Oh, Casey

First, I'd like to congratulate Alex at The Real Estate Forum for making an appearance on the Casey Serin Nightline segment. The website was shown with the headline "Why Lenders Need to Know the Name Casey Serin" as a part of the background story. Congratulations on making an appearance on national news! What a very cool nod to have under your belt!

I feel a certain vicarious thrill from this, as Alex and I traded segments on the Casey Serin story for a few days. Strangely, that site received quite a number of hateful and threatening comments when that story was posted. I know from our emails that it was way beyond anything I've seen over here.

I didn't see any such 'backlash' on my site, and felt pretty bad for involving another blogger in a sort of meme that brought that kind of lunacy. So I really have to say that the screenshot on Nightline restored a balance of sorts. Congratulations, again!

It seems that Friday's revelation about Casey Serin's dirty little paper trail has tongues around the country wagging. R-boy has unearthed some old Serin family court cases, and it doesn't look like they're related to Lady Liberty opening her arms and accepting this shady clan to join the nation.

I'm glad I could give some junior detectives something fun to unearth over the weekend. It will be interesting to see what the blogosphere discovers from this point. It's interesting to think about what people can find in public records....versus what one can find with a subpoena.


Schnapps said...

Hey is there a link to that video segment somewhere? I'm getting bored of hockey today


Schnapps said...

Ok, the care and feeding post is up. Let me know if anything should be added :>

And if all Nigel can do is steal other people's ideas, well, that just opens a whole new ball of wax.

I wonder how he feels that Casey is going ahead with his own foreclosure site and possibly a book, when the idea was initially Nigel's


Aspeth said...

Hmmm...I don't know about a video of the Nightline segment. I think ABC typically posts stuff on their own site, so that might be the place to start.

Schnapps said...

Yeah, being north of the 49th, ABC won't let me watch their shows on streaming :>

Aspeth said...

Oh my goodness:

"The taraxacum officiale looserius is behaviourally inconsistent; this can be frustrating to those who do not understand his thought process... Species 2759 has taken up a protector role in relation to the taraxacum officiale looserius"

Everyone, get thyself to Red Schnapper. This is great!

Aspeth said...

That's a bit weird. I'll look around and if I find a link, I'll send it your way!

Anonymous said...

They also need to know about Nigel Swaby. He apparently is comparing Casey's situation to that of the Jews during the Holocaust.

What a fracking insult to families who lost loved ones during that horrific time.

There is a difference Nigel - The jews suffered due to intolerance and racism. They were KILLED for doing NOTHING wrong.

Casey is an admitted crook who apparently may or may not be prosecuted for his liar loans. Last time I checked he's alive and living quite well even though he should BE in jail.


Aspeth said...

Hi Anon...Eh, Nigel's trolling.

R-Boy said...


Do you have the link to Heekee saying umm, that Nigel owns IAFF, and also, that link to the Prestwich comment?

Aspeth said...

R-boy...the comment you want is fifth comment, as 'anonymous'. (A sidenote: as I mentioned above, Alex got a rash of shit for posting this in The Real Estate Forum, but didn't get this comment. So that made me think it was a troll.)

I think my assistant can track down the heekee link. Give me a few minutes...

Aspeth said...

Here's what Heekee says about Nigel, IAFF and the 10k

Schnapps said...

I find it interesting that the bent of the Casey love-in has changed, substantially.

First a positive take. Then an alternative take. Now its Nigel tooting his own horn and breaking his own rules. :>

New post on Red Schnapper soon - if not tonight, then this weekend: am swamped on so many levels over the next few days.

Aspeth said...

Hey Schnapps...any port in a storm to that guy. Unfortunately, he gambled his fledgling professional reputation on a really stupid choice. Anything from here on out is nothing more than public grasping at straws.

Anonymous said...

Not only that, Aspeth but we can see that not only does Nigel happen to be Casey's anonymous emailer, but he is posting all these love in cheerleader posts with the similar sign off styles.

THEN he thinks we will run to his craptastic blog to post on that trollbait piece he wrote telling us all to STFU. Fuck him. He can shut the fuck up because I don't fucking care about his tactics.

Hey Nigel, you CAN get Google to recognize a forum if you point the Google bots to the site. You should know that seeing you are such a whore for Google traffic.

Aspeth said...

lol...Anon, take a deep breath and repeat this mantra: "He's not worth it."

lucidiocy said...


Nice work. Keep in mind, 'truth is the best vindication against slander'


Aspeth said...

Hi Lucidiocy...A great thought! I'm sorry your comment eluded me for so long ;-)