Marty Stewart, Crybaby

In my opinion, of course.

Casey Serin's so-called publisher Marty Stewart consented to an interview with cnet's Declan McCullagh earlier this week.

Marty Stewart starts the interview on a hostile tone, implying that anyone who has seen the web pages where he and Casey Serin had parked content must have hacked his server.

(The good folk at Caseypedia have transcribed the conversation for those who would rather read than listen.)

Private Content

Marty Stewart says "I never wanted to get sucked into, uh, Casey's story, per se, I just wanted to kinda report on it, you know, in book and info product form just as you are, with articles! And, um, basically, our content, er, actually, a chunk of our content and creation [phone] calls were actually on a hidden web page on our site, as well as other client proposals and other client-sensitive material and somehow, I don't know how yet, these people-- call 'em Casey's Haterz™-- found out about our... somehow found these hidden pages. I don't know if one of our servers was hacked or what, but basically--"

Declan McCullagh interjects, "Basically wasn't it just indexed by the Alexa search engine?..."

Exactly. Marty Stewart is whipping out some pretty inflamatory accusations, that some hacker actually committed a felony to bust into his servers. The truth is that the pages in question were available for public viewing on an Alexa page. Marty quickly reverses his hacker tirade and goes on to say,

"Yeah I think what may have happened... just because, obviously we're marketers, (Twelve Years insert: I thought you were a publisher, Marty?) so we have Alexa toolbars on even our assistants, our virtual assistants, everybody who works for our company has Alexa toolbars installed. So the only thing I can surmise is that somehow just by surfing with Alexa...So, now it's being uploaded and blasted all over the place, and now me personally and my company, you know, is being blasted and smeared all over the Internet, so uh, now I'm, to be frank I'm very pissed."

Copyright! Raw Content! Internet Sophistication!

Marty Stewart has been referred to as some sort of Internet Marketing Guru. But his internet sophistication is such that he didn't understand that, by requiring all of his independent contractors to surf with an Alexa toolbar (are you getting some sort of affiliate kickback on that, Marty?) he was putting his private files online for all to see.

Oh, Marty....That YouTube video of you (the one you pulled down) expounding on the Adsense improvements you learned from some other jackass guru shows a true pro! In fact, what I gathered from your video is that you're one of those guys who parks a domain, uses some scrapers to pull content and headlines from sites like this one--you know, the ones with original content and then load it up with Google ads.

Is that really a professional job? Because to me it sounds like the internet version of the old woman who comes around to snake aluminium cans out of my recycling bin before the trucks come each week.

Nigel Swaby Redux

Much like Nigel Swaby tried to surf Casey Serin's coattails by issuing his "Aspiring Internet Journalist Lands Real Estate Story of the Year" press releases, Marty Stewart tried to steer the exact same trainwreck. But Marty Stewart must have an incredibly steep learning curve, because he doesn't seem to have gotten the lesson that not only does Casey Serin fuck every associate he comes into contact with, the supposed "haterz" use that person as a chew toy.

Yet this supposed Internet Marketing Guru doesn't understand even the basics of DMCA, copyright, and fair use. He actually thinks he's going to somehow track down the Haterz via their user names (another Nigel Swaby move) and pursue some nebulous plan of attack. Marty Stewart says,

"You know, obviously it's copyrighted content and it's being smeared all over, and also, whatever procedure... that's what we're still trying to figure out today, is that through Google? Anybody's screen name, as far as people that are leaving certain posts, and are actually screen names for people that are uploading onto various websites, we're going to aggressively pursue finding out who these people actually are and, again, now it's a principle thing in my mind."

Declan McCullagh is again the voice of reason, pointing out that "It seems like the more you try to make a stink about this, and file legal threats or lawsuits, the more people are going to mirror the content maybe in other countries, put it up on freenet, that sort of thing. Maybe if you just ignore it, it'll just go away."

"Those People"

Marty Stewart likes to refer to Casey Serin's critics as "those people." Marty, those people are the fucking base you're trying to sell these shoddy pamphlets to! Unless you're truly bottom-feeding and hoping that some rube on the outskirts is going to actually take foreclosure advice from you and Casey Serin.

Marty Stewart seems much like Casey in failing to see his role in the give-and-take between the critical community. The opening salvo that Marty Stewart printed in "I Am Facing Foreclosure" asked for Those People to contribute content to his publication! (Pardon me while I gasp for laughter.)

"You can even be quoted in the book as “haterz” or as “supporterz”. There will be one chapter dedicated to both sides! Love him, or hate him, you have a chance to be quoted!"

Sorry, Marty...Those People aren't necessarily clamouring to have their ideas and words handed over to you so that you can shill your shite all over the interwebs.

