Casey Serin Flees the Country

Were law enforcement agencies getting close to arresting Casey Serin? Now that we've learned that he's fled the country to Australia, that certainly seems plausible. After all, the website Myebid has been posting a listing for the sale of "I Am Facing Foreclosure" for over a week now.

It's difficult to tell if this is really Casey Serin posting the website for sale, but as of this evening, the current bid is $20,000. The listing says "iamfacingforeclosure.com is now for sale, the Feds are getting too close and I am fleeing back to Uzbekistan, it was fun why it lasted. Thanks everyone!"

Galina Serin is finally talking. And it's because her husband, Casey Serin, has fled the country, leaving her with a mountain of debt and possible criminal charges looming.

Rob Dawg at ExUrbanNation posted an incredible Casey Serin scoop...namely, that Casey Serin has been crashing with his folks, presumably persona non grata at Yulia's at the moment. He called Galina to tell her that he was leaving and if she wanted to say goodbye to come over immediately.

What Galina Serin did not immediately know is that Casey Serin had cleaned out their accounts, leaving her with no means to pay the bills. An "I Am Facing Foreclosure" fawning imbecile fan had donated a plane ticket to Australia, where two other gullible morons sponsors have offered the care and feeding of one Casey Serin for the next couple of months.

Considering how difficult it is to get a freeloading Casey Serin out of one's home once the invitation has been extended, I have to wonder about the wisdom of that.

Assuming that Casey Serin did not plan his trip too far in advance, he would have gotten an ETA in lieu of a visa. This would allow him to stay for three months at a time in Australia. No doubt, it would have greatly appealed to him that "employment is prohibited."

A fresh, new, unused excuse for Casey to tramp out!

To call Casey Serin a coward is simply too easy. He's so far outside the bounds that, even after a two-family intervention, Casey Serin is still willing to flee from the deeds of his own hands and leave his wife holding the bag.

I recently finished a great book called The Floating Brothel, which details the journey of Australia's first female convicts to populate the island after being cast out of England.

The juicy bit of the story comes from the fact that these founding mothers, in essence, prostituted their way to the new world. As their ship made dozens of stops on its way to Oz, the ladies used their feminine wiles to their advantage, collecting quite the handsome nest egg before their arrival to the new world.

And isn't that just the path that Casey Serin has taken? He's whored himself around the interwebs, and every so-called opportunity that presented itself was just another way for him to flatback his way through life, ultimately landing in Australia.

(That said, the story of the Aussie founding mothers is an amazing tale, and I came away with an incredible amount of respect for what these women accomplished. This is where the parallel to Casey Serin ends.)

There is more snark to come. Schnapps I will be doing a joint post of goodness, where two smart, snarky girls come together in a cyberspace coffee shop (or wine bar, depending on the time of day) to hash out the details.


Schnapps said...


Coffee is for mornings to make me human!


And first :>

PMSPMS™©® said...

Howls of laughter all around. Well Aspy.... you and I both know it's going to be harder to track Snowflake in Oz - thanks to privacy laws such things as reverse phone number lookups, online directories of peoples history etc are much more limited. Good to see you again!

BelowTheCrowd said...

How do I get in on this snarkiness???


Aspeth said...

Schnapps...sounds good to me!

PMSPMS...Yet he's not covered by the extradition treaty between the US and Oz, which says, "Persons shall be delivered up according to the provisions of this Treaty for any of the following offences provided these offences are punishable by the laws of both Contracting Parties by a term of imprisonment exceeding one year or by death... 15. Obtaining any property, money or valuable securities by false pretences or other form of deception."

PMSPMS™©® said...

Oh... I also want to know when Galina's last period was and how many days late she is ;)

BelowTheCrowd said...

ETAs are revocable at any time.

He can't be extradited to the US under the treaty, but he CAN be kicked out of Australia whenever they decide he's become a nuisance.

And unless he has airfare to get himself to some other country that is willing to take him, he will be placed on the next flight to his home country with an open seat.


Schnapps said...

And BTC wants to play too.

Of course he knows more about wine than I do. :>

Aspeth said...

The question becomes, what will he do to get out of Oz when his inevitable 3-month clock is up, and his patrons have become tired with the care and feeding of one Young Serin.

Will he overstay the visa, with the argument that he has no cash for the return trip?

Funny how these crazy cheerleaderz will get a first-hand taste of what a bad idea it is to back this horse.

BelowTheCrowd said...

I really, truly, do want to play.


(Get you minds out of the gutter. My two felines, Aspeth's one. Alternately, wine for three.)


BelowTheCrowd said...


If he can't afford to leave, he will be quietly placed into the next open seat (hopefully a middle seat in a plane with 2-5-2 seating) on a plane back to some location in the US.

The US government will bill him for the seat, and the IRS will enforce.

If he can afford to pay for a departing flight, he is welcome to fly to any country that will accept him. There aren't many.


Sprezzatura said...

