Told You So, Beeyatches!

To revisit the Casey Serin days, this clip is such a laugh. (My god, it even uses the term "liar loans")

For all of us who wheedled, cajoled and threatened to strangle people who were defying the natural laws of "how things work", this is a great parody.

Now, as realtors walk into restaurants across America and ask for pre-printed applications to become waiters; as former bankers try to sell clothes in commission-based stores;as the Big Three automakers finally choke on their last death rattle gasps of air before passing on--they who kept shoving gas-horking SUV's down our throats as petrol was actually *unavailable* in some parts of the country, I would just like to take a minute to chuckle.

Because as Joe Six-Pack and Corporate America simultaneously bemoan the passing of the guard, I'm a part of society that still believes, strongly, in the truisms of America: innovation, work ethic, and an ability to transform as the times change.

I applaud the businesses who have done so, and have no sympathy for those who think "The Government" (and must I actually say, there's no such thing as "Government" money. It's your money. It's my money. There. Is. No. Such. Thing. As. Government. Money.) should bail them out after quarters, years, and sometimes decades of diminishing bottom lines and a complete unwillingness to accept and adopt more current ways of thinking and practice.

Bottom line, any "bailout" defies the very principles of capitalism.

I could go on and on, but instead I'll post the, perhaps, most interesting piece I've read this year. My greatest takeaway from this article was the call for Americans to once again innovate. Because it's who we are. It's what we do.

I certainly don't know when it became a virtue in this country to sit on one's ass and bemoan the state of affairs. I also don't know when it became a crime to be an intellectual in America. But both of these things seem to have happened over the course of the past decade.

Enough is enough.