You Are Reading Criticism, Commentary and Opinion

I suppose Marty Stewart somehow believed that he could be the one person to come out of a Casey Serin deal unscathed. The hubris! Of course, this is the same guy who says on "I Am Facing Foreclosure" that he basically twisted Casey Serin's blue balls to get him back into the game. He tells the IAFF audience that,

"We have been privy to many details in Casey’s life he’s revealed only to a close few in his “inner circle” and some details he’s never shared with anyone.

These things were “leverage points” we had to use with Casey to point out what route we “could” take, but merely pointed these out to get Casey’s attention, as he ignored us for over 4 days. We had to assume the worst, and that Casey was flaking out on his publishing deal with us.
...Having “insider information” into Casey’s life, allowed us to touch on some hot buttons that Casey’s creditors have no clue about.

I won’t go into detail here, as it would provide a roadmap for his creditors to follow."

Marty Stewart must also share the trait of being irony-free, as this mansack-twisting is outlined immediately before a subject header that contains the words "Honoring, Morally, and Ethically." Oh, too funny, that!

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain!

When Declan McCullagh tries to pin Marty Stewart down regarding any of his clients, past success stories, or even number of employees, Marty becomes audibly uncomfortable and evasive.

This would, in my experience, put Marty Stewart into the category of so many untold thousands of Southern California men, known as the Fake It 'Til You Make It Guys. These are the ones who like to wear shiny shirts and talk a big bag of crap about their supposed businesses.

They range from club promoters to internet jockeys, and they toss around terms like "VC guys" and "angels" at cocktail parties, trying to impress everyone within earshot. But when pressed, like Declan tried to do with Marty Stewart, there are no answers...just shady side-stepping and subject changes.

These guys always fall back on the "non-disclosure agreement" line. Always. Because all they have are the smoke and mirrors. A few vocab terms. And a constant eye toward finding people who will work "on spec," for commission, or for equity.


More Private Content. Dont Read This! STOP IT!!!

It's really a beautiful thing when the universe pairs people up like this. Soulmates are so hard to find. Yet when Casey Serin needs to find one, like he has with Marty Stewart, all he has to do is mine his Inbox for the gold that lurks within.

Who's running the betting for how many months until Marty is showing up on a "hater" blog to tell his side of the story? My bet is that it happens sometime around the end of summer.


Akubi said...


Aspeth said...

jaysus, akubi. that was up for, what 12 seconds???

Akubi said...

Well, your feed hasn't been active for a while so it caught my eye. (Plus I'm bored waiting for some data to finish migrating.) I hadn't read it yet, but had to declare my Murst! victory. Anyway I would say the end of summer is a bit optimistic. I wouldn't be surprised if this latest partnership implodes by the end of the month.

Aspeth said...

You could be right, but I'd be disappointed. I find Marty's fiesty little "in it to win it" attitude to be a breath of fresh air!

Sprezzatura said...

If you buy into 'The Secret' (yeah right), then supposedly you attract into your life the things that are a reflection of your innermost self.

Since Casey's innermost self is a deluded bottom feeder laden with fantasies of fame and success, it's only natural the he should end up with Marty. I'm just surprised that it did not happen sooner.


Gypsy Pete said...

The whole deal stinks.... You know you gotta wonder if in KC's inbox he had some genuine people offer to act as his agent or whatever - but because he is - I dunno - antimatter or something - he always went for the dickheads.

lawnmower man said...

Very good summary. I also thought I heard the sound of rapid backpedaling during Declan's interview; Marty starts off big, but it rapidly becomes clear that the only tool in his box is a DMCA threat.

Needs a post-EN update, though: LossMitPro just sent a big legal "fuck you" rocket up Casey 'n' Marty.

Anonymous said...

I can die happy; the fruits of my labor are being linked to from my favorite blogger. ;)

Once again, a terrifically scathing and succinct entry by Aspeth.

Aspeth said...

Optimist...aaaw! I'm so glad!!! That had to take some time to sort out, so I'm happy you get the recognition for it :)


Anonymous said...

AHHHA HA Aspeth! I am reading this too! Not only that, I have printed out copies and am stapling them on telephone poles all around my neighborhood for everone to see!

Devious, I am.

Akubi said...

Will you be calling into tomorrow's SharkCast? That would be awesome.
I've occasionally been tempted to do so, except for the desire to maintain some degree of anonymity and the fact that my whiney voice isn't nearly as hot as Stephanie J's.

flailing forward said...

Poor "240 blinks per minute (bpm)" Marty. He just wanted to make some info products and pollute the internet with his thousands of worthless pages. Now all he gets is a semi-vegan shit sandwich and the added bonus of becoming a legendary intarweb asshat.

