Casey Serin in "Whipped" Magazine

A prominent Casey Serin Hater sent this my way. It's a fitting tribute to include some Casey Serin paraphernalia here, since the little bugger just can't stop surfing the blogs. I happened to notice him on these pages at around 1:30 last night, and I wonder if he was sneaking in some internet addiction after Galina Serin and Yulia Suprun had gone to bed.

And that thought makes this image that more fitting.

Thank you to the individual who sent this along. Said Hater wishes to remain anonymous regarding the artwork, although I think it's worthy of some high praise. I think my favorite headline is "How to Pretend You Care...When You Can't Because You're a Sociopath."

Nicely done.

Maybe next month's edition of "Whipped" Magazine will cover "When You Fall Down While Learning to Walk," or "Short-Pants! Summer Fashions for the Man-Child!"

Slightly off-topic, but if anyone knows how to post this in a better format, without Blogger condensing it so drastically, I'd love to know!


Akubi said...

Hilarious image btw.

Akubi said...

Perhaps the anon artisan could provide a higher def version for Caseypedia?

BelowTheCrowd said...

Why was Casey the first thing I thought of when I got this email?

Design Within Reach Airstream


Peaceful Bystander said...

It must be just killing him to be unable to post about what's going on his life.

Makes me wonder, however, if he's one of the anonymous posters to show up more frequently in EN.

What surprises me is how much e-air time he still gets; I thought he would just fade away!

Every post with his name attached to it probably helps to convince him that a return is not only a good idea, but needed.

BelowTheCrowd said...

And please note that Design Within Reach have come up with a great new Caseyism:

Satisfy Your Wanderlust = Live in your car


Schnapps said...

I notice young snowflake is continually on here.

The baby, errr, INTERNET calls him.

Aspeth said...

Akubi...I think the problems with file conversions and compressions are on my end. Now you can see why I don't do too many pics :)

Aspeth said...

BTC...also appropriate to say, "This is the best you'll do. Live in your car."

Schnapps...yes, Galina doesn't seem to be doing a very effective job of keeping the little bugger off of the interwebs. To which I have only two words: Poor Yulia.

Anonymous said...

I'll do a higher res.

Gypsy Pete said...

There's only one way for a woman to keep her man off the interwebz...

S/F/uck him right off it... somehow I don't see that happening between Galina and Snowflake. (Put it ALL in Galina...).

Anonymous said...

Casey's nipples squirt wheatgrass milk every time IAFF baby crys for content.

T said...

This "Whipped" cover almost caused me to choke to death on an Altoids. Fuck. LOL

Brian said...

If this guy is truly a sociopath, wouldn't it be best to simply ignore him?

Aspeth said...

The artiste forwarded along a different jpg for my photo-challenged arse to post. This one looks much better, so merci beaucoup to its originator.

Anonymous said...


You have to realize most of us are there to point at him and laugh. Thus if we can goad him into reappearing, he might be good for a few more chuckles.

Anonymous said...

Hey ASPETH, did you checkout Rob Dawg's post on EN (Heteroloans)? Hummmmmmmmmmmm! I love this community of yours. Supporting each other and all.Lucky you!

Aspeth said...

Mocha, oh sorry, "Hummmmmm" (from the IP address, you must be Mocha's neighbor)...there's nothing wrong with Rob's post.

Since nuance (that means shades of meaning) escapes you, allow me to translate: In PC double-speak, it has become acceptable to talk about empowering certain communities, while ignoring others. Take the verbage (that means language) of any campaign geared toward people of color and replace the references with White rather than Black, Hispanic, etc.

Stay in school.

T said...


IMO, he's not a sociopath but just a lazy kid who spends the majority of his time either napping or trying to come up with elaborate schemes to make a quick buck.

And because of that opinion, I haven't participated in the Caseytrainwreck for quite a while. I just like to keep in touch with Aspeth cause she's super groovy.

Anonymous said...

@ t
You are right ASPETH is "super groovy" and a lot of fun(at times).

Seems you are fond of "gray" areas like Casey is. You gotta be kidding me if you realy don't see some of the mud slung at your "other" community (in between the lines). Are you BLIND man? Or are you a "sell out" to your people?

Also why are all posts "MOCHA" to you and all post's "NIGEL" to others? Last time Stephanie J counted, there were only about 66 haterz but IAPP had thousands of unique hits. oh, I just remembered you mentioned a Detroit IP. You are so smart. Here's a little lesson for you outside the "blog world," Many Detroiters are facing financial hardships because of major changes in the automotive industry. When you google "foreclosure" IAPP ranks quite high. Which unfortunately exposed us to your blog thingies. Stop being so "closed minded."

Aspeth said...

"Sellout"...just whom do you suppose I am selling out? Last time I checked, I don't represent anyone in these pages but myself. Again, it's my world here, sweetheart. You're a guest.

And yes, targeting comments isn't too hard. Mocha gets called out, there's a traffic spike from one IP address in Detroit that didn't exist before. Same with Nigey-poo.

That's the worst part of you Casey apologists...you lack reasoning, logic and intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I will make it easy for you. I happen to be another one of those "Detroiters". I am also black. Even though I am straight, I hate to see any minority group vindicated. Open your eyes honey.



They even have a picture of nigel on youtube dressed as a "Queen" and poking fun at him.

ASPETH/QUEEN, are you "funny looking"? Disgusting? I doubt that. Did you even read the words? Something the effect of him having a big asshole and taking it up the ass?

You still consort with these people? This is like if a white guy says to me "I like you but all other blacks are NIGGERS". Or in this case putting up a youtube picture of nigel with "black face", an afro and a huge ass with statements like "where is my forty ounce" and "I is a house nigga".

Granted I am no fan of Casey's. I am merely trying to keep the roof over my family's head here, but I have to call it when I see it. I have had a lot of people check out this saga. Our views about Casey are split but our view of you is unifying. Please be a "man" and post this comment. So that others can see all sides to this story. Thank you.

Aspeth said...

So first I'm responsible for some nebulous community, and now I'm responsible for what other people have said about Casey Serin?

Read my blog. I've never said those things about Nigel Swaby or Casey Serin.

If you're so passionate about what's going on at Rob's blog, take it up over there. Because I didn't write it, I didn't comment on it, I didn't post on it.

T said...

I agree with Aspeth. Why is she being held responsible for things that are occurring over @ EN? Nigel did the same with me when he wrote I was full of hate over at DHC when I was one of the few who actually spoke up AGAINST posting Nigel's family info and rude comments re: Casey's little sister, among other things.

It's also annoying when noobs come around and think they know the score when they're only looking at a few pixels of a larger pic.

Ugh. This is why I took a sabatical a while back. So annoying.

Keep in mind that defending Casey = condoning criminal behavior. And I'm not down with that, yo.

BelowTheCrowd said...

In other news:


Who had June 6th anyway???



T said...

Oh, sweet Jesus....

Aspeth said...

T, I'm with you there. It's good to have you back (and thank you for the lovely compliment earlier) so I hope that IAFF rising from the dead doesn't force you into another sabbatical. That would suck.

Hey, speaking of favorite peeps, a big Hello to Leigh, who we haven't heard from in a while. Silly woman's probably raising her family, taking care of her home, and all that W-2 looser crap :)