Fuck the PC, VIVA LA MAC!

It's going to be difficult to write this one without using 'fuck' as every other word.

Here's the thing. I'm about to throw the fucking PC's off the balcony, then giggle and clap in delight as they crash into a thousand pieces. The irony here is that they seem to do that anyway, without my throwing them, so it's a largely symbolic gesture.

While I work in a creative industry, I'm a word person. I always believed that the extraordinary designers working around me were the only folks who really *needed* the Mac. But why keep banging my head against the wall like this?!?!?!

I had a nasty bug a few months back (my IT guy told me to stop surfing porn....as if that's going to happen) and had to wipe my computer. I was pretty amazed to discover that the bulk of my processing was held in the first 6 of 10 recovery disks. The final 4 were all junk that I am still finding and removing from the machine.

They obviously learned nothing from '98:

Before that, I held out for as long as I could before switching over to Windows XP's even greater piece of crap operating system. The reason was that it was so fucking dumbed-down that it made me want to scream. I still refer to XP as the AOL of operating systems, and I think it's more than apparant that the developers spent most of their time skiing rather than creating a viable OS.

Simply put, XP wants to make too many decisions for me. It's running me rather than me running it. If I'm in the middle of something, a machine will suddenly freeze up while the evil but necessary (thanks to the vast proliferation of PC bugs) virus software or fucking Microsoft randomly downloads god-knows-what to my computer. Gee, thanks....I'll just go ahead and pour another cup of coffee while you do that.

I'm just one of the nearly 2,000,000 folks who have committed themselves in print to saying "FUCK MICROSOFT!" (A number which rose to nearly 2,100,000 just while posting this) The truly awesome folks over at MICROSUCK have a great article about this bloat issue, pointing out that the vast majority of these so-called updates service files and programs that none of us use anyway. They go on to show how the useless files result in programs being up to 2000% larger than they SHOULD be.

So let me join David Letterman in giving the finger to Bill Gates:

And everybody's favorite runaway bride comedian Dave Chappelle gets into the pro-Mac movement:


Anonymous said...

welp I read thru your blog and i have to say you coukd have saved mega amounts of bandwidth if you had actually gotten to your point,

now whats the reason you hate Micro Soft??? I have only seen a few brief reasons, but those were more or less the same as you have gotten in your car! Fuck Goodyear. lol Get a GOOD ANTI VIRUS and SPYWARE program and you wouldn't have that problem. Another thing is that when youre browsing PORN Quit downloading the shit they open up a window and say you must install to view..

NOw on the flip side,,, I agree that MS does install useless crap on your PC and there are some back doors, that XP probably has but GUESS WHAT? SO DOES THE MAC and any version of the MAC it just does it in a quieter fashion.

Anonymous said...

less the same as you have gotten a flat tire in your car! Fuck Goodyear