Good Riddance

Akubi wanted me to write something about Casey Serin's final Friday night fraudcast. So after the obligatory jogging and yoga, I spent the afternoon listening to the replay.

I've been a bit surprised that I haven't really been able to muster any feelings one way or the other about Casey Serin's disappearance into the ether. I think this comes, in large part, from just not believing a damn thing that comes from Casey Serin or his "I Am Facing Foreclosure" site.

As I said to Schnapps earlier this morning (and, I later learned, was reflected in many callers' attitudes as well) that by changing out the mainpage, Casey Serin is still in fact blogging.

And I just don't believe that he'll be able to cut his losses so easily. Galina may have taken his shiny tech toys away from him by confiscating the cell and laptop, but he's obviously finding ways around this, with or without Galina's slack consent.

My complete disinterest in the demise of "I Am Facing Foreclosure" was washed away by listening to yet another round of Casey Serin playing the victim on his chat show. Perhaps because I actively avoid spending any great deal of time with slack-jawed imbeciles, I've just never seen someone who so completely and thoroughly misses the point every flipping time.

Casey Serin's false wisdom comes out straight away, with his assessment that "Realtors are eager to show vacant homes." In fact, the opposite is true largely because, without the feel-good elements of living spaces defined for them, most buyers are unable to immediately relate to the space.

A simple Google search reveals real estate agents all over the country discussing the challenges of selling vacant homes. Not to mention that an entire peripheral industry that has sprouted to alleviate the burdens of selling vacant homes.

Casey Serin then makes it clear that simple facts still elude him. When asked about his job hunt, he replies that he's basically still mining his Inbox for gold, rather than making any outside effort for employment. When it is pointed out to him that the contract with Galina stipulates that he look for a job as soon as IAFF goes down, he says "If the contract says that and I broke it, then that's your opinion."

No, asshole, it's not an opinion. Facts are facts. The dictionary reminds us that a "fact" is "something that has actual existence." A fact exists at face value. The process of query and debate ends upon conclusion that something is indeed factual.

Casey Serin tells the world that "I resent and hate that it worked out his way," clearly a reference to Galina and the families' intervention. Again clueless to reality, he still insists that Galina Serin regards the IAFF blog as Casey Serin's mistress. Wrong again, little dude. Galina's fed up with scrubbing toilets while you sit on your ass. Plain and simple.

Casey sneers to his caller "Thanks for your negativity." Actually, you're the one pouting and crying, Casey, so the vast majority of negativity was actually spewing out of your lying mouth.

A caller named "internet" picks up on this and calls Casey Serin out on his inability to commit, follow through, and live up to his word. Casey Serin whines again, his tired "I'm so misunderstood" routine, and bitches that he's being picked apart. The funniest part of this exchange is when Casey Serin asks his caller if he would chastise a child for falling down while it's learning to walk.

If the child in question burned down the house as it fell down while learning to walk, then YES, every blessed one of us would chastise the child, Casey.

Casey Serin doesn't appreciate "internet" pointing out that he's not a child and shifts the blame from Galina to the Haterz as being the reason for shutting down "I Am Facing Foreclosure." No one sees, in Casey Serin's opinion (which, again, holds a different definition from the aforementioned word "fact") the voluminous positive changes he's been able to make.

You know what, Casey? You're correct there. No one has been able to see that. Because your "positive changes" are like an imaginary friend that you carry around in your pocket and feed cracker crumbs to.

Now a special word to Casey Serin's last vocal supporter, Mocha. I don't know where you came from, sweetheart, but you're obviously new to this game. When you popped up on an earlier fraudcast, I took you at face value as a young, overeager little queen who was twittering from all the drama.

But since you're repeatedly inserting yourself into the line of fire, here's the dish, Mary. In all of your exuberance in supporting Casey Serin, you're just playing out the newbie routine--oh the Haterz are so hard on you! and all that nonsense. Did it escape you that Casey Serin treated you like everyone else who has earnestly offered him advice? He smiled and nodded and then continued to traipse down his merry path of picking dandelions.

I had a whole coterie of post-brunch queens with me this afternoon as I listened to your bullshit. And they all rolled their eyes and laughed out loud in recognizing the hubris of the young gay male.

On that topic, maybe you should have asked Casey Serin how he feels about queers...what fun tidbits of information he's picked up from his fundamentalist teachers. Because we've already seen what he's been reading about the world's non-white population.

