Hysterical Videos - Joe Rogan

All right...I'm feeling like a little Joe Rogan tribute. So if you're in the mood to laugh at things that you know you shouldn't, join me for a hearty chuckle. If you're way into the politically correct tone of things, go ahead and pass on this one.

This first video is So Fucking Wrong. But here's the lesson: if you're a 24-year old drunk girl, you shouldn't heckle a professional comedian.

All right, now that you've watched it, I can finally say that the absolute high point of that clip is the part where he says "I'll wrap my dick around your neck and start you like a lawnmower." Holy shit. That is officially the worst put-down ever.

The second clip I've chosen for your viewing pleasure isn't comedy so much. It's just kind of fucking hot. It starts like a bad joke..."So Joe Rogan and Jenna Jamison walk into a bar..." But then they spend the next three minutes discussing how to get a woman off with one's tongue.

Straight guys will watch this and hopefully learn something. Straight women will watch and be surprised to find themselves nodding vigorously in agreement with Jenna Jamison, mentally encouraging Joe Rogan to shut the fuck up and let the expert talk. Lesbians will bask in their superiority, while gay men should run screaming *now*.

Seriously, raise your hands if, when Jenna Jamison says "I've seen you in action," were thinking, "Not as many times as I've seen you" ???


Oh, fuck. I just realized that, after watching that again, I've got some weird aftershock going on in my brain and I keep hearing the chorus to Oscar the Grouch singing "C is for cookie." Well that's just fucking great.