Last night as I lay in bed, somewhere between sleep and reality, I remembered a creepy coincidence.

A year or so ago, I got a call from a friend. He says, in a kind of halting and disturbed, though not scary, voice, "I...just...got...the...STRANGEST...voice mail." I jumped in, as I was cooking dinner, and said with a funny voice, "Was it Samuel L. Jackson telling you there were snakes on a muthafuckin plane?" giggling gleefully as I delighted in my own funny.


Because I was still laughing at my own cleverness, it took me a second. "Wait. What. WHAT? WHAT THE FUCK?!"

And so it turned out that, as a part of the marketing genius for said shitty movie, you could spam a friend with the voicemail recording of Samuel El Jackson bitching about snakes and planes. I swear I didn't know about this, much less send the spam. But I've always understood, even today, that my defense is practically nonexistent. Really...I just thought it was the most bizarre thing I could spout off in the moment. Who the fuck knew it would be true?

A few months later, I was talking to said friend again. I started the conversation with, "You'll never guess who I ran into tonight." I expected him to answer with the name of a long-lost classmate or some such.

Instead he says, "Luke Perry."

I froze, expecting to blurt out "No! Guess again!" and put him through his mentalist paces. But I was completely fucking gobsmacked because I'll be damned if the answer really wasn't Luke fucking Perry!

I talked to him tonight and told him about falling asleep and randomly thinking about how creepy this was. He was nonplussed. In part, I think, because he might still think that I sent the random voicemail marketing to him. He claims that the Luke Perry answer was, in his mind, searching for the lowest-level celebrity he could think of.

I argued, "But I said 'You'll never guess who I ran into!'" His response was that the phrase alone implied celebrity status, and since I wasn't excited, it was lowball. I think he's full of it, thinking that these are truly creepy conversations.

"It was dismissed as a coincidence," he said, sounding bored with my rant.


Anonymous said...

I think that is a little creepy. But I'm the type that believes in certain levels of clairvoyance and deja vu. Hey, it could happen!

Casey Serin said...

Aspeth... many people online are hoping that someday you'll run into me -- preferably head on with your car. :-D

25hr day said...

I see some Irony/Creepiness in you coming back to your blog, around the same time Casey is testing the internet waters by emailing Nigel and his escapemyhouse site... I haven't checked either sites in 8 months and I find both of you with some action on your pages...now thats creepy!

Anonymous said...

I have come to several conclusions about life:

1) While six degrees may be the maximum degrees of separation from each other (or from Kevin Bacon, for that matter), the reality is there are far fewer between you and most people you're likely to meet. Many of them are just hidden until you know each other well and realize that in fact you did both used to hang out at opposite ends of the same bar except that one of you went on Fridays and the other went on Saturdays, and you were both dating the bartender who was cheating on each one of you with the other. Or something like that.

2) We do have a really great sense for our friends and families' senses of humor. I often do know what my brother is about to tell me. Same true with some close friends.

3) If we don't have that sense of each other, we're not really friends. Explains my last relationship and it's abrupt termination, among other things.

4) Animals get this stuff and aren't surprised about it, which is why they can be so instinctively comforting when we need them to be. We shouldn't be hung up about it or think it's weird.

5) It's always good to see you post again.*


* This is the only one of these little life lessons that I'm certain is absolutely true.

Anonymous said...

On a completely different subject...

Don't you think this blog needs an updated name? It's been almost exactly 13 years since "Kids."