One of my queens pointed out that, as a particularly flamboyant little thing, you must have really been put through the ringer at some point to identify and even align yourself with the downtrodden Casey Serin. Fair enough. But I find your ignorance appalling. You can't see Nigel Swaby for the seedy hanger-on that he is, so it's not surprising that you won't acknowledge Casey Serin as a criminal, fraud, and liar.

Even Casey Serin doesn't take Nigel Swaby seriously. He's ignored everything Nigel has ever said to him, dangled the carrot in front of him regarding bringing Nigel into "I Am Facing Foreclosure," and doesn't even read Nigel Swaby's multiple blogs.

In fact, when Nigel Swaby called in to talk to Casey Serin, Nigel smugly made reference to one of his blogs, asking Casey to acknowledge and thereby publicize it. After several seconds during which I swear there were crickets chirping, Casey admitted he hadn't seen it. A defeated Nigel Swaby then hung up.

Through all of Casey's pouting during the Friday fraudcast, one thing is clear. He's pissed off that he couldn't control the story. And maybe that's the thing that finally drove Galina Serin, the Serin family, and the Suprun family to the edge. The fluffy articles about "Casey and Galina Serin as victims of predatory lending or the real estate bubble" are gone. Instead, they've been replaced by stories of "The World's Most Hated Blogger."

So, Casey, you can be as angry as you like over the fact that, from the earliest days, the Haterz controlled the story. The reality is that you never could have existed without them. They linked to you, increased your page rankings, and stirred up interest in all corners of the blogosphere on your behalf.

We were always going to win this one. Because at the end of the day, you're going to fade to obscurity, known for little else but a dancing monkey on the internet for a few months. We've all got our careers, our friends, our families, not to mention our hopes, dreams and futures. You've got that gnawing pit of dread in your stomach, waiting to see when the next shoe will drop, who will be coming for you next.

Just do us all a favor...when the po'po does eventually come to take you away, be sure to pull an O.J. so that we can all watch the v-dubs careening down the 101 in a desperate attempt to make a run for the border.

Consider it a final blog entry for the Haterz.


Anonymous said...


Akubi said...

That was me, BTW. I'm half watching the debate and half catching up on my feeds. Thanks for taking my request:).
Honestly, I couldn't understand most of what Mocha said and have been waiting for a transcript on Caseypedia. Perhaps it's up now.
BTW, I usually always see Casey in your MyBlogLog, but not this time - unless he's the blank guy.

Gypsy Pete said...

I have one positive thing to say for KC - without IAFF and EN I am not sure when I would have taken up (creative) writing for fun again... I spend all my time writing tech crap and it's been a lot of fun sharpening my wit and humour online. I wouldn't have ever thought of doing a blog without his IAFF/EN combo sucking me - that's for sure. But yes Asp - your comments are all true.

BelowTheCrowd said...

If he's heading for the border from Sacramento, he'll be taking the 5 or 99. Definitely would want to avoid the 101.

Of course, he might get confused while looking for the Hollywood Jamba Juice and end up on the wrong road.

The reality is that Casey is a great example of something I've been meaning to write about for a while: In today's world, NOBODY gets the benefit of controlling their own story anymore. Some might be able to control it a bit more than others (usually at the cost of millions or more in PR and advertising) but even they can only go so far. Just ask any politician about the most important political ads of the past few years: They all appeared on YouTube, all were done by supporterz or haterz of some sort or another, and none of them really conformed to any plan.

Welcome to the new reality. Casey wrote a while back about blogging naked. Too bad he didn't realize how naked he really would be.


Aspeth said...

Akubi, of course I'll take your requests! CS was around at some point over the weekend, I forget when, checking in from a dial-up account. I hope the page load drove him batty.

PMSPMS...no doubt there is that upside. Casey Serin has been a continual source of blog fodder. If it took that to get you to post your wonderful pic's and stories, that much the better.

BTC...While the 5 would be a straight shot, we all know that Casey tends to meander, thus the 101 reference, which would probably at least double the trip time :)

Gypsy Pete said...

Asp - what IP or other idenitying info can I use to see if KC is Casing my blog? Thanks for the compliments.

BelowTheCrowd said...

So long as the CaseyChase(tm) does not interrupt any major event in my life, as the OJ debacle did, then I won't mind watching the whole thing on TV.

Actually, now that I think of it, watching OJ actually did save me from two of the most boring hours of my life. If Casey can do that, then he'll have accomplished something.

Note that this is the second connection I've made between Casey and OJ: Casey and The Juice


Aspeth said...

