Casey Serin's UnderLYING Agenda

Is Casey Serin really headed back to the United States? If so, he's been planning a rather circuitous route home.

A few interested parties started forwarding me some information about Casey Serin's Australia trip, several weeks ago. Each one asked that I hold off posting anything about these plans, in the hope of talking some sense into the wayward fraudster. Now that Casey Serin is claiming to be headed directly back home, one of these parties has given the green light to fill in some blanks.

True to form of mining his Inbox for gold nuggets, Casey Serin has been searching for offers of housing throughout the world. He had previously posted on his website, "I Am Facing Foreclosure" that he was open to accepting housing offers from his readers, if anyone would allow him to stay at their homes.

Some newbies bit, thinking that Casey Serin was just a misguided and somewhat lost kid who was probably in need of a hot meal and some words of wisdom. Other offers came from folks who had been following Casey Serin's story for a while, who thought it might be a laugh to meet the "World's Most Hated Blogger" in person.

There are still others, those who have been helping Casey Serin with his website and various other enterprises while he's touring Australia. Casey has managed to keep in contact with them more frequently and consistently than his own wife and family. And even they think that's pretty seedy.

(Note to Casey Serin: You think Mark Villasenor has it out for you? You don't even know the half of it. You're trusting people who shouldn't be trusted further than they can be kicked. The haterz called it from the beginning. But once again, great judgement on your part!)

Showing his usual lack of discretion, Casey Serin started working his contacts to see what he could get. While he's telling the world that he's headed back to California, Casey Serin is actually trying to couch-surf his way around the world.

He felt pretty solid after getting some sweet media attention upon arrival in Australia. He hopes to travel the world, duplicating this media exposure in every country he visits. According to Casey, this will earn him new advertisers in each place he travels, as well as attract some new nefarious business contacts, which we all know by now means collecting some new marks along the way.

While Casey Serin's own wife, Galina Serin, cannot reach him via phone during his travels, those whom he considers to be in his inner circle have had fairly free and unfettered access to the amateur con artist and admitted mortgage felon.

Note to Galina Serin: While your husband is not so inclined to answer his Aussie cell since the haterz leaked the number (yes, it is 042 441 5051, but he's looking for another one now) you can reach him on Skype with the username "caseyserin." Redirect some of those CashCall calls there, and let your husband have a taste of what you've been dealing with in his absence.

There are plenty of, frankly, fools out there who are willing to let Casey Serin come into their lives and homes. So while Mama Serin may be offering a return flight home, Casey Serin has been telling others that he will divert those funds to a different destination entirely.

At this point, don't expect him home for Mark Villasenor's July 5 deadline, or any others. He's convinced that there are untold thousands of dollars (big thinker, he) to be mined from what he considers to be a media tour of the world.

(A sidenote: Until I'd caught up on a few of Rob's posts at EN this morning, I didn't realize that the Serin family didn't have a way to contact Sercasey. I knew there was a lack of contact on both sides, but assumed it was mutual. Had I known, I would have forwarded the phone number and Skype contact to the family via Duane LeGate or Rob Dawg.)


Akubi said...


Akubi said...

BTW given recent CaseySphere developments, I forgive you for not posting the long awaited Bollywood story;).

Aspeth said...

Thanks, Akubi :) It might also explain the dearth of posts over the past few weeks weeks. Designated blog time has been spent verifying identities and stories.

Anonymous said...

As someone who used to live where Casey lived in CA and dealt with his former employer (Pride), I have been following his story from the very beginning and initially tried to be supportive until Sept 2006 when I realized he was not taking anyone's advice and was basically a fraud.

As I try not to let his story take over my life and give him more press than he or it deserve, I still am very appreciative of those that post 'informative' news on his antics. Thank you!! Very good stuff.I have NOT been to your site before and wish you much success!

And not to be mean or vindictive, but I do hope that he gets what he deserves so that others will not copy cat his nonsense. Unfortunately, I see some idiots making a TV movie of his life and all of folks tuning in :-(

Sign me,

I hope this nonsense comes to an ending soon :-0 So sorry to all of Casey's family and friends.


Anonymous said...


So Pride cometh before a fall?

Seriously, we would love to get some details on kc's w2 life. Would you care to flesh it out a bit?

This is a good forum, also Exurban Nation if you have not been there.

And CaseyPedia, too.

Unknown said...

On one of the recent "Caseyworld vs Reality" posts, Rob suggested matter-of-factly that no one was helping Casey out in Australia -- that the "Canadian Fan" was a fabrication, as were the "two Brisbane hosts" and any other alleged supporters. And that Casey was financing his jaunt "down under" by screwing his mother out of $23,000 in corporate credit.

Does this jibe with your "gold nuggets"? Your post seems to suggest that there are in fact actual people actively aiding and abetting this fugitive. Not just someone helping him to moderate IAFF, but people actually giving this guy food/money/shelter to remain on the run.

I don't get what he likes about "sweet media" either... so far, the interviews and exposure during this Australia fiasco have been overwhelmingly negative.

Regardless, his life as he knows it is rapidly coming to a close. IMO.

Schnapps said...

Holy shit, Aspeth. And here I thought you were working your looser job rather than tracking Casey :>

Anonymous said...

