Who Are The "Barbie Bandits"???

It used to be that if you had some type of "personal" emergency, you had a pact with a best friend to come rescue your "naughties" before your family might descend upon your homestead.

In this day and age, it seems just as wise to have someone pull down your webpages.

Is this how the "Barbie Bandit" group got nailed? Was their internet exposure a factor in helping the public to identify them?

The question floating around the watercoolers of America this morning will be, "Who are these people?"

So we updated this after the booking photos hit the web. Boy, these girls look rough. This might very well be the first time that surveillance photos actually make someone look better than they do in real life. Then again, maybe that was their disguise...to commit the crime dressed as upper class suburban girls.

Ashley Miller, 19 and Heather Johnston, 19

monkey types the bible points out that the booking photos disprove any speculation that these are spoiled suburban girls. That, really, they look like the meth has taken hold.

THE INSIDER: Benny "Herman" Allen

It turns out that Herman is a gamer. If you look at his online profile, you'll see that the very last topic lists him as working in "Information Security" at Bank of America.

Fuck. We should all feel good about that.

Particularly when he lists one of his hobbies as technology.
Am I the only one who thinks that B of A customers have their info floating all over the web right now?

I'm just saying....those are some fancy rims there.....

I guess Herman got popped before he could finish filling out his profile with "rob my bank" under his thinks of "What I like to do."

And in the "say it ain't so" category, Herman's latest blog reveals that he is soon to be a father:

Way to practice being a role model, there.

THE UNKNOWN: Michael Chasting

Well, it's a pretty unusual name, with very little online information. Michael Chasting remains the group member that everyone knows the least about. Which could make him the fall-guy of the group, but judging from this group of fucktards, I think he's got to be the brains, by default.

Let me know what you come up with.....


Anonymous said...

Michael's last name is Chastang, according to the news reports, which might account for the apparent lack of info on him. Spelled properly, there are 354 hits on google.