I'd have to dig back to find it, as I'm not sure of the specific day. It's an extrapolation on my part, but I'm basing this off of the fact that the usual visits from a West Sacramento DSL have died, while a first-time visit from a dial-up in Sacramento popped by.

It is also interesting to note that, when Nigel Swaby went quiet, the "Nigel Swaby" google searches from the Wasatch Mental Health facility also ceased.

Aspeth said...

For those of you wondering why I decided to sharpen my claws on Mocha, I was pretty fed up with his ignorant Casey-cheerleader routine during the fraudcast.

I wouldn't have done much more than roll my eyes along with the queens, but then I stumbled upon a nasty note he left on M.SINGH's June 1 post and thought it was time for a Grande Mocha Whip.

Heehee...see what I did there?

Anonymous said...

Bravo - outstanding, intelligent, relevant, biting, etc... I owe you several more adjectives!

Akubi said...

Just checked out Mocha’s comment on M. SINGH’s blog and it is _insanely_, absurd enough to deserve a Caseypedia update...unless that’s what (s)he’s really after...Mocha’s familiarity with psychotrophics may explain why I had such difficulty understanding WTF (s)he was saying on the podcast.

M. SINGH said...

Madame ASPETH,

Thank you for your excellent article concerning Mr. SERIN. The last four paragraphs must be exceptionally painful for him.

Also, I would like to thank you for your response to Mr. MOCHA. I had noticed it earlier today and decided to leave it so that others may enjoy it too.

I find it strange he would target me considering that his primary message to Mr. SERIN was the same as mine -- although Mr. MOCHA derived it from a different set of postulates, and delivered it with a more soothing tone. That message, of course, was to leave the Internet for good. Unfortunately, Mr. SERIN decided to ignore that advice for the second time, and was finally delivered the coup de grâce by a caller with the fitting name of "Internet."

I thought that Mr. SERIN may have had a breakthrough in the last five minutes of the show, when he actually sounded remorseful and pledged to go back to his wife. However, his final pledge to "keep it sweet" abandoned any hope of that.

I would advise Mr. SERIN to not spend all his advertising proceeds from that talkcast in one place. However, I am sure that he already has.

I remain,


Anonymous said...


Are you gay? I don't really care, but if you are, then why are you "gay bashing" if you think MOCHA is a gay guy? Self hate? MOCHA has not identified her race or sex because that does not matter in the context of things. She has not even made any reference to anyone's sex or ethnicity, I don't think. She is obviously not trying to "promote" herself. She seems to believe in this kid "Casey". Why begrudge her that. Did she strike a chord with you haterz? Must be, or you would not have even acknowledge her. Even if you do respond, why attack her proposed sexuality/race/physical features. Seems bratty to me. Much of what she says does make sense to us "simple" people in the real world. You had/have all kinds of "nasty" things to say about this casey guy all this time. Now you get a little negativity thrown back at you for a few weeks by this obviously "Fierce Black Sista" and you huddle together to comfort each other like "lil bitches". You blog people are too weird for me. You create these alter egos in the "cyber" world. Who the eff are you in the "real" world. That is essentially what really matters.(M. Singh actually does act like he is locked up in "someones" basement for much of the day. Maybe even in chains and a diaper?).

Akubi said...

How relevant is Aspeth's or M. SINGH's sexual preference?
I'm not Aspeth nor MS, but I am perfectly comfortable with meeting hostile trolls in person. E-mail me your address and if you happen to be in my locale let's have a Jamba or Frappucino or something.

Aspeth said...


You are simple.

Let's do the math on this one..."Mocha" (your real name, I'm sure since you have a problem with pseudonyms---that means fake names) has said he hails from the Detroit area, as does this lovely comment!

Considering that you spent mere seconds on this page before jotting off your wisdom, why bother even commenting when you haven't read the post?

This post is a response to the negativity propagated (read: "spread") by you and Casey. You're the one who interjected (means "forced yourself into") yourself into this situation by running around to various blogs to flame your bullshit.

And I called you on it, so you can feel validated in all that crap you were spewing about how victimized you too are in this situation.

Really, Mocha, I did you a favor. So just remember--in a catfight, those Lee Press-Ons tend to pop right off when matched against the real thing.

Aspeth said...

And how the fuck am I gay-bashing?!?

Of all of the supposed criticisms that could be leveled against me, that one is by far the most fabricated I've ever heard.

Sorry if I clocked you, Mocha. I just thought it was obvious...