Did you see the page where he claims to have tens of thousands of pages, all plastered with adsense? On another he claims he can increase a site's traffic by over 1000% in a month. Do you remember when IAFF was down, but it was still getting all those mysterious hits? The real-meme guy did a couple of experiments and pretty much showed that there is some bot-net abuse going on.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, Declan is one smooth talkin' and fast thinkin' mofo. If/when I ever get started on my Serinesque fraud spree, I hope to gawd I don't catch his attention and I sure as heck wouldn't consent to an interview!

If you haven't yet, I implore you to listen to the interview, preferably BEFORE reading the transcript. The complete and utter cluelessness of KC and Marty only really come through when you hear their words with your own ears.

Listening to KC's despair at the end of the interview, makes me wonder if the gravity of his situation is finally sinking in.

Anonymous said...


It was indexed on Alexa. Maybe you got hacked.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely said...

After the latest happenings, I think Casey might start an outreach to each and every one of us in an attempt for him to hex us all with his Entrepreneurial Curse that befalls everyone who tries to do business with him... it might be the only way...

Anonymous said...

Hey Sprezzatura, on the last thread you said you went to see "The Police".

Funny, Casey Serin's going to be seeing them soon enough as well.

Couldn't resist. :)

Anonymous said...

Who's running the betting for how many months until Marty is showing up on a "hater" blog to tell his side of the story?

I actually wrote on EN that I half expect Aleksey and Anna to show up within two months. heh.

As for Stewart, I did the "outing" on Caseypedia of full name and birthday. Turns out that Mr. Martin James Stewart has had a few run-ins with the law, including violation of probation (something relating to drug use), and a temporary restraining order filed against him by a 59-year old relative named Lynette. More info by search Washoe County Courts. :-)

Anonymous said...

I OWN Marty!

I am the #2 and #3 Google results for 'IAFF.COM' and the #2 Google result for 'Casey Serin Wife' and I'm fricking one-man amateur act!

Chew My Big Pipe, Marty, I own you, Mr. Fruit Loop!

Sprezzatura said...

@Benoit™ -- They're playing two shows at the Garden in early fall. See them. It'll be worth every Dirty Penny™.

BelowTheCrowd said...

And all of the above fail to mention that if they really start generating publicity around this, the people whose copyrights are really being violated: Random House (Da Vinci Code) and GoDaddy.com are likely to take note.

And, of course, they are unlikely to be particularly kind about it. These are companies that send out C&Ds like they were junk mail.

Dumbest thing about it, and a true indication of the brain trust we are dealing with, is Marty's choice of registrar for his pagedaddy.com domain.

There are, of course, dozens of registrars, and they all would offer him some sort of proxy registration service that would conceal his real name and address. (I won't even get into why a legitimate business needs a proxy registration.)

So, out of these dozens of registrars, who does he choose?

Yeah, pagedaddy.com, is registered through godaddy.com.

This is the logical equivalent of stealing a car, then trying to trade it in at the dealership you took it from.

"Internet Marketing Genius" indeed.


Gypsy Pete said...

Well we all had our doubts as whether KC was working for Pride Industries as a programmer for the disabled or a disabled programmer and his high secured secret club house web page pretty much confirmed where he sat in that company!

JohnDiddler said...

marty has 12 hours of interview and a few months to hit the market.

lawnmower man said...

Yeah, pagedaddy.com, is registered through godaddy.com.

In Day 7 of the audio, Marty also reveals that GoDaddy hosts PageDaddy's "4 dedicated servers". (It's followed by an ignored "what are you paying?" from Casey, presumably gearing up for a protracted whinge about the lack of support provided in bare-bones no-support contracts, but Marty talks over him and moves on to other matters.)

Anonymous said...


Nice! Witty, biting and gets to the truth of the matter.

Akubi said...

Hey Sid,
I thought you offered to lead the local Haterz chapter....

Anonymous said...

Hi Akubi,

I did indeed. Are there many haterz from the central Marin area?

Akubi said...

Sid M.,
Marin is such a special, perfect place, why would there be any Haterz;)? In the overall SF Bay Area I would say there are quite a few though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Akubi,

Hmmmm....so maybe there should be a chapter in the Bay Area.

Heck, we could even invite KC to come down! :-)

Akubi said...

If he ever gets out of Australia, that is...
Why don't you set up a blog and start mobilizing the peeps? I'll provide extra PR on my award-winning blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Akubi,

A blog? I can barely cobble two sentences together without sounding like a complete moron.

I am truly envious of those that can express themselves through words.

After I finish moving (hopefully it doesn't take 3 months like last time), I will figure out where meetings for the He-Man-Casey-Haters Society can be held.

Akubi said...

Sid m.,
Well, I can barely cobble two thoughts together, but it hasn't prevented me from having a blog home base of sorts.

Anonymous said...

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