An Inside Joke...

So, when you listened to Casey Serin's most recent Friday Night Fraudcast?

Did you feel like you were going crazy?

You know?....Particularly when the woman with the question voice?

Just wouldn't stop talking?

You know the one?

Every sentence that came out of her mouth went up at the end?

So instead of making statements, she was asking questions?

And then she tried to talk Casey out of committing suicide?

Because she's had a lot of tragedy in her life?

And, you know, Casey Serin has never alluded to suicide?

But that didn't stop her?

And so, maybe you, like me, felt like YOU wanted to commit suicide?

Were thinking about the practicalities of balancing a shotgun in your mouth and pulling the trigger with your big toe?

Because this fucking person wouldn't shut the hell up?

And while you understood that she was delivering an anti-suicide speech, she was actually succeeding in advocating FOR suicide?

Because the longer she talked?

The more you were convinced you didn't want to live?

And you never knew it was possible to have a more annoying voice than Casey Serin?

But you found someone who did?

And you hope she never procreates?

And so on?

And so on?

And so on?

Oh, and did I mention?

I just say that because....?

Well, I once had a friend of a friend's hairdresser?

And her great-aunt once....?

And even though you've been lulled into some sort of hypnotic stupor?

You still want to blow your own head off in order to make her voice stop?

It's moments like this that makes me question why the Catholics can't understand that THIS is purgatory.....

On a completely different topic, someone who's been referred to as one of Casey Serin's supporterz is coming out of the woodwork.

More soon...


T said...

LMFAO! Yes, it was exactly like that. Nails on a chalkboard would have been easier to tolerate.

Oh, and get your ass over here and register, you.


T said...

PS: The "woodwork" you say?

aaron said...

Well I for one would like to see LMP get his ass kicked. It would be cool if someone would punish him and beat the hell out of him. I think that would be great. Hopefully someone will go to the court house and beat him down.

Aspeth said...

T...WTF?!?!? I saw that in my inbound links and wondered what the hell was going on.

Who's doing this thing and how the fuck am I not invited to the partay????

T said...

Hey, fake Rob... why don't you put up or shut up? Go down there yourself and handle it. Or are you just spitting bullshit?

Aspeth said...

I do say woodwork, T.

It's been several weeks in the making. Since no one got killed in the making of the post about Casey's Aussie adventures (thank you, all) I can tell you about some of the fun emails I've been having.

T said...

Aspeth said...

T...WTF?!?!? I saw that in my inbound links and wondered what the hell was going on.

Who's doing this thing and how the fuck am I not invited to the partay????

Excuse me, miss missy, but you got a personal invite from moi who, ironically enough, has been elevated to the rank of co-admin over @ The Dude's new messageboard.

The place wouldn't be right and good without you... so getcha ass over there and register!

T said...

Aspeth said...

Since no one got killed in the making of the post about Casey's Aussie adventures (thank you, all) I can tell you about some of the fun emails I've been having.

Jesus was right! Sometimes it DOES pay to be good!

Aspeth said...

Jesus was probably mostly right...his self-described messengers have managed to fuck it all up. But that's a different story entirely...

I never got an invite from you, T. But while you're here, would you drop me an email so I have a way to say hello?

T said...

*strums fingers*

Ok, I'm waiting.

T said...

There's no way to send invites from the board, girl... which is why I just came on here and invited you!

And I linked your site from over there... it's a sticky post.

I will email with a swiftness.

T said...

Shit, how the hell do I email you from here? I can't find anything, you've got so much shit in the margins.

Oh, and I went to the mall with my younger son today. We stopped @ Barnes and Noble and I saw the book, The Sociopath Next Door, on a table there. I almost bought it but decided on a book called, A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah, instead.

Schnapps said...

Reading that post nearly drove me insane, Aspeth.

Woodwork? Did I miss something?

Aspeth said...

I don't fucking know myself. I may have killed the "about me" section. You can email at aspethmontgomery at yahoo dot com.

I think you made the right choice. Have been in the spins for two days after reading what i did....

T said...