Akubi said...

AWESOME as usual Aspeth:).

M. SINGH said...

Madame ASPETH,

I believe we are seeing the beginning of the end for Mr. SERIN's latest supporter. And, if that is the kind of support that approximately $250,000 in unsecured debt will buy, then this whole enterprise seems a serious misuse of money.

Mr. SERIN may no longer have a journal or an audience to swindle. However, he still has "V-Dubs." MOCHA has only the first two letters.

I remain,


Gypsy Pete said...

Oh Mr. Singh. You are SO nasty....

T said...

Me thinks Mocha needs a tampon and two Midol.

PS: Casey has emailed me asking me why I'm disputing the paypal money I sent him for groceries.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Mocha is a woman.

T said...

I am equally sure that Mocha is a shemale.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that Casey will pull an OJ? Will the one who cannot be mentioned play the part of Al Cowling?

I hope that it doesn't interfere with the NBA playoff coverage like the OJ thing did.

BelowTheCrowd said...

Galina will not be the Al Cowlings of this debacle.

That'll be LossMitPro.

Nigel gets the role of houseboy Kato.


Aspeth said...

BTC...Heeeheeeheeeeeee!!! Exactement.

Sid...nah. Casey doesn't have enough fight in him. He'll make a half-assed attempt to slink off into the night, but will be found a block away in a semi-catatonic, semi-vegan state, staring at the sun.

T...Does paypal require that you correspond with him regarding that? If not, I'd go into "Casey ignore" mode.

M.Singh...For all of the grace and restraint you have shown over the past many months, I believe you're allowed your moment of losing it. So you yelled...it's not like you stole $2.2 million dollars or something like that.

lawnmower man said...

He's pissed off that he couldn't control the story.

Yes, yes, yes. For a long time he thought he could: for example, Nightline's softballs and his "no worse than speeding on the freeway" spin.

I think the two things that pushed him over the edge into the realization that he'd lost control were:

a) Declan McCullagh's CNET article, which completely blindsided him -- he hadn't even realized that McCullagh had spoken to Galina -- and called him on his trolling.

b) Duane LeGate's public exasperation -- Nigel's kiss-and-tells were affectionate backslapping, but Duane was angry and ready to dish the dirt.

Until these stories, Casey had relied on heh-heh-heh smirking his way through bad press; no more. He lost control and he knew it.

Nail in the coffin: Steve's call. Particularly once Casey realized that it was, at least in part, the haterz who had engineered it.

Aspeth said...

lawnmower man...No doubt. I think that's when the families stopped believing the spin as well. Having your son or, worse, son-in-law receiving that kind of press would have to be a deal-breaker, and seemed to trigger the intervention.

BelowTheCrowd said...

Nobody can control their own story anymore. At most you can try to lead it, but with both supporterz and haterz of everything, that's quite tough. Anybody who proceeds from the assumption that they have control will lose.


Anonymous said...


Good for you! I don't recall ever seeing a receipt posted which was, of course, one of your conditions.

And KC, of course, thinks rules, agreements and contracts don't apply to him.

I'm sure he intended to think about perhaps attempting to remember to someday soon post the receipt! In the CaseyVerse, that's as close to action and completion as we'll ever see.

Anonymous said...

Mr/Mz/Ms/Madame ASPETH,

However you refer to yourself, listen/read for a change will you? Infact, read this post a few times and then think about it before you respond if you don't mind.

Nigel put it best in a post he did about a new breed of bullies(internet bullies). Words can actually be even more vicious than the fist at times. Anyway, if a "bully" can't really get to you, they tend to attack your "sexuality/sexual life". I think he said a woman may be called a WHORE or a man may be called GAY, or in Mr. Singhs case a NOSTRIL FLARING, EARS STEAMING, REDEYED, LUNATIC ;-) Just examples but meant to be "negative" all the same.

Haterz have used this "tactic" to "attack" MOCHA in a sense. But what I don't understand is why YOU as what I am led to understand(correct me if I am wrong), a "QUEEN"(which from what I think is a gay man that acts/dresses like a very "dramatic" woman/Diva), Whyyyyyyyyy would YOU join the obviously ignoramus commentors from various blogs, that imply the posibility of MOCHA being GAY/SHEMALE would be one of her "negative" attributes. Infact you even went on to utilize the stigma of a gay man being "a promiscuous individual". I am actually shocked that you did not even originally berate your so called "friends" for implying that being GAY was a "negative thing.