I spent the day dealing with spotty wifi access @ WWDC and didn't know what the hell was going on until I got home. Took me a few hours to try to plow through all the posts & comments & try to get caught up.

Even now several hours later, I still feel like I have no clue what the actual story is. Casey in Australia? It's so weird as to be surreal.

BelowTheCrowd said...

Yes, he appears to be in Australia.

Maybe we should enlist our old Aussie friend's help. He hates sleazeballs.

I thought this was winding down a week ago.


PMSPMS™©® said...

Ah - don't worry too much. He'll run out of money and hospitality soon enough. By the ways he's trolling with the "one way ticket" business - you can't get in the country without a return ticket. (Same as me going to the US I suspect).

Anonymous said...

Is it possible he's now famous enough to become a permanent global gypsy? Traveling the world depending on the kindness of mor... strangers?

That would be cool if the Flying Dutchman here wasn't such a dirtbag.

T said...

Oooh! That book looks GOOD! I gotsta read it!

Broward Horne said...

How click fraud may have occurred...

An expanded explanation-
My Defcon 15 proposal on click-fraud, inspired by my experience with IAmFacingForeclosure.com...

sid m. said...

he is a gypsy. he comes from a family of gypsies. they are all in this.

mark these words, he has a coffee can full of cash that was buried somewhere.

notice how he always is able to come up with the cash to take a trip here, dash over there etc...

There are no fans.

Torcie said...

Someone please take him back. He's bringin down MY property value just be being in the country.

BelowTheCrowd said...

Sigh. No Aspeth.



T said...

I know, huh? She's been all silent. It's starting to feel like we're somehow secondary to her REAL life. *rolls eyes*

Aspeth said...

lol....yes, juggling some client issues, but lurking so not insanely crazy busy like other times.

Sid M. brings up an interesting point. There is always money lying around for Casey's little pet projects, so it does beg the question about how and why he took off to Oz.

T...it is a good book. I was suitably impressed with the depth of research into these specific hundred-some-odd women's lives and genealogy. Plus, with the hefty nest egg upon arrival, many of them became the country's earliest merchants, civic leaders, etc. Pretty effing amazing.

BelowTheCrowd said...

No worries. I start having the client issues this afternoon. Might miss the next hysterical chapter.

In the meantime, I have notified some of the relevant copyright holders about the blatant ripoffs of their copyrights.

Don't like DMCA, but like jizzbuckets like Marty and Casey even less.

NotAnOptimist said...

Oh, man, CaseyPedia is crazy addictive! *dies*

Sid M. said...

@ Aspeth,

In rereading this posting, I now think that you are correct. The gypsy has left the building and no one was supposed to know that he was scamming/preparing to scam in a new locale.

I still think that he has a coffee can full of money that he took with him.

T said...

Aspeth, I'm always looking for interesting new books to read. Reading is a favorite pastime of mine. I had my local library place a hold on a copy and plan to pick it up at the end of the week. Thanks. <3

Akubi said...

I agree, Caseypedia can be addicting.

I'm also an avid reader. Have you checked out any of the online book groups? Since EN is making less and less sense with anono-traffic, I'm beginning to think I should spend more time reading good old-fashioned books instead - at least until things settle down.

I finally got around to adding those groovy Amazon widgets!

T said...

No, I haven't checked out any online group clubs, Akubi. Oprah sorta turned me off the the whole book club concept.

I'm totally picking up what you're throwing down re: EN. That place is a madhouse. That's why I like it here. It's nice and cozy and the company is great.

Akubi said...

EN was once nice and cozy. I miss the old days:(.
Well, shelfari.com (a MySpace for the literate feel) has been my most current online bookclub interest; however, there are a number of others like:
among many others.
It's easy to get lost in them and have so many recommendations you don't know where to begin.

strawberry mousse said...

I think you are great. Send g to prison biatches!

Schnapps said...

Heh. Ok. I'm listening to the Declan interview.

Casey has got to stop doing the Darth Vader thing in the phone.

::open can, spill worms::

Aspeth said...

Torcie...your countrymen have let us down in allowing Sercasey to invade your borders. It will be difficult to wash the island of the stink :)

T...I think you'll dig it. There's another wildly good historical book that I just re-read. Let me know what you think of the floating brothel and I'll look up the name of the other. (yeah, long day...mind mostly gone)

Sid M...yep. He sounds pretty pissed off that the cat was let out of the bag, and so quickly at that.

Schnapps....have a link? Also, you've got mail :)

NotAnOptimist said...


For the Declan interview transcript and a link to the mp3, I refer you to CaseyPedia.

Schnapps said...

Got it, Aspeth. Was in bed already, actually. Completely exhausted.

Sprezzatura said...

I'm completely exhausted today. Went to a concert last night & didn't get home until after 1. I'm too old to be doing stuff like that on a weeknight.

T said...

What concert did you go to, Sprezz?

Sprezzatura said...

The Police.

T said...