Mine may not be any better, tho... it's about a child soldier, Sierra Leone in the 90's.

T said...

Email sent!

Aspeth said...

Oh god help me...I feel like I have to know more about things like that. A human responsibility to know about the horrors of the world, so to speak.

So now I'm going to have to pick that one up.

Anonymous said...


That sounds horrible?

I am glad that I have been too busy to follow all this damn drama?

T said...

I'm probably not going to get a chance to read it for a while, unfortunately, but it really did look interesting to me. I hope it's not a disappointment; I hate when that happens with a book you've been looking forward to beginning.

BelowTheCrowd said...

The About Me section is still there, below the Google ads on the left.

The only link is the tiny "view my complete profile" from which one can email.

Better than me. I don't put an email contact on the front page of the blog. There's one on the "Who is?" page of my site. BTDT.


Anonymous said...

trying to figure out who is publishing cs 's book.

if it is self publish, as it appears to be, where did cs get the funds to PAY the publisher?

Cash upfront is necessary before a self pubbed book goes to press..and cs doesn't appear to be be using any of the cheaper self publishers.

AND...editors at self publishers don't really 'edit' the book. It's basically printed as submitted by the person who is PAYING for the publishing.

THe publisher will only provide copies as print on demand..which means the copies are printed AS they are asked for from book stores..which don't carry print on demand books usually as there is no way to get refunds when the books don't sell...and SELF published books usually require an upfront payment from the wanna be published AND payment for any author copies to sell.

Some self publishing companies are different...but most fall along these lines. Copies of said book are provided IF the author pre pays for them and covers ALL costs..usually only recouping a small sum....perhaps 50 cents per copy.

NO SELF PUBLISHER gives OUT advances to the 'author'.

Most fiction advances are in the range of 2 to 5 thousand dollars for genre books.

It beggers belief that CS would have recieved an advance from a self publisher of books.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Meant to write, oncce an 'author' sells copies of the self published work, they usually only recoup a small some..perhaps 50 cents a copy.

But don't take my word for it..check out the Sci Fi community "Predators and Editors" page for all the gory details.

Anonymous said...

oh man. I need to edit.

a small SUM as in money.

not some.


NotAnOptimist said...

In JakeMN's defense, she was sincerely concerned about Casey's well-being; she just wanted to make sure he wouldn't commit suicide. I do think that concern was misplaced (and perhaps, um, just a little lengthy); I've said over and over that Casey thinks far too highly of himself to end his own life. I could be wrong... but I don't think I am.

Bilgeman said...


"Casey thinks far too highly of himself to end his own life. I could be wrong... but I don't think I am."

He can and he probably will.

Once the world passes him by, and he's left to live out the life he has made in poverty and obscurity...what will he have left to live for?

An abject failure by the age of 25 years old.

He would rather live in penury than do something as "no shit sherlock" as getting a job.

With the vast majority of people, the lies that we tell ourselves can only carry us so far.

Unknown said...

what will he have left to live for?

Mocha and Pink Lips. :-Þ

Bilgeman said...


"Mocha and Pink Lips"

If that were the case, I'd mail the hobbit a small pistol and one bullet myself.

Now if you'll 'scuse me, I think something just shriveled that shouldn't have...

M. SINGH said...


I must remind you to never underestimate the value of a good filibuster.

I could tell that Mr. SERIN was in a bit of a predicament. He does not have many supporters, and the last thing he wants to do is to mute one. As far as I am concerned, anyone who wishes to eat up his time eo ipso provides less time for Mr. SERIN to promulgate his fraudulent schemes.

I remain,


Jake said...

I'm really sorry Aspeth for being irritating on the phone. I was really nervous, I wasn't expecting to be called on, I was just hoping to listen. I assume that made my accent stronger than usual. I'll have to listen to it. I'm from North Dakota and a Norwegian family at that, and that's how we usually sound.

Oh, and I am NOT a supporter! I left off the ending of that sentence about praying... that he goes to jail and his wife makes it out ok. We actually had a party when his blog came down, big disappointment when it came back again.