I am not as "versed" as you so called "creative writers" in some of these blogs, so please feel free to "re-read" or have someone give their take on what I am trying to say before you act "stereotypical" of a "QUEEN" and have a "hissy fit" or something.

Actually, I am just dissappointed in you, for what its worth. You give off this vibe of being "gay and proud", which I commend. More people should be like that and I am in no way homophobic. I equate your present behavior to a "black individual joining the KKK and yelling "nigga" at fellow blacks, just so he can belong in their little "community". You catch my drift??? If you don't then "I give up".

Also, why does any "positive/objective" take on Casey haveeeeee to be "MOCHA". Why does any comment from Detroit haveeee to be "MOCHA". That is like Casey calling every "critic", "haterz".

Its the "wORLD WILD WEB" FOR GOD'S SAKE AND Caseypedia.com happens to be quite funny and ingenious despite its obvious mostly negative take on the whole IAFF issue. On the main page are a list of links to all the major "hater playas"(see what I just did?). Blogs open for comments. LET THE PEOPLE SPEAK, EVEN IF THEY DON'T AGREE WITH YOU! QUIT THE TUNNEL VISION MENTALLITY.

OK, now take a deep breath, read this post again and please put it
up. By the way, for what its worth, I happen to think that MOCHA is a "natural born", "feminine", black female immigrant from Africa.

Aspeth said...

lol, Endgame. And thank you for the earlier compliments :)

T said...

What kind of cruel world do we live in? How is it that Paris Hilton was sentenced to jail yet Casey Serin roams free? :)

Aspeth said...

(Yawn.) Feel better now, "disappointed"?

You seem to forget that you're in my world in these pages. It's a mere courtesy that I would even allow you a chance to speak your mind.

I called Mocha a big queen not as a derogatory statement, but as a statement of fact. The flames shooting out of that boy's ass could launch the Mars explorer.

Aspeth said...

T...if there's any justice, PH will have to reimburse the prison for her care and feeding.

T said...

You think she's actually gone eat in there?

T said...

gone = gonna

Sorry, long day at work... can't type properly.

Aspeth said...

heehee...well, I doubt they'll let her haul in her makeup suitcase, so she'll need to replace the calories she normally gets from sucking her lipgloss off of highball glasses.

BelowTheCrowd said...

It's pretty well understood (in this section of LA anyway) where the majority of PH's calories come from.

Those protein-only diets tend to leave one quite scrawny.

And no, in answer to "disappointed" I am not trying to demean the (orally) talented Ms. Hilton. Just stating facts as I know them.

So there.


Aspeth said...

Ouch! BTC gets the snark of the day award!

flailing forward said...

Aha, so here's where all the Mochariffic action is. She/he attacked NGB over at What Casey Means too.

Yeah, you have to love Casey thinking Galina's jealous of his blog when he's the one jealous of her petting Yulia's cat.

Akubi said...

Unfortunately, there was a glitch in the voting mechanism on the 6 Degrees of Casey Serin™ to Chairman Mao Win-Win Winner! It seems to be fixed now, so make your vote heard.

Torcie said...

If nothing else, Casey unintentionally expanded my list of must-check blogs and introduced me to some mighty fine writers.

Aspeth, you are indeed a very readable writer- thank you!

Aspeth said...

Thank you, Torcie. The respect is mutual.

And a little finger-wag to someone reading this page at the moment: For shame, Casey. Aren't you supposed to be offline? Has Galina gone to bed and you're up cruising the Haterz blogs? Or have you "renegotiated" the contract again.

You know what they say about a man who constantly shifts his line in the sand...he doesn't really have one.

Schnapps said...

See? I told you he'd be back. One way or another.

Its just an extension of continually editing the "blank page".


T said...

Our boy has emailed me to say he will be returning the grocery money I sent via paypal.

Gotta give the kid props for that.

And good morning everyone. I heard on the news this morning that PH had a modified vegan jailhouse breakfast in the slammer today. Oh, wait... wrong blonde.

Aspeth said...

Absolutely, Schnapps. Casey Serin is now officially our collective "ex" who just can't get with the breakup.

Hi, T. Well that's something. But I do have to say that, given the past track record, I'm not holding my breath....you know where I'm coming from, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Ah, "Mocha", you sure do use a lot of "quotation marks". FYI, Casey does "call" every "critic" a "haterz". Anyway, I didn't "see" anything that came off "homophobic" in this "post". And if Aspeth is gay, I'm askin' for a date. ;)

Anonymous said...

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