You Guys are Great

I knew a lot of people who read these pages are pet people, but I typically avoid writing about pets. Like I said yesterday, I'm well aware of the fact that, for as charming and irreplaceable as we find our own pets, other people just don't care.

So thank you all for your encouragement. I've been in full-blown pout mode, particularly as the vet kept calling to report fever spikes. Luckily, for both kitty's sake and my own sanity, the monster finally came home this morning, after 3 days in hospital.

I'm now looking into human egg donation to cover the bill.

Vets all reported that the monkey was cute and loving toward them, even as they did hellacious things to his body. As I read through the his chart at home, I saw that they had taken to hand-feeding him and generally pampering him. One of them went so far as to include little smiley faces in his chart.

Of course, we get home and the cat is PISSED. First, he performed a thorough inspection to ensure that nothing in his domicile had been changed without his permission. Then spent most of the day alternating between blatantly ignoring me and accusatory slit-eyed stares.

To make matters worse, the vet sent us home with kitty antibiotics that I get to administer every twelve hours for the next week, and the first dosage was due just an hour after our return. The vet acted like shooting the liquid into the cat's mouth would be no big deal....HA! Had to resort to the cat burrito, where the monkey gets immobilized in a beach towel; still pretty sure that only about half of the dosage was ingested during the 45-minute tussle.

Since I'm the bad guy here, have only been able to do a cursory inspection of the furball, but see that he's been shaved in four places. I'm absolutely certain I don't want to know what happened there. But after spending the equivalent of a decent used car on medical care, I do think it would have been nice to be sent home with one of those lampshade collars, since kitty can't seem to stop licking his bald spots.

Just as he gets over being incredibly mad at me for taking him to the pet hospital, it will be time to load him into the carrier for a follow-up visit with a different vet. So that should be great.

And yet, it's so good to have the little jerk home...


One thing I've noticed is that I really hate the way pets smell when they come back from the vet. Then I realized that it's a similar powdery/floral/sweaty stench that you always smell on strippers and old women. I have no idea why that would be, and, much like the bald spots, am going to remain blissfully ignorant on this one.


Anonymous said...


Akubi said...

BTW, that was me. Just got back from gardening (have the week off) so I wasn't signed in, but I was MURST! nonetheless.
I'm glad your cat is OK. When I take mine to the vet (thankfully, she's been very healthy despite her age, so it is a rare occurrence) she hates me for at least a week afterwards.

Aspeth said...

Oh, shit. Good to know. Yeah, we've managed to have the same type of luck with health thus far. But I guess it all caught up with us this weekend.

Oh, and no, I don't have a dog. Grew up with them, but don't have one for all of the reasons that Below The Crowd listed on yesterday's entry, particularly travel and bizarre work hours. This is my first-ever cat, and he adopted me, practically by force, after being abandoned several years ago.

Akubi said...

I could have sworn you said something about a sheltie...
Perhaps I've already mentioned this, but my cat was a seemingly abandoned and wild stray kitten (barely old enough to be on her own). She was found near SF Art Institute over 10 years ago.
Now that the UV rays aren't as strong, time to hit the pool with the pink ball. More later.

BelowTheCrowd said...

So, please explain why you know so much about the aromas that come off strippers? I think that would make for an interesting post, and probably would make me obsess over you even more, despite the fact that you barely know I exist. :)

But back to the aroma. I don't know what strippers put on their bodies, but do know that when I have my cats groomed they return with that same scent. And when we cats from the shelter I volunteer at to get flea baths, they also return with that scent.

The mobile cat grooming lady says it's the scent from a moisturizing shampoo she uses in the dry weather. I suspect it's an ingredient in some kind of skin lotion that strippers use too.

I suspect that the vet decided to wash and de-flea him, either because they wanted him completely clean before doing any blood work (the shaved patches are probably from blood samples and/or IVs), or because they just do that with all animals that they keep in the hospital for sanitary/flea/tick related reasons.

(And no, I don't believe in torturing animals, but my guy is a long-hair and his hair can get knots in it if I don't have him "cleaned up" a couple times a year.)

One thing I've noticed is that the cats tend to be out-of-place for a couple of days after the shampooing. The groomer says it's normal. They are very smell sensitive and the shampoo masks their own scent for a couple of days until they groom it out completely.

The burrito method is the only way to do liquid medicines. And if you think that's bad, try eyedrops. I actually find pills to be the easiest. I use these little "pill pockets" treats that have a little hole in the middle. Pill goes in the treat, treat goes in the cat...

Glad the monster's home. Good luck with the next vet visit.


Sprezzatura said...

Excellent news that kitty is home where he belongs!

Sorry about the bill, though.

Aspeth said...

Akubi...for a second, I was confused and thought the cat was the pink ball. I'm still sleep deprived...

BTC...It's something that would open like a Tom Robbins novel. While it would make an interesting post, all I'm going to say about that right now is No Comment.

Sprezzie...Thank you :) Hopefully my nausea will pass!

Schnapps said...

Oh good. He's home. And pissed off (trust me, in a cat, that's a good sign).

I would also like to know how you know about the odors that come off strippers.

As for the medicine, I can't help you there. My cat is so fucking docile I can shove pills down her throat and clip her nails with manicure scissors.

And she tolerates baths. We use baby shampoo. She was not impressed when I used a lavender-scented kids shampoo once and after she was dry, went outside and rolled in the mud.

But god have mercy on your soul should you forget to SCOOP THE LITTER BOX.

Anonymous said...

My cat will be 20 years old in August. I can FINALLY hold her without a towel and put eyedrops in her eyes. Takes a couple of minutes.

When she was younger - whole 'nother story!

Aspeth said...

lol @ not impressed and rolling in the mud!!!!!!

BelowTheCrowd said...

I ran into the cat groomer this evening and she tells me that she thinks the scent is mostly vanilla.

Unfortunately, not much online to verify this. Google search for "stripper odor" and you mostly get a lot of information about all the nasty ways to die after inhaling paint stripper.

Anyway, glad he's home. Do well. I'm sure you'll be surrounded by purring in no time.


Anonymous said...

Glad your mog is home.

I just got antibiotic pills for my damaged boy, waiting for roomie to get in - it's a 2-person job.


BelowTheCrowd said...


See if you can find any of these: http://www.greenies.com/en_US/products_pill_pockets.asp

My cats love their treats and will take pills this way with no problems. Looks like you could get small amounts of liquid into them this way as well, but probably not enough for Aspeth's situation.

I've found myself specifically asking for pills rather than liquids because these things are definitely easier.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your little monkey is doing better.

I was faced with the horrible loss of my little girl, Skitty, last Thursday. She was 17 and very sick. It was time for her to pass on and we made it as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

I miss my little girl. I was back at the vet today to pick up her cremated remains. The plan is to purchase a "peace pole" and bury her cremated remains under it with wild flowers above.

With time the pain of Skitty's passing will ease. In the meantime, I'm happy for your encouraging outcome.

T said...

I'm glad your cat home and doing well, girl.

Aspeth said...

Thanks, T :) It's good to see you around again!

What have you been up to during your self-imposed Casey ban?