The Mac Revolution

The Mac revolution is here like never before. Tired with being slaves to Microsoft's vast empire, computer users are switching to Mac's in droves. Windows new operating system, Vista, has gotten a poor response in both technology and user circles. Perhaps fed up with being forced into yet another useless upgrade, PC users are making the switch to Apple's more responsive and user-friendly computers.

Since Microsoft has commanded such a huge chunk of the home and business-user market, they have all but ignored their consumers' request for positive changes. They have instead only charged forward with their own agenda, producing clunky programs that have not evolved to meet the needs and desires of PC users.

I truly believe that there are millions of other PC users out there who, like me, sit and seethe as their computers miraculously download more crap onto their machines while they're trying to work. And as each new Windows product comes with more and more hidden files and dumbed-down features that presume to know what we want our computers to do, rather than us commanding them, our collective patience has reached the end of its tether.

While this is something I have grown to suspect with increasing conviction, the industry has started to anger the gods at Microsoft and agree. This week, a surprising item at Computerworld describes hitting ctrl/alt/delete for the last time. Scot Finnie says it all in his article "Windows Expert to Redmond: Buh-Bye". Here's my favorite quote from the piece:

Microsoft's marketing materials for a past version of Windows used the phrase, "It just works." But the only computer that tagline honestly describes is the Macintosh

Yep. Scot Finnie just confirmed something I've been wondering for quite a while now. With key experts like this coming out in favor of the other side, I predict (with quite a bit of glee) the beginning of the end for fucking Microsoft. Steve Jobs' day has finally arrived to unseat the unscrupulous Bill Gates, and I'm sure he's having his own quiet celebration somewhere. No doubt the rest of us will share in that joy, once we dump our clunky PC's and move to a computer that really is an extension of who we are.