyzed this chain of events be held to the same standard?


Anonymous said...

My stomach hurts to see what the system can do. If 60 Minutes wouldn't have done the story, these kids might have went to prison. The lies have to be punished. She should be tried quietly, otherwise there will be more of this

Aspeth said...

I don't know that I agree with that. She was the 'unnamed victim' for so long, while these boys were front and center in the media. So I think that both the DA (who is facing his own trial) and the victim-who's-not-a-victim should endure the same.

Dimes said...

They ought to make an example out of her, that lying sluts who accuse people falsely of rape will be punished (like her, like the girl who did the same thing to Kobe Bryant). It probably will have the unintended consequence of having other rape victims fail to report their crimes though, so she'll get a pass on this one, and I'm sure Jesse Jackson won't come back down to see that SHE get proper justice instead of just being dismissed as the poor, sick, stupid black girl who falsely accused three men of rape.

Aspeth said...

Good points, Dimes. Yes, Rainbow PUSH most likely won't be making another trip to Durham for the sake of all the justice that was being called for all those months. I guess in this case, Justice conflicts with The Cause. That's too bad, because The Cause would probably gain a greater foothold with ALL Americans if that were the case.