Sorry 'wagga', but I wasn't implying that I knew Casey personally or knew him when he 'supposedly' worked for Pride (has this fact really ever been verified by anyone?).

What I am saying is that I lived and worked in the same area as CS and used to buy from Pride, so I am very familiar with the company as well as all the places CS lived and frequented.

When he started buying homes (mainly beginning of 2006), I knew the real estate market very well where he bought and could tell that it was all fraud by the price.

By early 2006, tons of homes on the market and real estate in the Sac area was heading down. He bought crappy homes in crappy area all very over inflated. FRAUD was written on everything he bought in CA (only market I know VERY WELL).

I hope that clarifies a bit :-0


BJ follower as well as Exurban and Nigel.

T said...

Oooooh! I so want the juice on who he's trusting who's screwing him worse than Lost Mittens!

And his mom needs to purchase the ticket rather than send him the money to purchase the ticket.

Damn, this kid never learns, does he? Someone over on EN said something about Casey befriending the wrong people and it's a possibility that he's gonna bite off more than he can chew in some countries. I don't wish that on anyone, tho... but still, it would be poetic justice.

T said...

And LOL @ "HAHA, Casey Serin! "Your blog, iamfacingforeclosure.com, is worth $0.00" My blog is worth $103,310.82."

Aspeth said...

Schnapps...I did actually have to entertain clients for most of the day today, but am back home now.

Benoit...It does look like Canadian benefactor is a total POS story, but others say the Aussie host was real, as are a couple of others that have allowed Sercasey to bed down.

He seems to have run out of people willing to help him out in Oz, so is actively farming offers from other climes.

T...It sounds like he's still going to try to re-book the ticket that Mama Serin sends his way. You know Casey doesn't think more than a half-step ahead, so isn't planning how he'll get to the next place, or home.

He's special, remember. He'll think positive thoughts from The Secret and as one of God's special children, he'll be taken care of.

(Oh, and glad you caught that. I thought it was pretty funny myself)

Schnapps said...

So Mama Serin gets the ticket, making sure there is some atrocious fee for changing the ticket (non-changeable, non-refundable).

At the same time, she freezes any corporate credit that's left.

And Galina empties the bank account.

So he can stay in Oz and risk running out his visitor's visa (how he managed to get in the country on a one way ticket is beyone me) or he can go home and face the wrath of his family.

Hell hath no fury, and all that.

Aspeth said...

...Except that he's also hitting people up for airfare to other destinations.

Schnapps said...

But really, how many fools are there in the world?

Oh forget I asked :)

Quite honestly, if someone's a big enough fool to give a random stranger airfare to other countries, that's their own damn problem.

BelowTheCrowd said...

These days it's pretty difficult to repurpose a ticket unless you are the person who purchased it in the first place. The exception would be a ticket purchased for cash. Of course, one way tickets purchased for cash tend to raise so many red flags, that it could be fun to hear the story of Casey going through security.

I hope someone sends him to Israel. Departure would be fun. They tend to be very picky about people traveling on tickets purchased for them by mysterious "friends," or who can't explain what they're doing, why, or what they're doing next.

Besides, I could probably get him thrown in jail in Tel Aviv.


Aspeth said...

BTC...that would be lovely.

You know, this is the problem in doing any kind of Casey story that somehow involves Casey as a source...because he lies through his fucking teeth.

That was one issue with taking so long to post. Once the inner circle folk got a chance to review one another's stories, they realized some glaring inconsistencies. And they went out of their way to fill in holes.

But this still comes down to What Casey Says...which is always fraught with deception and outright lies. The pathetic part is that I think he actually believes his own nonsense.

Schnapps said...

I have no doubt that he believes his own nonsense. If you listen to him talk, everything he says is something to force his worldview on whoever he's talking with (and my god, I haven't even been drinking and look at that horrible grammar).

At any rate, he's so sunk into his own delusions, and thinks that anyone that doesn't completely agree with him is against him, he'll never see what the world is really about.

I think it was Stalin who said, "Anyone who is not with me, is against me."

Sprezzatura said...

aspeth -- is this related to those emails we exchanged not too long ago?

Aspeth said...

Hi Sprezz...No. Different issue entirely.

BelowTheCrowd said...

Uh no. It was Jesus who said "he who is not with me is against me" (Luke 11:23).

Often repeated or paraphrased since then. Most notably in recent history by Jesus' self-appointed emissary on earth...


BelowTheCrowd said...

I am thinking he's getting to the point where he has to come home. It's not clear to me that once Galina closes their joint account that he will have any way to access any funds, unless somebody sends him physical cash.

I believe he has a paypal card, but that would be the only possibility. And Galina could probably shut that down as well.

(If I were her, I'd have called all card companies, informed them that my husband was in Australia and had lost his wallet, and asked to have them cancelled.)


Anonymous said...

Casey claims to be back in the USA.

Schnapps said...

BTC - pardon. I don't really know the bible, and that was a phrase my thesis supervisor used to describe Stalin's behaviour :>

BelowTheCrowd said...

I don't know the Bible too well at all, and certainly don't know the new testament, except to the extent that we read some excerpts in college humanities.

Google is a wonderful tool...


T said...

I know the Bible exceptionally well. Cause I'm badass like that.